Here is a list of characters you may choose. Or create your own or tell us your own!

Cannon Characters:
Percy Jackson
Annabeth Chase (taken)
Nico Di Angelo
Grover Underwood
Luke Castellan
Thalia Grace
Nico di Angelo(taken)
Jason Grace(Roman)
Piper McLean
Leo Valdez
Hazel Levesque
Frank Zhang(Roman)
Conner/Travis Stoll (taken)
Will Solace
Clarisse la Rue
Ethan Nakamura
Katie Gardner
Jake Mason
Miranda Gardiner

The 12 Olympians:

Apollo/Apollo (Can’t get any better than Apollo right?)
Iris(No Roman name)(taken)

Feel free to tell us your own gods and goddesses.

Other Characters/Gods(taken)

Form: (for your own demigod or other creature)


Creature(demigod, nymph satyr..etc):


Desired godly parent(may not come true!):



Also, you may include any other information! Like history, likes, dislikes, flaws.

Feel free to make as many characters as you want!

Have fun.


122 thoughts on “About

  1. Oh, I have got to say: I absolutely LOVE your theme! ^^

    Anyway, back to the subject at hand ^^”


    Form: (for your own demigod or other creature)

    Name: Lizabetta Isa, but she goes by “Butterfly”

    Creature(demigod, nymph satyr..etc): Human

    Age: 14

    Desired godly parent(may not come true!): Iris

    Personality: Scatterbrained but loyal; hates conflict and is somewhat of a coward; lighthearted, rarely recognizes the gravity of a situation; very kind, although she’s somewhat socially challenged (she often says things she hasn’t thought through).

    Appearance: Small and petite; her feet are rough and calloused because she runs faster without shoes on; white-blonde hair that often looks iridescent when it’s wet or in direct sunlight; sky-blue eyes.

    Talents: She is EXTREMELY fast, light on her feet, and has a remarkably good memory. She rarely ever tires.

    Weaknesses: Because she has so much energy, she finds it hard to go to sleep, which leads to attentive issues (Even WORSE than your average Demigod’s ADHD!); Because her mind is so cluttered with things she’s picked up and remembered her thoughts are very scattered.

  2. Lily Li
    mortal that sees through the mist
    Artemis or Athena
    Funny, talkative on phone or internet bu not much in real life unless I feel like it.
    Black hair with green eyes

  3. Plus I have fair skin and a sprinkle of freckles across my nose.

    (You need to add Bianca Di Angelo even though she is a ghost)
    (Oh wait, she chose rebirth, never mind…)

  4. Name: Lily Li

    Creature(demigod, nymph satyr..etc): Mortal

    Age: 16

    Desired godly parent(may not come true!): Athena or Artemis (or no godly parent because im a mortal)

    Personality: Funny and talkative (especially on the internet)

    Appearance: black hair with green eyes. fair skin and a sprinkle of freckles across nose. 5ft 2in

    Also, you may include any other information! Like history, likes, dislikes, flaws.
    She had joined the Hunt (artemis’s group) Just on Oct 16, 2011.

  5. Hole peoplez!
    I am kind of writing this form in my personalitiy…is that okay? or do you want me to write it in the person’s/ characters view? I did my personality first, and tell me if i should change it to te character’s! 😀

    Name: The Amazing one, or call me Sister! 😀

    Creature(demigod, nymph satyr..etc): Athena please?

    Age: 11

    Desired godly parent(may not come true!): Um……Aren’t i a parent? 😉

    Personality: funny, smart, organized, responsible, and well…AWESOME! You can even ask Sercret Wishes, because she knows me really well! 😀 But i am a cheesecake lover, and well you can almost count on me for anything! 😀 I am a confident and cool..Tiny..But mighty!!! 😀

    Appearance: Dark black hair, big eyes, a tiny bit small, nice nose???????? 😉

    Hobbies: dance, karate!, ballet, swimming, soccer, sports! 😀 I like to draw, write, and go on my blog! 😀 I love to make people laugh! 😀 I love going to help out my school, and more! 😀

    Please tell me if you want me to write in the character’s view! OMG! i got to re-read the series! and the lost hero! I dont want to forget anything! 😀
    Sister 😀

    • Erm . Roleplaying is like acting out the person your potraying. Like in a play.

      Ex. “Hello, everybody I am Percy Jackson! Nice to meet all of you!” Percy announced and uncapped his sword Ripetide.

      “Well, Percy! THERE IS A MONSTER JUST GO FREAKING KILL IT!” Clarisse huffed, angered by Percy’s stupid behavior.

      Percy grumbled and slayed the monster.


  6. Do you have to take one of the 12 or can you pick others even if they aren’t mentioned in the books?

    ‘Cause I wanna be Nike[Like the shoe,but not really] the goddess of victory.

  7. Ok, guys, I have an idea. Since this blog isn’t very popular (yet) I think every author should be able to have more than one character (if they’d like) (For example Nireth is both Iris and Butterfly) because most people aren’t even using the Camp Half-Blood page because they are a goddess or a huntress. It would provide more opportunities to post!

    • Good Idea!!! I wanted to be Conner Stoll so bad!!! Btw, can i also be Conner Stoll? Also, I am trying to get my friends over here but they are too lazy.

