I know. Sorry, for the more OOC posts but soon I will definitely will be doing a Olympus Weekly but I really need to rant about my various “OTPs” (one true pairing.)

I hate my life. I have become SO obsessed with these couples.

Momo x Toshiro (Bleach, lily 😛 I don’t know these 2 are DESTINED.)

Glimmer x Cato (Hunger Games. After re-watching and seeing Glimmer sleep on Cato I thought that was just SOO cute and got myself obsessed.)

Thalia x Nico (Dear lord..I don’t know where this came from. But they both are like goth-ish. I think it is cute!!
Me: Meep! Please spare me!! -hides using my magic-
Nico: I WILL FIND YOU -shadow travels)

Travis x Katie (OMG. Sorry, Angelica. I think this is a good couple good girl and crazy guy XD. ARGH. I just like them xP.
Angelica: You-you-you really think that?
Me: Erm, yeah. I am sorry?
Angelica: -grabs tissue
Me: -shuffles away- I never was here -disappears-)


The people in my school are organizing a “Hunger Games.” XD.



I am so sorry for disappearing!

So is everyone ready to bring this blog back from the dead! 😀

I sure am! And please tell other people about it so we can get more authors who are active!

Kthx bye.


I will be gone for a month since I am going to Sri Lanka! So keep this blog alive for a while. Please?


Til Next Month,


At the camp 3

“Daughter of hades!”I heard someone yell as soon as I entered my cabin. Oops. I actually went into Zeus cabin. The statue of Zeus was now talking to me and his voice sunded like a million drums and thunder striking at the same time. No backing out now. “Yes?” I asked him. “How dare you still stand, dodging my bolt, let alone enter my cabin.” He asked. “Why would I NOT doge the huge bolt that was trying to kill me?” I asked sacasticlly even though he’s the major GOD of olmpyus.

Sorry fo the shortness. I don’t have time and I tried type as fast as I could.

Fanfiction.net is FUN!


Check out the fanfiction I found out XD. It is soo funny. Psh, Travis fails at impressing girls. I mean really? I also was browsing Foxface’s fav stories:

Angelica: *cries in corner* HE ACTUALLY LIKES KATIE! WHAT A CHEATER?
Hecate: Honey, all guys are like that. That’s why I am a Virgin Goddess.
Nico: Oh shut up Hecate.
Me: It’s not nice to insult a goddess!


OK, now I must return to writing a paper on the Dawn Mission…..