Meet Pandia

Uh, Hi? I’m Pandia, goddess of the full moon. Not to be confused with the chick who released all those evil things from that jar.

And- My mom is Selene and my dad is  Zeus.

Um, I have fifty half-sisters and the Nemean Lion as a brother. This makes family dinner time super fun. *Sarcasm*.

For some reason, everyone thinks I’m pretty, which earns me a lot of creepy stalkers. It’s okay, My  brother usually scares them off.

I like Nicki Minaj. Not much of an explanation needed for this.

My only friend is my iPhone. I can ask it questions, which basically eleminates the need for human interaction, anyway.

And- Uh, I like Stargazing.

The dark-Kinda scares me… (A lotta creepy things lurk in the shadows.)

I don’t like Purse-rats. If it can fit in a purse, it’s not a dog; it’s a rat.

Am I done here? I-I’m finished. *Leaves*


I know it’s titled ‘My Selene’, but there aren’t any good Pandia pics anywhere. I don’t own this pic.


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