At the camp

When I arrived at the camp everyone stared at me. It was sorta creepy. I looked around and behind me hoping that they were looking at someone else. they weren’t. Calm down. I told myself. “Ew! What reeks of death?!” Yelled a camper. Ah. Clarisse’s sister, Helena was the person who insulted me. So it wasn’t my fault when a rock suddenly came from the ground and struck her in the face. Many other demi-gods had that power right? “Report to the big house as soon as you put your things in your cabin.” said Chiron. Gulp. “I’m in trouble once again.” I thought as I went towards my cabin.


3 thoughts on “At the camp

  1. Zale: Oooooh… I wonder what you are? A new camper is always so… interesting! Especially this mysterious person, Sora…

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