Camp Half Blood

One of the many sites in Percy Jackson. Here demigods train and get quests.

Enjoy roleplaying in this site.



53 thoughts on “Camp Half Blood

  1. Butterfly bounced eagerly from foot to foot; she was new at Camp Half-Blood! She’s already had the tour, but wasn’t sure about where to start.

    So she did what she often tended to do when puzzled by something; she kicked her shoes off and began to run. She wasn’t sure where she was going, but her swift feet carried her lightly, like a leaf blowing in a strong, fall wind.

    She ran blindly into the forest, taking joy in the wind rushing past her face and blowing through her hair.

  2. Now that I have a new character I can go to Camp Half-Blood!
    Zale took a step out of the water and brushed her dark hair back. Her sisters were waiting for her. She promised to be back in a moment but this is a promise she might have to break. Some campers were staring at her. A nymph out of water is like a fish out of water around here…

      • Zale took a look around. She had never been out of the water before so she was curious. The campers were busy racing or sword fighting or doing other things they usually do except for the camper walking tward her. The camper was pretty with her strange browish-red hair but she hadn’t seen this one before. Her aura was a strange color only the nymphs were able to see. It was a beautiful color but a powerful one too. She had only seen a few kids of the big three have that type of aura. She raised an eyebrow at the girl, “Who are you?”

  3. A: “i am Angelica. Your a water Nymph right?” she asked her eyes darting around. She always felt odd around the campers and they were hard for her to make friends with. Maybe, this nymph will be different. She took a seat write next to her.

  4. Zale finally turned around in the forest to find that the new camper had gone running off. “Aghh!!! Campers! Fine then I will just continue on with my regular business.” And that’s when the giant hellhound pinned her to the ground. “Well this is just perfect isn’t it?”

      • Lily noticed the new girl.
        “You want some chocolate? It’s proven in studies that it can cheer you up! Hey, Angelica! Do you have any donuts?”

        Conner noticed his chance to escape. Unfortuantely, Travis just HAD to go and say. “Can I have a peice of chocolate?” Lily stared at Conner and Travis. No escaping now.

      • “No,” Zale replied, “I don’t care much for little demigod quests when I’m BEING PINNED DOWN BY A HELLHOUND!” Mrs. O’ Leary jumped off of Zale and she stood up rubbing her shoulder, “Eh, I hate land, its just unnatural.” She glanced around at the campers surrounding her, “So… is there anything you need or are you just going to keep standing there like potatoes with mental problems.”

      • Lily was following Angelica, and realized she was called potatoe by some water nymph. Lily looked dissapointed. “Aww… but I wanted to be a donut with mental problems…care for some chocolate?”
        Conner, on the other hand was fuming. “Girl, did you just call us POTATOES!!! I am Conner, the AWESOMEST person alive! Umm… besides Nico of course.”
        “What! What about me!?” Now Travis was mad. Did anything go right with the twins?

      • Angelica laughed. “What are you? You two the daughters of the god of stupid? Lily not meaning you. No thank you. I hate chocolate and I am diet.” She gave the 2 boys a disdainful expression.

        (Would anyone mind if Angelica was naaid. Those tree nymphs?)

      • Conner, feeling a bit hurt from that comment, replied “I am a MAN! We He-men always are the most awesomest things alive.!”
        “But I am more awesomer than Conner” Said Travis
        Lily, realizing they are going a bit off topic and knowing it wouldn’t be pretty if Conner and Travis started fighting (she experienced this before), quickly blurted “Oh, and the quest! What are they!”

        (Occ: Umm I thought Zale was a Naiad. Naiads are Water nymphs. But I don’t mind you being a nymph. But I think Zale already said you had the aura of the Big Three. Wait, can nymphs be a child of the Big Three? I kinda forgot if they could…)

  5. “Conner, you are not a he-man, you are a she/it. Try saying that really fast.” Zale smirked. She turned to Nico, “Yes, would you mind elaborating on the quest thing? Or are you going to keep us waiting here for no reason whatsoever? I’ve got a tight schedule, mind you!”

    • Conner: *talking very fast* She/it, she/it, she/it…
      Lily screamed, “BAD WORDS!!! NAUGHTY CONNER BAD BAD BAD LITTLE BOY! She took out a brown chocolate scented soap from her backpack and shoved it in Conner’s mouth. Conner, not knowing it was just soap, just saw the color brown being shoved in his mouth.
      “What! Why do you carry these things in your bag!”
      “It’s for people who say bad words!”
      “But I wasn’t saying any bad words!”
      They kept on fighting, not realizing everyone else was trying to hear details about the quest.

