Mount Olmypus

Here are where all the gods meet. Minor or major.

Feel free to have discussions or fights. But don’t get it out of hand.

*Gods on this blog*

  1. Hecate
  2. Astraea
  3. Athena
  4. Nike
  5. Iris

Enjoy role playing.



5 thoughts on “Mount Olmypus

  1. Astraea tried to seek into Olympus to see her friends and hopefully get the latest dish on the Olympian drama but was attacked by a flying pair of scissors that thankfully failed to stab her.
    “Hee hee, stupid scissors failed to stab me, but why in the world are they attacking me?”

  2. “Hi there everyone!” Lily says happily. She notices the sign that says MOUNT OLYMPUS. GODS AND GODDESSES ONLY
    “Ooops, wrong place. Come on Conner! We are roleplaying in the wrong spot.”
    “WAIT WHAT ABOUT ME!” Travis yelled. “I AM IMPORTANT! Oh, and Hecate, where is the Wnated List?”

  3. Demigods pour out of the elevator and screamed.
    “YAYYYYY!!!!!!” They shouted and started exploring. Lily climbed on a few tree nymphs. (she was obsess with climbing) And got them a bit annoyed.
    It’s the field trip time!

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