Rachel’s Journal, The Epic Quest

Today another quest was given out to three not-so-lucky girls, here’s the story.

Dinner had just started, a few campers were late because the dinner horn (seashell) had not been blown. It wasn’t unusual for the trumpeter to be late or lose her seashell from time to time so no one thought much about it. The huntresses were also staying over because Lady Artemis was on Olympus completing some important business with her lieutenant, Thalia. That means for now Lily would have to be in charge of the hunters

Some water/wood nymphs were joining my table for dinner but of course they were given un-human food (some kind of green stuff). Angelica sat down next to me, a bit teary-eyed.

“Umm… Rachel, have you seen my shell?” she asked. I forgot to mention that she was the trumpeter didn’t I?

“No, have you checked under Zale’s reef?”

“Yes, its not there!”

“No way, you always loose it there!”

“That’s what makes this so serious!”

“Oh. This bad, really bad. If that shell gets into the wrong hands…”

“Boosh.” Angelica made an expanding motion with her hands.

“I think a little more than ‘Boosh’ will happen.”

“I know. Its a magic seashell. I found it on the shores of one of the islands in the Sea of Monsters. You know how hard I had to work to get it?”

“What is its power exactly, besides making a loud noise.”

“Umm, I don’t exactly know, but I’m pretty sure it was made by a sorceress, C.C. or someone like that. I think I once burned down  Zale’s reef with it.”

“How can a reef burn underwater?”


“Oh this is bad.”

“That’s not all, it has magic woven into it. I once dreamed of a blue suit of armor and when I woke up I was wearing it!”

“Wait so you’re telling me that you have a magic seashell that makes dreams come true. That sounds a bit… “The Little Mermaid”ish.”

“Humph, I don’t even like that movie. But let’s be serious for a second. If it can truly grant anything its master desires then…”


“My point exactly!”

Later that night she joined me around the campfire. I convinced her to ask Chiron for a quest. Chiron agreed, so like every single time there’s a prophecy I started spewing out green smoke as Delphi possesses me, delivering this prophecy:

“The item which you seek is of three places:

The river of gold, the eternal isle, and the home of two faces,

Seek quickly, for the first to come home will keep the prize,

The other two, will never again rise”

I stood up and brushed the green smoke of myself, “The river of gold sounds familiar, isn’t it a river on Mount Olympus, made of gold?”

Chiron replied, “How did you know that?”

“Annabeth keeps talking about how the temple of salad she designed looks so amazing next to the river.”

“The Temple of Salad?” Angelica asked.

“I questioned it too.”

“What about the Eternal Isle?” a camper asked.

“Think child.” said Chiron, “The only Eternal Isles are the Isles of Blest.”

“In the underworld?” Angelica asked, “I have to go to the UNDERWORLD?!”

“Calm yourself Angelica.”

“Well what about the home of Two Faces?”

“I’m not exactly sure about that one…”

“What is it like Janus’s house or something?” Adina snickered.

“That may exactly be it!” Chiron said.

“Oh my gods!” Lily exclaimed, “I’ve been there once and it was NOT fun. I barely escaped. There was this thing that looked like a donut that tried to eat ME and I told it “Hey no! I’m the one that’s supposed to eat YOU!”

“Janus causes some of the strangest illusions.” Chiron explained.

“So what now?” Angelica asked.

“You may choose two people to compete with you.”

“Whoa whoa whoa… COMPETE?”

“The prophecy states that you and the two others will split up and separately and travel to those three locations. Only one of you will be back with the shell.”

“This is new, so who wants to go with me on this competition?”

No one raised their hand.

“Come on guys, I know this may not be the most exciting quest but hey, its still a quest. You never know what will happen.”

“I’ll go!” Adina said cheerfully. “I’ve never been on a quest before so I think this will be a cool new experience for me. Plus I’m the one who guessed the Janus house thing.”

“Anyone else?” Angelica asked.

“Lily I think you should go. You’re the only one who has been to the house of Janus.” I said.

“No, there are dumb donuts there…. like bagels.”

“Please, Lily!” Angelica pleaded.

“Lily will go on the quest with you.” Lily smiled.

“Lily, you will head off to the house of Janus. Adina, you will go to the Isles of Blest, and Angelica that leaves you to go to the River of Gold on Olympus to find the shell. Whoever finds it first and returns it will be the winner. The shell will dissapear from the other two places. Just to warn you though, there will be dangers.” Chiron told them.

“Great, just perfect.” Adina said as she stared out past the tree tops. “What are you waiting for slow pokes, let’s go find us a shell.”


Out of charecter: Now Angelica, Lily, and Adina know the quest they can start the journey. Be careful though, I’ll be setting up dangers for you all.

The quest will take place in the “Quests” page. Feel free to start.


One thought on “Rachel’s Journal, The Epic Quest

  1. Yaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! Questie time! I eat donuts! >:)
    Nice use of my language! Bagels, Donuts. Hehehehe.
    WHy do I have to face the crazy two headed duuuuuuude? That sounds like Voldemort and Professor Quirrell guy in Harry Potter….
    Oh well, I shall get the donut! I mean, shell! Bring it oooon! >:)

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