The story of Adina:

Chapter 1

“And they lived happily ever after..” I said and smiled.

“Thanks Adina! Great story!” Mckenzie exclaimed with a giggle and gave me a giant bear hug.

Ah, if only dad would come home earlier. If only he didn’t drink 24/7 if only if only. I sighed and returned to my math homework. It was even harder to understand than a boy’s brain. And that is complicated stuff.

“Your welcome. Why don’t you do some coloring?” I said and handed her a book. She immediately grabbed a crayon in a squeak of delight and colored.

6:23. He should be home by now. Tick tock. Time passed by. He promised to help me with this math. Broken promsises, never to be fufilled again.

In frustation I put on my headphones and listened to Coldplay. I zoned out from the world and everything in it’s existance. I focused on the music.

“Every Teardrop is a waterfall..” I hummed.

“Hey! Can I listen?” Mckenzie asked.

“Mckenzie. No.” I said with a sigh. She grumbled and returned to her extravagent coloring of a fox. Better than I could ever do.

“Hey! Do you think Daddy will come home at least a few minutes earlier?” She begged but I shook my head. I would always have those thoughts. But it only resulted me sitting in this living room, alone.

I heard a sharp knock on the door. Mckenzie had a bright smile on her face. I was prety excited myself.

“Yes?” I asked opening the door. There was my buddy Jaidon.

“C’mon! We have to go NOW! ADINA GO GO GO!” He screamed running around like a small girl.

“Jaidon. Shut up. What is it! I am not leaving anywhere without Mckenzie.” I replied and held her next to me.

“We have to, leave her in the care of a relative or something. I will be too late if you don’t go to Camp Halfblood.” he replied.

“Fine. Mckenzie, do you want to stay with Auntie Eve?” I muttered. Mckenzie seemed thrilled and I called Aunt Eve right away. She seemed glad to have Mckenzie, instead of my ‘unresopnsible’ dad.

I quickly grabbed a few things and raced out the door with Jaidon.

“Will you be back?” She asked with a puppy dog face.

“I will maybe.” I whispered planting a kiss on her forehead.

We ran down to the lobby. Maybe, it had to do with my mum. My mum left a year after I was born. Off, to do some sort of wheat business.

“Adina, I am sorry. But I have to tell you something.” He whispered.

“What is it?” I asked anxiously. But just then there was a strange man behind me. Jaidon squeaked and grabbed my arm and we ran, to heavens know where?

Yay! I posted xD. Thanks for all ya luv on my Hera post. I shall do one next time. And I read all about this post day stuff. So I wish you all good luck! ^-^. I was thinking. It would be cute if Adina had a crush on both Nico and Conner. Thoughts? ^-^

Live, Read and Soccer
❤ Adina


5 thoughts on “Adina❤

  1. LUV de post ❤
    Oh, I don't mind your character has a crush on Connor. ^^ In fact, that kinda makes it funny. XD
    Connor: *looks up from eating a donut* What?
    Lily: MY DONUT!!!
    Travis: Have you noticed that there are some Ads in the few of the posts…
    Lily and Connor: *looks excited* About donuts?!
    Travis: *looks surprised* Not really…

      • Epic Adina! Sure, it would be very funny! With Nico liking someone else and all.

        Nico: As I said Angelica, someone in this world likes me.
        Angelica: *snorts*
        Angelica: Stop being a creeper Tyson.
        Tyson: *sighs*

  2. Rachel: Wheat business. *snorts*
    Astraea: Lily, do you mean the ads in Olympus Weekly and stuff like that? Or Demeter’s wanted posters?
    Zale: Adina, Adina, Adina, what has happened to your brain? Why all this drama? Why Conner and Nico? *face turns green*

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