      • Here is my demigod:

        Name: Sierra Dangston
        Creature: Demigod
        Godly Parent: Daughter of Aphrodite but is not a very gurly girl. (After, a while people find out she is actually daughter of Zeus who can charmspeak. Is that OK with you Olivia?)
        Personality: It is hard to gain Sierra’s trust because she has a shell from becoming allies with people. But still she has friends. She is a very brave fighter and throws herself hastily in battle. She seems stubborn, rude and mean but she can be nice at times.
        Appearance: She has straight light brown hair with shades of red which is kept in a braid. She is quite tan due to the fact she spends a lot of time training. She has topaz eyes which changes to emerald green.
        Flaws: Jumps into battle easily, hard to make friends with, sharp tongue, rude and way to stubborn


        Sorry, for not posting! WAY TO BUSY!!

  8. I think I’ll make a new character too!
    Name: Zale
    Creature: Water Nymph
    Age: Can’t age
    Everything else: You will see!

  9. I was wondering, some of these names you have here are, well, passed away. (Ethan Nakamura, Luke Castellan) Well, I guess they can be in the Underworld talking about their life! Oh wait, Luke chose rebirth… Maybe we can make him on earth and them suddenly realizes who he is!!! DON DON DON!!! Oh yeah, you also have Nico Di Angelo on there twice…

    Also, if you read the The Son of Neptune ***SPOILER ALERTS***!!!!
    Leo Valdez…Is really Sammy Valdez??? DONDONDON!!!

  10. Can you have more than one character?

    ‘Cause I wanna be Selene the moon/hope goddess.[Or is it Titaness?]

      • Name: Elisabeth Evelyn White (goes by Evelyn)

        Creature(demigod, nymph satyr..etc): demigod


        Desired godly parent(may not come true!): Demeter

        Personality: Loyal, Generous, and Stubborn..

        Appearance: 5’2” long, thick wavy brown hair, a fair complexion, rosy cheeks and lips, average weight

  11. Name: dolris
    godly parent: aphodite
    personallity: fun,cool, happy, psyco
    apperence: brown hair sholder lenth, brown eyes, 5 ft

  12. could u be 3 characters at the same time becasue i want to be piper, hazel and thalia. could that be possible because they r really cool characters and i dont know which 1 to choose!!! 🙂 soooo if i cant be 3 then ill be THILAIA. finally i made a decision. 😛 oh and by the way, im izzy from olivias blog (or u can call me dolris)

    • Heyyy Izzy, yes, I have heard about you a lot in Randy’s blog about cheesecake and stuff. XD And your a hunter, too. YaY! Oh, and yes you can be Piper, hazel, and Thalia. :3 Randy and I have like 4 characters so its Ok. But I think someone else wanted Thalia… oh well. *shrugs*
      Heyyy, if you want to be Thalia, you can be her on my Hunters & Amazon blog! 😀 😉
      Ahhh, sorry, im kinda hyper right now :3 soooo…
      🙂 🙂 🙂 😀 🙂 😉 😉 :D:P XD

    • well, the person who said they wanted those charaters disappeared and never came back.
      Well, I don’t know. You aren’t as active on here as Olivia, Izzy and Athena. How about choose like 2 of them? So someone else who comments can have a chance.
      I have like freaking 4! Hecate, Nico, Angelica and Tyson! :0 But Tyson is soo fun to roleplay as! can be as random as I want and no one would care!

      • IKR? XD
        I can be super evil and sneaky sounding and dumb just through Conner. >:) No one minds. XD I can be a girly girl and act all spoiled and popular by Drew. >:) I can be romantice just by being Travis XD And for Lily, I can say negative comments about boys because I made her a hunter. >:)
        Roleplaying is fun 😀

      • I know, right?
        Selene and Nike have different views on everything.
        Probably the only thing they both agree on is how annoying Conner and Travis are…

  13. Can I be Hera and may I make my own demigod. Here she is:

    Name: Adina Hemsan
    Age: 14
    Creature: Demigod
    Parent: Demeter
    Personality: She is crazy and sarcastic. She can be very mean sometimes and holds grudges easily. But loves plants.
    Appearance: She has long wavy black hair and bright green eyes. Her skin is fair and her eyes change color.

    Thank you!

  14. Hey, can I be Jason? I’ll also take Percy and Luke (I’m surprised no one has taken them yet). Oh, and Ares and Aphrodite, if I can.

  15. I gots an idea! What if we had Roman Forms of the gods/goddesses?

    You know, like Nike would be Victoria and so on…


  16. Hi! Well, I want to join please here’s my profile:
    Name: Sora Cult
    Creature: Demigod: Child Of Hades
    Age: 12

    Desired godly parent: Athena

    Personality: I am the definition of trouble.
    Appearence: Jet black hair,carmel brown skin and deep dark brown eyes.
    Flaw:Fear of spiders Likes: Winning
    Dislikes: Losing and spiders

    • Hello, Sora! Of course you can join! I dislike spiders and losing too. XD I am Lily, a huntress of Artemis. Feel free to roleplay anytime!

      • Wait so are you daughter of Hades or Athena or both?

        SC: I don’t think it could be both. Ya know, Athena is technically a maiden goddess. [Her having children that are actually hers in the books is the only thing I disagree with.]

      • She isn’t both! I think she wants to be a Child of Athena but she is actually a child of Hades. I think thats what “Desired godly parents” mean…. right?

  17. I’m a huntress of artemis too! On huntressesofartemis.wordpress.com
    I’m Anja. I just want to change characters here.

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