From Ground Up 2

The Date, no not really a date

I stared at Travis for a good 5 minutes. Aw, I was just starting to like him a little. Was that a good idea to say out loud? I suppose not..

What are you staring at?” He asked and tilted his head.

“Nothing. What do you want from me anyways?” I grumbled and sat on the couch. I wish he would just leave, I was going to miss the new episode of Glee. Well, it doesn’t matter anyways.

“C’mon! You need to come back!” Travis exclaimed.

We went through a matter of no and yes’s for a long time.

“Hey! Did you eat all the cookies?” I asked.

Um…” He

<I rolled my eyes and walked away. He is soo annoying.

“FINE I WILL COME YOU RETARD!” I said really annoyed and I put on my purple sweatshirt. Travis smirked and ran out.

We weaved and cut through random places and we stopped at a dirty alley with a few stray cats. I looked at Travis’ face, he looked nervous? Oh, god did he have any idea where he was going?I looked him in the eye and he looked as lost as a puppy. I sighed what could we worst than getting lost with him in an alley?

“I guess your lost?” I asked and climbed up the ladder and sat out on the roof. There weren’t many trees or fresh air here so I didn’t feel as refreshed.

“Umm…noo. We go erm..this way? Wait where are you!” he exclaimed and looked around.

The stars were very bright tonight, shining and bright. Oh, I found the Big Dipper and Orion’s Belt! I hugged my knees and stared up at the sky.

“Oh, I so knew you were up here.” he said matter-of-factly.

“Constellations.” I said with a sigh. I turned away from him because I did not want to talk him now.

“Hey! I am hungry! Let’s go eat dinner at a restaurant!” he exclaimed and jumped around. I tried to hold my ground because I thought the whole roof was going to fall.

“Ahh! Stop! You are going to make this freaking thing to break!” I exclaimed my face building into a flush. Travis crossed his arms huffly.

“Um..wait where are we going to get the money..?” I asked. Well, I had my wallet with me I think.. I checked my pants pocket but it was not there. Where was it! Where could it have gone! I looked around, maybe I dropped it somewhere? I was getting pretty worried.

“Oh! I have it right here, pickpocketing is my specialty! Let’s go, or you are never going to get it back!” He exclaimed. I groaned.

“Fine.” I said and followed Travis. We approached a decent looking restaurant, well at least he had decent taste.

“Hey! Does this count as a date?” He asked.

“What! No! NO WAY! Oh, and don’t do any stupid things..” I exclaimed my face turning the color of crimson.

“Um..well, I already just switched someone’s meals, put salt in someone’s coffee and a whole bunch of other stuff.” He said.

“WHAT! You are an idiot.” I grumbled and we sat at our table.

I grabbed the menu and pretended to be really interested so I would avoid any farther conversation. For I really was not in the mood with talking with this idiot. I slouched back in my seat and tried to not to spark any conversation between us. For it was not me who brought us here. I placed my face in a scowl and crossed my arms. My topaz eyes were flaming. I twirled my brown and red streaked hair my face turning into a bright green cause that’s how nymphs blush.

“Aw, your blushing. Well, what did you get!” He exclaimed with a triumphant expression on his face. I have to say I was quite disgusted but at the same time it was a little cute…

“Nothing. And some pasta. Really! Give me my money back!” I exclaimed and leaned over the table.

“I got a hamburger and nope!” He said with a snicker and moved the wallet up high so I couldn’t reach it. Now I understand the disadvantages of being short. I walked to the other side of the table and sat next to him and tried to get it.

“Aw, how cute.” An elderly women said and walked past us.

I didn’t hear that thankfully but to my luck Travis did.

“Did you hear that! We are a great couple!” He exclaimed and gave me a tight hug. He was warm but the heating in this place was around 72 degrees so I felt that I might faint of heat.

“C-c-ho-k-k-k-ingg.” I tried to say. Travis let go.

It wasn’t that bad. Travis was an interesting person minus that he was a major prankster like his brother Conner.

We walked out he paid, with my credit card.

“Thanks, tonight wasn’t as bad as I imagined.” I said grimly.

“That’s great. I am glad to hear that.” He said with an expression so serious I was not sure it was real. The wind ruffled his dirty blond hair.

“Well, where to?” I asked.

“Camp Half blood.” He said. When I whirled around a monster was behind me and I screamed. That’s all I remember before I blacked out….

Post to bring back this blog from the Underworld yaay!


7 thoughts on “From Ground Up 2

  1. Ohhhhhhhh! Travis ran away from Lily’s writing! :O BAD TRAVIS XD
    Hehe, Awesome post! Sorry for not posting my Lily stories lately. Haha! Hades will never get us! >:)

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