    • “Beats me! Ask Astraea or Hecate!” Nico exclaims.

      Angelica bounds over and laughs and Conner. “TELL ME OR PREPARE TO BE STRANGLED BY A TREE!” she screeched. She controls a vine to wrap itself around Conner, Nico and Travis.

  6. “Or eat this!” Lily threw the soap at Conner’s forehead, misses, and instead lands straight in his mouth. Again.
    “Whwat bwas frat fwor, Fily? Fri dunno afrout fthe quest!” Conner mumbled through the soap.

  7. Conner smelled the brown soap and realize that it smelled like chocolate. “Chocolate smelling poop?! WOAH!!!”
    “It’s chocolate scented SOAP!”
    “What??? So all this time, it was only soap that I was tasting?”
    “What did you think it was?”

  8. Zale rolled her eyes, “Boys are disgusting. Now if you people aren’t going to be of any use to me I will leave and be on with my business.” Right just then a barrel of monkeys crashed onto her and she fainted.
    ooc: sorry for the randomness, but being random is a talent.

    • “Right back at ya. Girls are so stupid. Men are superior to women. We are of most importance and awesome manliness.” Nico replied. And started to do the dougie with the monkeys.

      “Bah. You mean your un-manliness. STOP DOUGIEING YOU LOOK STUPID! And women are quite amazing! You would never exsist if it weren’t for women! Lily may I ask where you get your er soap?” Angelica starts to throw munchkins at the monkeys and they begin to follow her for the munchkins.

  9. Lily hissed at the monkey stealing her bag with donuts. One thing you didn’t know she can do, speak monkey. Somehow. And she was quite sure it didn’t come from her godly parent.
    She grabbed the soap with Conner’s spit on it and shoved it in one of the monkey’s mouth who was screaming the most.
    The monkey looked at his new ‘treat’ and tried to eat it. Suddenly, other monkeys were fighting over the soap.
    “Oh, I just found it in someone’s house when I was on a quest to some weird dragon egg somewhere. Man, that house was MY TYPE OF HOUSE! It had chocolate everything! I tried to find some donuts to steal but I was out of time.”

  10. Nike: I arrived at Camp in a few seconds. My main reason: To torture Conner and his equally annoying brother, Travis.
    My other reason: To rescue Lily from said annoying brothers.
    The only thing I need is a lie to explain why I’m here…

  11. Zale woke up from what seemed like an eternity sleep only to find out that it sadly wasn’t and Conner was still there.
    “Where did that barrel of monkeys come from? Uhh, that was horrifying.”
    The monkeys were now everywhere. “WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS MESS? I bet it was you Conner.” she glared at him trying to get him to shrivel up like a prune. Then she saw Nike and did the respectful thing and bowed trying to ignore the chatter of the monkeys that were surrounding her.

  12. Lily, not noticing that the lady next to her was Nike, screamed
    “Thy chicken nuggets! You are wasting perfectly good soap little monkeys!”
    She noticed Nike.
    “Who are you?” she said. Which was probably not the smart thing to say when a goddess is trying to save you.
    Conner and Travis had monkeys on their faces. One monkey decided to pick Travis’s nose for him.
    Lily noticed that Zale was bending down.
    “Are you looking for something? Did a monkey steal anything?”

    • Zale straightened up. “Well last time I checked, the proper way to greet the goddess of victory was to bow and show some respect but yes a monkey named Conner stole my left shoe I think.”

      • Lily gasped
        “ONE OF THESE MONKEYS IS NIKE???!!!!!”
        She looked around exaiming each monkey, asking if they were Nike. She took a look at the Conner monkey.
        “This monkey will never be Nike” She said helpfully.
        She looked at the monkey picking Travis’s nose.
        “OWWW!” Said Travis. “It’s hurting my nose!”
        “EWWW! Disgusting! No way Nike is that one. In fact, all these monkeys can’t be Nike!” Lily observed.

      • Lily looked surprised.
        “OOOOOOPS! Wait, I mean…”
        She bowed down respectfully.
        “What brings you here today?” She asked politely.

        Conner and Travis finally got rid of the monkeys. They have shoved them back into the barrel. Well, most of them anyways. One was still dancing with Nico. It looked a bit like “Monkey see, monkey do”.

