From Ground Up

This is my random story of Angelica enjoy! ღ



I hate this darn place. I hate it. I hate everyone here. I hate my life.

“Heads up nymphie!” An annoying voice called. I quickly morphed into my human form. I did the only think I could think of. Run. I ran until my heart was beating fast and I felt as I might lie on the road and die. My face was turning the color of chlorophyll.

“Wait!” A voice called. I whirled around. There was a boy with curly brown hair that ran over his blue eyes. His face had a mischievous look to it. We stared at each other for a while. That was a face I will never forget, Travis Stoll.

I turned around through my shoes in his direction and ran.

Present Day-

“Caramel Mocha please.” a young man asked.

“Right up!” I exclaimed and hustled to the kitchen. Working at Starbucks isn’t so bad. I plan to raise some money for myself at least to attend the community college. Thankfully, the landlord is kind enough to take me in the apartments. I quickly dazed out.

“Angelica!” the manager screamed and I snapped back to reality. I finished my last order and was off.

I rented out the apartments for a while now. I had found a living for myself ever since I left..It leaves bleak memories. I took out a plate of chocolate chip cookies and grabbed my crossword puzzle with a pencil behind my ear. An 8 letter word that means needing something badly. Darn it. Stumped. Call me stupid but I am having a brain freeze right now.

Knock knock!

I rolled my eyes and got up. People really needed to learn how to use a doorbell. A boy around. Actually I don’t know his age. But he looked oddly familiar. He stared at me and fell on the floor.

“Wait what! Crap..” I exclaimed. Not everyday a random guy who looks familiar faints in your apartment room. If that happens to you. I really would like some advice… I dragged the kid by his arm and left him on the couch. I left a glass of water on the coffee table and returned to my crossword puzzle.

I sat there in deep thought. Boy, major brain freeze.

“8 letter word for really needing something…” I muttered.

“Desperate!” a voice called. The boy got off the couch at grabbed a chair next to me. I was stunned. What the heck was going on? I seriously paid my loans this time! I AM TO YOUNG AND PRETTY TO GO TO JAIL! Anyways, I would probably die of a need for trees or something.

“Who are you..” I said trying not to show my lack of courage.

“Seems like you grown up haven’t you?” the boy said and started to eat the cookies on the table.

“Your not answering my question, I seriously paid my loans. Please don’t make me leave!” I exclaimed. Trying not to go on my knees. The boy burst out laughing at this.

“HA! Make you leave! But you really don’t remember me?” he asked. We stared at each other. I rolled my eyes.

“Seriously. Who are you!” I said with a hint of annoyance. He turned around and jumped on the counter.

“I am Travis Stoll, Angelica.” He said.


351 thoughts on “From Ground Up

  1. Rachel: *Gasps* Travis! Duh duh duunnnnnnn……..
    Zale: Ya Angelica! Working at Starbucks, getting some good money, living in an apartment! I just realized that we are the only two nymphs here, NYMPH BUDDIES!
    Astraea: Caramel Mochas make me jumpy. *smiles hugely*

  2. Travis: Yes, It’s meeeee! 😉 😉
    Lily: *Looks dumb, scoots slowly away from Travis*
    Travis: *Tries his best to look cool in front of Angelica*
    Drew: *giggles*
    Lily: *cough* Soooo… anyone would like a piece of chocolate?
    Connor: YAAAA!!!
    Lily: *forgets she hates giving Connor food* Okay, if anyone wants a piece I will, ummm, be somewhere. *scoots away stiffly*
    (ooc. Lily doesn’t do well with these situations of <3. XD)

  3. Travis: :O Did someone say ‘eww’? :O
    Lily: Ahhhhhh…. Come on Adina, lets go…. somewhere, away from these people….
    Connor: *eats chocolate*
    Drew: *glares at Adina* Hey young girl, whats your name?
    Lily: And away from Drew….
    Drew: *glares a Lily*
    Lily: RUN!

    • Adina: Yes. Yes I did.
      Hera: *nods*
      Adina: Yes! Let us go to South Carolina! *glares back at Drew* I am NOT a yong girl. I am 14 to be exact.
      Hera: Why South Carolina demigod? What if I sent a pack of hungry animals to eat all of you?
      Adina: Well, that’s a shame. I have always liked South Carolina.

  4. Astraea: *Sipping a caramel mocha* Now Hera, there’s no need to get angry at the weird little demigods… except for Conner… who still hasn’t given me back my computer!!!!
    Ya Nico, I’m a goddess, so what? *rolls eyes*
    Rachel: No Tyson, Travis is a baaaadddd person! Listen to the pretty girl!
    Zale: Angelica, how about we… I don’t know… push some of these demigods off a cliff.

  5. Connor: O.O Why am I the one always being tortured?
    Lily: *runs back* YAAAA!!! I will bring my donuts to watch! *runs to get donuts*
    Drew: Oh dear, naughty demi-gods *looks perfect, evil sparkle in eyes*
    Travis: *tries to look cooler than Nico*

  6. Travis: Ummmm….. Nothing! Just being a gentlemen! *tries to look cool, has creepy smile*
    Connor: *blows kisses in Nico’s face*
    Lily: *eats donuts furiously*
    Drew: Where is my Jason? *sprays Twilight Woods perfume*
    (ooc. Random Connor moment ^ O.O)

    • Angelica: *is creeped out*…move away from them..lily..*backs away*
      Nico: *slaps Conner* What the heck!!!!
      Tyson: *steals lily’s donuts* DONUT BUDDIES!

      (ooc: this blog is like dying….)

      • Connor: *sticks tongue out* Muhahaha
        Lily: *snatches donuts back* Mine.
        Drew: *sprays perfume around the room addictively*
        Travis: *slaps Nico* Don’t slap my brother!

        (ooc. Yeah, it sort of is. 😦 But is could be because everyone is busy at the moment like me. It might come back to life later.)

  7. Drew: Oh sorry sweetie, but we need to freshen up the air a bit, don’t you think? *winks, applies more lip gloss*
    Lily: *sneeze*
    Connor: *has a tomatoe face, looks away*
    Travis: *pokes the tomatoe face, grins*

    • