Jessie’s Bad Day

I really don’t care what anyone thinks. I may be weird at times, but that gives doesn’t give anyone a reason to mess with me.

Take now for instance.

All the  bullies around town started stalking me on my way home tonight. Trust me, when I first saw them start following me outside of the store, I was extremely angry.

But I just played along, pretending I couldn’t see them. Yeah, uh huh. They stood out more than a cat attacking its own reflection in the mirror. I’d teach them not to mess with me later.

We got all the way to the entrance to my small shack of a house before I turned on them. Living alone as a young girl, I didn’t really have much of a house. It was a small one room cabin deep in the woods of Australia.

“Go away before I-” was all I was able to say. Turning on my heel, I tried to race away from them, but two of them grabbed my arms and threw me against a tree.

I got up slowly, wiping blood from my lip, eyes full of revenge.

Looking at the creatures, I noticed that they were three times my height and weight. I’d always been a late bloomer, but never this far behind!

Looking past their heights and weights, they all had only ONE eye!

But… that’s impossible!

They circled around me, all twenty of the menacing monsters. Being only eight, I did what I had to.

Got rid of all of my fear. I’d been in tons of fights. I just had to remember to be tough. They were just bullies.

I could get through this. Just needed to think about the positives, and not the odds of them beating me.

Suddenly, I saw something slowly start rolling toward me. A ball? Coconut?

Run, something urged to me. But to where? I was completely surrounded.

Then again…

I slid under the largest creature, who gave me enough room to get through and raced deep into the woods.

A presence was stalking me. Hadn’t I been through enough today without more trouble? For once I just wanted to keep my head low on the danger scale.

“Jessie, don’t… move… a… muscle…” a voice hissed into the night.


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