Some Stuff About Pandia[OOC]

A new character I’ll be RPing with. I’ll make her an Intro Post later.
The Wikipedia article wasn’t very long, but I used some stuff in it. Here’s the link to it anyway:

-Is the goddess of the full moon

-The daughter of Selene and Zeus

-Has 50 half-sisters, and The Nemean Lion as a brother

-Is known for her beauty.

[Now, It’s SC’s turn to add some stuff. ]

-Shiny things fascinate her

-The dark freaks her out

-Actually understands modern music, but can never explain it to her mom.

-Likes Nicki Minaj

-Enjoys stargazing

-Loves Glitter

-Doesn’t talk much, the only thing she actually likes talking to is her iPhone 4s. [Ya know, the ones you can ask questions?]

-Despises purse-rats. Which are tiny dogs like teacup chiuahuas.

-Has an obsession with technology


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