The Epic Seashell quest!


Angelica, the trumpeter for the important dinner and much more, has lost the shell! She claims it is magical, perhaps made by C.C, or some other sorceress. She burned things underwater using it and says she dreamed something about a suit of armor, and when she woke up, she was wearing it. A dream come true! A dream is a wish your heart makes! *goes on YouTube*

Ahhh.. moving on, Rachel has brought us the prophecy:

“The item which you seek is of three places:

The river of gold, the eternal isle, and the home of two faces,

Seek quickly, for the first to come home will keep the prize,

The other two, will never again rise”

It doesn’t rhyme, much to Lily’s disappointment.

The poor people have been determined to COMPETE against each other to the shell.

Angelica will go to The River of Gold on Olympus. (Lily: NO FAIR!)

Adina will go to the Isles of Blest. (Lily: You get to see the heroes? GIVE ME AN AUTOGRAPH! Please?)

And Lily got invited to the crazy minor god of two faces house.

A mysterious person will put obstacles in our way. O.O

Nyan cat for your entertainment!


Roleplay the quest below in your comments!


10 thoughts on “The Epic Seashell quest!

  1. “Don’t call me slow poke!” I shouted at Angelica. 3 years as a Hunter has made me quite experienced. Donuts are yummy.
    I ran across the strawberry fields and disappeared near the lake. (no revealing the awesome shortcut to the Hunters of Artemis area! Not even the Hephaestus cabin knows ;P But Connor and Travis does. -_-)
    I popped up to a one of the many entrances of the Hunter’s hide out. Sneak Peak of what this entrance looks like:
    It’s one of my favorite entrances.
    I ran up the stair and put in the code to go in.
    I would need some supplies before I start my journey to my nightmare. Believe me, seeing donuts biting back is not funny. OK, maybe it is. xD

  2. Aww, come on, I tried to make it rhyme as best as I can!
    Angelica, stop stalking Lily! You’ve gotta get to Olympus remember? The first one home with she shell is the winner, remember that!
    Hmm… Adina, you will be the first victim of the Fates. They send a monster to come and fight you! What will you do?

  3. Lol, Olivia! Haha, anyways I got packed my supplies of Monster Donuts, bow and arrow, water, a square of ambrosia, a pint of nectar, extra clothes, and SeaGlass, my sword that turns into a braclete. In my pocket, I have my tiny map to the two face gods house. I ran away to the north. Excuse my mispelled words, dyslexia. xD

    No stalky, Angelica! No no! xD

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