Jessie Meets Her Destiny

“Jess, please, stay still,” the boy whispered, grabbing my arm and pushing me down next to him.

I narrowed my eyes stubbornly.

“Now isn’t the time to rebel. Do you want to live another day? Then listen to me! They’re right behind us!” he whispered. We sat quietly behind a shrub for endless minutes. When the boy nodded for me to follow him after the creatures passed us, I followed hesitantly behind.

He took the path to a lake. Sitting down in the boat tied to a nearby tree, he nodded for me to get in.

“I’m Luke,” he murmured, grabbing the oars and steering us away from my home. “Everything’s going to be okay. I’ve been watching you for the past few days. You’re special. And my master wants you to join us. But you need to be trained first. You’re still a beginner, even though you are very talented.”

“You’ve been spying on me?” I said, venom seeping into my words. “How could you?!”

“You don’t see your part in this don’t you? Kronos wants you to help him. He’s been searching for someone with a strong amount of power like you!” Luke said enviously. “You were meant to do something special. Join us. You have to.”

“Kronos? Now you’re just making things up now! No such thing! I have no idea what you’re going on about.”

“Denial is the first stage.” He grabbed my hand, and pressed hard on it. “As soon as we get back home, you’ll understand everything.”

Boy was this Luke character crazy.


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