Hungry Gamers…..Enjoy!

Yes. I have heard of the Hunger Games. I saw the movie. actually, i thought it was pretty good.

You must ask…how did you see the movie! You’re a goddess!!!!!!!!!

Well Annabel asked me. I havent spoken to her from a while. She begged me, over and over. everybody was watching. Then next thing you know, the whole camp saw the movie.

They all began to beg. I finally gave up.

“OKAY!!!!! YOU ALL CAN GO!!!!BUT! You have to be good campers!” I screamed.

“OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!” They all said.

Well, guess what? We all were in the movies. I ended up buying twenty large popcorn boxes, and fifty-five sodas. I just had popcorn. I gave them no candy, because…….er……..we…….want to be good!

We all watched the movie. And all of them began relating themselves to the characters. Annabel said she was like Katniss, and Percy was Peeta. I was so upset. But what could I do?

Afterwards, we all headed back to camp. All of them were going crazy over the movie!






9 thoughts on “Hungry Gamers…..Enjoy!

  1. Hecate: Oh wow sounds like you had a marvelous time Athena. Its a shame, I should have been there.

    (hiii apurva, my mom said it would be a cool idea if you me and shay hung out during spring break :3)

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