Torture Connor Stoll

Feel free to torture Connor Stoll, son of Hermes, here. >:D


49 thoughts on “Torture Connor Stoll

  1. Conner: Hey…thats not cool dude! Not cool at all!

    Lily: AWESOME!!! Hey, just letting u know, where is the Torture Conner page on the page bar??? I only got here because I clicked on it on the LOOK! COMMENTS! thingy…

      • You could make more space by putting ‘Introductions’ under ‘About’

      • Or you can make the page ‘Camp Half-Blood’ the parent page for ‘Tortue Conner’. It is, after all, happening in Camp Half Blood. Mostly, anyways. Unless we find him on one of the stars you kicked him to. 🙂

  2. Hmm… what’s better, tying him up in a sack and dragging it off a cliff or telling Zeus that he threatened to take Olympus down?

    • HAHA! both 😛

      hey… the LOOK COMMENTS! thingy is very funny…its me then you then me, then you, me, you, Silver Coyote, and me 😛 Funny…

      Under the cliff there could be a river full of crocodiles…*evil laughter*

      • Ughh… sometimes I think that its just you, me, Hecate, Athena, and Nike that care about this blog =P I’m not sure if some of the authors/ contributes here are even ALIVE!
        I’m going shopping for Conner-eating- crocodiles and some hand grenades.

    • Hmm.. That creature called Conner… No one can like it. -Nike

      I think we should keep him alive for
      entertainment purposes. -Selene

  3. I have a wonderful item I have came across. ^^.
    It is marvelous! It changes the form of the person administered. I think I shall put the potion in his disgusting sodas.

    Animal ideas?

    Nico: I refuse he is my friend!

    H: DIE NICO!

    • Conner: YEAH me and Nico are de awesomest of awesome!!! BEAT IT!!!
      Travis: Awww… what about me! Im your brother!
      Conner: Oh yeah, and you
      Lily: *eats donut* Good idea Hecate! Just don’t put anything in chocolate or my donuts. Omnyumomomyun.
      Conner: *steals donut from Lily’s bag* COOL! POWDERED DONUTS!!!
      Conner: *eats donut*
      Travis: Hey! Gimme a piece Conner!
      Lily: THAT CONNER STOLL MY DONUT!!! (Stole…hahaha get it?)

      • I don’t care what Chiron says, I busting into the Hermes cabin and kicking some butt!!! Hecate, how about I tie him up and you change him into a…. powdered donut! Would we be able to eat him?

      • Or we can turn him into bacon.
        Then throw him to a pack of vicious junkyard dogs.

      • Oooh.. your making me hungry. BACON!!! DONUTS!!! Don’t give it the dogs! Give it to me!!! *drools*
        Wait, Does conner bacon or Conner donut even taste good? Considering how disgusting he is when he isn’t food…

      • Conner: AHHHHH!!!! YOU MEANIES!!! IM A BACON!!! NO, DONUT….*gasp* I’M A BACON DONUT!!!!??? *tries to roll away*
        Lily: *drools on Conner* Hey… what kind of bacon donut talks? Be quiet so I can *Munch*

      • Lily: Such bloody, I mean greasy bacon donut battle.
        Conner: Travis, help me!
        Travis: NO WAY!!! I ALWAYS wanted to be a bacon donut! You’re sooo lucky Conner! I wish I was you!

  4. Ahh… Conner was being eaten enough. Lets keep him alive, as Selene would say; “for
    entertainment purposes.”
    New torture for Conner? Ideas?

  5. I know many forms of torture: I suggest the butter sock, the idea I totally stole from that mortal T.V. show.

    Two Words: Rebecca Black.

    • Agreed may I also suggest that dreadful Justin Bieber. -walks away and plays JB and Rebecca Black music-

      • Conner: Wait, whats a butter sock? It sounds kinda yummy… *Grumble* oooops my stomach! Wait, Rebecca Black and JB? *Throws up* Not hungry anymore… XD

      • Conner: You all are torturing meeee
        Travis: I am famous *looks starstrucked*
        Conner: Why does Travis have to be the lucky one…
        Lily: *eats broccoli*
        Conner: Ewwwww!
        Lily: Ya know, they should have a broccoli flavored donut…
        Conner: *horrified*

    • We need to use this more often now!
      Connor: :O NOOO!!! i thought my magic has made everyone 4got forever!
      Drew: I still am mad at you for ruining out cabin with the golden mango! Now sweetie, come here! >:)

    • Excuse me Adina, I don’t believe we’ve met properly. I am Astraea, the one who destroys all injustice! (aka Conner) It is my duty to torture Conner Stoll and Travis Stoll the best way I can, and to get revenge on him for STEALING MY COMPUTER!! Conner Stoll, you’re going DOOOWWWWNNNN!

    • Travis: What? I have done nothing wrong! *tries to look innocent*
      Connor: Yeah! We are totally innocent! *tries to look sweet*
      Lily: Ha, suuuuuuure. Very guileless people here! NOT! xD

      • Those looks were supposed to be ‘innocent’ ? It looks like you’ve just smelled something terrible…


      • Connor: *eats cupcake*
        Travis: *tries to find Angelica*
        Lily: WOAH!!! *wispers* they are pretty good actors.
        Drew: *daintfully licks on pink frosted cupcake*
        Lily: WHAT!! the cupcakes! WHERE DID YOU FIND THEM!!!!?
        Connor: Oh, we stole cupcakes from this girl’s party.
        Travis: Where is Angelica?
        Lily: Better give me one! *puppy eyes*
        Connor: Catch me first. 😛
        Lily: *war cry* MUSHRRROOOOOM CLOOOUUUD!!!!!! *gets out spiky donuts from nowhere*
        Connor: *war cry* For Hermes! *gets out cupcake bombs from nowhere*

  6. Angelica: *blushes* I am here!
    Nico: *pouts* I WANT A CUPCAKE!
    Tyson: Fudge..*dreams*
    Nico: FOR HADES!
    Tyson: FOR PONIES!
    Angelica: *confused and walks away from everyone to Travis*

    • Lily: MUSHROOOM CLOUD!!! >:D *throws donuts at Nico*
      Connor: *throws cupcakes at Nico*
      Travis: *throws poptarts a Nico*
      Drew: Wait? Isn’t it the ‘Torture Connor’ page, not the ‘Torture Nico’ page?
      Lily: Whatever, they’re BOYS, they are the same thing! *throws more donuts at Nico*
      (ooc. Poor Nico xD )

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