At the camp part 2

I sniffed myself. I had a faint smell of sadness and death. Still, Helena deserved it, even if I smell of death just a little bit. As I walked near my cabin, something didn’t feel right. It felt like someone was putting needles into my neck. I felt the need to jump and with a crackle, the spot I was just standing turned into a 6 feet deep hole.  But there’s the thing, it was lightning shaped. And the only god of lighting I know is the one and only ZEUS. I wished it wasn’t true. Here I am, in a camp where I’m supposed to be protected, but then I almost turned into the most fried, fried chicken on Earth. Unless the had chickens on Mount Olympus. Do they? I quickly ran into my cabin and covered the hole with my earth powers. I knew why he was after me. But I could not tell a soul, because I had sweared on the river stix.


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