      • “I’m here for-Uh- punishment purposes” Nike said.

        “And by punishment, I mean punishment to those pesky Stoll brothers.” She whispered to Lily.

      • Angelica looked suprised. “Nike? Aren’t you some shoe brand?”
        Nico was still wondering why in the world he was dancing with the monkey, but he had to admit it was a little fun. “NIKE!” He exclaimed and bowed.

        [So much has happened when I am gone xD]

      • Nike turned to the girl, her wings going flat against her back, “I am not the brand of shoe, I am the goddess of victory.” She said through gritted teeth.

        “And Nico,” She said, “Why were you dancing with a monkey? Is it because you like shuffilin’ every day?”

        [SC: Every Day I’m Shuffilin’! Guess what I’m referencing to.]

      • Lily, who was happy that she wasn’t going to be punished, started dancing with Nico.
        Conner and Travis, who didn’t want to be left out when Nico was doing some moves, joined.
        They sung in perfect harmony.

        (Ooc. I dislike the weird beat to “Everyday I’m Shufflin” My friend was playing this alien game on his ipad and the beat played over and over and over again! IMAGINE HEARING THIS ALL DAY! “Do do do do doo do do, doo do do do do. Do do doo do do do do, do do do do do x1,000” AHHHH!!!)

  13. Angelica turned bright red. “I am so sorry! I don’t that many gods..I am just going to sit hear this ominous dark corner..” she stuttered and backed away face to face with Conner.

    “Awkward..” she muttered.

    Nico broke off from dancing with Lily which was slightly awkward for him and burst out in some random dance moves. “That show is for little children Conner and Travis. Travis, Conner do you have any elmo or seasme street things? he asked and raised his eye brows.

    Angelica immediately put her elmo stuffed animal behind her back.

    (ooc: OMG I LOVE THAT SONG WHY LILY WHYYYYYY!! I WOULD LOVE IT LIKE I LOVE NYAN CAT <3. Also, I am trying to make Nico more mature on here cause this is more real-ish role play.)

      Lily pulled out a chocolate brown bear from her backpack.
      “See Bwig Bwotha! I has too-da-bear!” She pronounced each word carefully.
      Conner and Travis suddenly felt very young, too and decided to play along.
      “Daddy! I luv you! I has poo-da-bear!” Conner said.
      “Me too! I has boo-ga-bear!” said Travis
      Hermes must not be very happy to hand over his fathership to Nico. Or maybe he is.

      (ooc. NYAN CAT IS COOL! And for the song, you never had to watch little aliens on an ipad going “Pew, pew, pew, pew!” while listening to the beat after “Everyday I’m shufflin”. Do do do pewpewpewpew! doo do do do pewpewpewpew! doo. Do do do pewpewpewpewpewpewpewpew! doo. XD)

      • Nico looked at them with a face of pure shock. “Wait..why are you acting like babies?” he asked.

        Angelica looked up from her dark emo corner xD. “I hope I am NOT the mother..” she murmered.

        Just then Tyson appeared out of nowwhere riding a purple my little pony. “SEE NICO THEY ARE REAL!” he said.

        (ooc: It will rained+ Nyan Cat= AWESOME!)

      • “Awww..” said Lily. “But I thought you were the mature one!”
        “AHHH!!! That would be creepy if you were my mom!” Conner told Angelica.
        Lily climbed on to the pony with Tyson.

  14. “Wait what? MY LITTLE PONIES ARE FAKEE I TELL YOU FAKEE!” Nico asked looking confused.

    “Yes.” Angelica said as if the statement was the smartest thing in the world.

    Tyson grinned and another pony appeared out of the sea. “YAAY! PONY FOR OTHER FRIEND! NICO COME PLAY WITH ME!” he screamed.

  15. “I am not an idiot.” Angelica said matter of factly.

    Nico ran away from the creepy my little ponies. They were starting to creep him out. “GUYS GUYS GET OFF THE PONIES!”

    Tyson ignored Nico and the pony carried him far away the deep creepy forest.

    • “I was directing my statement toward Conner, Travis, and the one you call Nico.” Nike explained, “I’d much rather spend the day with the rest of you.”

      [SC: I made a logged out comment similar to this one. Delete that one.]

    • “AHHHH!!!” Lily screamed as the pony took Tyson and Lily away to the forest.
      “MONKEYS!!!” shouted Conner and Travis.
      The Barrel of Monkeys were back.

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