The Total [Mis]adventures of Selene and Nike: 2

Remember this story? I hope you do.


“Pass the stupid ball!” Nike snapped at the players on the TV, “The guard is wide open! Why can’t you see that? I can see that; You must be blind!”

Selene wondered why Nike was furiously yelling at her TV. And Nike thought she was the crazy one…

“Whatcha doing?” Selene asked.

“I’ m watching some blind people play basketball.” Nike answered.

“Oh, Okay!”

Selene walked off to her room, a question coming to her mind:How could the blind play basketball? <em/>

Chapter 2: Pandia

Nike was furious. Her perfect tournament bracket was ruined, all because of a stupid last second shot.
She was about  to go to bed when she heard a knock at the door. Grumbling, Nike walked to the door and opened it.  Standing on the porch was a dripping wet teenage girl, who looked a whole lot like Selene.
“Selene!” Nike yelled, “There’s someone at the door!”
Selene walked into the room, in her pyjamas and gasped, running toward the girl.
“Pandia!” Selene exclaimed, wrapping her arms around her, “Did your sisters kick you out? They need to understand that you’re…Different. And right now, dripping wet, too.”
This girl was Selene’s daughter, Pandia.
“Don’t tell me we’re keeping her,” Nike said, “Can’t she live with her brother?”
Pandia gave her the ‘Are you nuts?’ look.
“Are you serious?” Selene asked, “Her brother isn’t the sharing type, that’s for sure. Plus, he might try and eat her in her sleep. It’s happened before…”
Pandia shivered. Either she was remembering what Selene was talking about, or was just cold from being soaking wet.
“Can she talk?” Nike asked, “She hasn’t said a word since she’s been here.”
Selene wasn’t listening.  She was trying to get Pandia to listen to her instead of messing with what looked like the newest version of iPhone.
“…And your sisters didn’t help you make any friends?” Selene asked, “I wish you had social skills like theirs.”
“Can I Uh, live here?” Pandia asked.
“She speaks!” Nike screamed, “I mean- If it’s okay with you, Selene…”
“Of course you can live here,” Selene said, hugging Pandia once again, “We have plenty of room, and I can cook you dinner every day! Wouldn’t that be great?”
The look on Pandia’s face practically screamed ‘Oh no.’.
“This is Nike,” Selene said, “My roommate.”
Pandia smiled and waved slightly.
“Don’t stand there,” Selene scolded, “Say something!”
Pandia was still quiet.
“Let me show Pandia to her room,” Nike said, “You should get back to sleep.”
“Not before I cook her something!” Selene said, “She must hungry.”
Nike, determined to save Pandia from Selene’s cooking, quickly said “I don’t think Pandia’s hungry, Are you, Pandia?”
Pandia shook her head ‘No’.
“Oh, Okay,” Selene sighed, “I can always make you breakfast in the morning…”
“It’s okay,” Nike whispered, “We’ll pick something up for breakfast. By the way, here’s your room.”
Pandia smiled at her and walked into the room, closing the door.
Maybe she liked her…

2 thoughts on “The Total [Mis]adventures of Selene and Nike: 2

  1. Whoa… I LOVE what you did with the characters!!!
    I especially love Nike’s tom-boyish sarcastic attitude!
    Astraea: Nike rocks!
    Rachel: Wait… who’s Pandia?

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