Do We Declare Blog Dead?(OOC)

(We haven’t used this blog in forever. There aren’t any actual RP posts from the last several months.

Should we just declare it dead or try to restart?)



( Hey…

Remember this blog? It kinda died.

Yup. Are we gonna revive it?)


OK, look at this! So I was browsing through devianart and found an awesome picture of Nico!

He looks so awesome and emo XD. Lol.

Classic Mythology Roleplay[OOC]

For the longest time, I’ve wanted to make a Classic Mythology Roleplay. Even though Percy Jackson is awesome, I’ve wanted to do something with regular mythology.

And I didn’t wanna do this stuff alone! It’s more fun with someone else.

So, I was wondering: Would any of you like to be an administrator, and help me set up things? Like get a theme, characters,pick a site name, that kinda stuff.

If you’re interested, let me know in the comments.


I know. Sorry, for the more OOC posts but soon I will definitely will be doing a Olympus Weekly but I really need to rant about my various “OTPs” (one true pairing.)

I hate my life. I have become SO obsessed with these couples.

Momo x Toshiro (Bleach, lily 😛 I don’t know these 2 are DESTINED.)

Glimmer x Cato (Hunger Games. After re-watching and seeing Glimmer sleep on Cato I thought that was just SOO cute and got myself obsessed.)

Thalia x Nico (Dear lord..I don’t know where this came from. But they both are like goth-ish. I think it is cute!!
Me: Meep! Please spare me!! -hides using my magic-
Nico: I WILL FIND YOU -shadow travels)

Travis x Katie (OMG. Sorry, Angelica. I think this is a good couple good girl and crazy guy XD. ARGH. I just like them xP.
Angelica: You-you-you really think that?
Me: Erm, yeah. I am sorry?
Angelica: -grabs tissue
Me: -shuffles away- I never was here -disappears-)


The people in my school are organizing a “Hunger Games.” XD.