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Goddess of justice, innocence, and purity

Your probably asking why the Greek goddess of Justice spends her time writing on a blog. Well I own a newspaper called Olympus Weekly on Olympus. Now thanks to this blog, my newspaper is available in the mortal world! Wooo!!! But its not just that, I find that typing on blogs is fun! Great source of entertainment.

Another question you may have is why the heck am I friends with Hecate? Let me put this simply. Hecate=pure awesomeness. Not only that but she a great friend, despite the fact that she can be witchy and sly at times. She also owns Olympus Weekly with me! 2 great friends, 2 great authors.

If you’ve read up on my history (or if you’ve known me during the Bronze Age) you’d know that I was the last of the immortals to live with humans during the sagacious Bronze Age but abandoned Earth at the end of the Iron Age to become the constellation Virgo. I’m sorry, but the wickedness of humanity was just unbearable. I am after all, goddess of innocence and purity as well.

When I left there became a prophecy about me saying that I will one day come back to Earth, bringing with with me the return of the Utopian Golden Age of which I will be the ambassador. Well I came back, but I didn’t exactly bring back a Golden Age with me. Still, I did help a little. Why do you think the Earth isn’t burning up yet? It will take some time for me to construct my Golden Age, however in 10,000 years or so you will see me high up on Olympus sitting proudly on my throne. (With my awesome friends and allies)

Well, that’s all for now, and if you see me on Olympus or on the mortal world gathering data for my newspaper, be sure to say “Hey” and I’ll say “Hi” back.

Lily Li


Huntress of Artemis

Funny and talkative with black hair with green eyes. fair skin and a sprinkle of freckles across nose. 5ft 2in

Hi Ladies and Germs!

I’m Lily Li from the Hunt (Artemis’s group).   I usually make things short and sweet. Unless I feel like talking about random stuff. I also like to gossip about the silliest things in the world, Love, love, and love. I mean, Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase? LOVE!!! But didn’t you hear Juno say somethin’ about Annabeth gonna cause some trouble for him in the future? You can’t depend on love my friends. Tsk tsk tsk…

Uh oh, Aphrodite is staring at me in a very creepy way…

Lizabetta Isa

(no pic)

Demigod daughter of Iris

Goes by “Butterfly”

14 years old

Butterfly is scatterbrained but loyal; hates conflict and is somewhat of a coward; lighthearted, rarely recognizes the gravity of a situation; very kind, although she’s somewhat socially challenged (she often says things she hasn’t thought through).

Small and petite; her feet are rough and calloused because she runs faster without shoes on; white-blonde hair that often looks iridescent when it’s wet or in direct sunlight; sky-blue eyes.

She is EXTREMELY fast, light on her feet, and has a remarkably good memory. She rarely ever tires however because she has so much energy, she finds it hard to go to sleep, which leads to attentive issues (Even WORSE than your average Demigod’s ADHD!); Because her mind is so cluttered with things she’s picked up and remembered her thoughts are very scattered.


Goddess of new moon, crossroads and magic

Hello, everyone I am Hecate. I spend my time turning men into little goldfish. No. But I would love to do that. I am simply goddess of magic to make it easier. I have no fancy wand but I do conjure up magic like a warlock. I spend time on the Olympus Weekly because we minor goddesses don’t play much part. So we must somehow make a difference.

I am a virgin goddess thank you very much. So I am in thoughts of a husband…thank you.

Actually, in reality I am Randy or for now my screen name is TN, Simons Vampire Buddy. I am in 7th grade. I am crazy, kind, outgoing and extremely social. I have been on the blogging world for at least 2 years I guess. I started my blogging at The Poptropica Zone. I have a blog of my own and by all means check it out.

I enjoy writing poems, climbing trees, field hockey, tae kwon doe I am a yellow belt so don’t mess with me!, being crazy, hanging out with my friends, The mortal instruments, Percy Jackson, books and domo.

Also, I am in charge off adding new people on this blog so ask me any questions you have. I promise I won’t bite(:

Thalia Grace

Demigod daughter of Zeus

Piper McLean

Demigod daughter of Aphrodite.


Goddess of wilderness, the hunt and, wild animals.

Hazel Levesque

Demigod daughter of Pluto.

Annabeth Chase

Demigod daughter of Athena.


Goddess of wisdom, war, the arts, industry, justice, and skill.


Goddess of victory.

Shadow Collins

Demigod daughter of Zeus.

Elisabeth Evelyn White

Demigod daughter of Demeter


Demigod daughter of Aphrodite


Queen of the gods


Demigod daughter of Demeter




Moon Goddess, daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Theia.



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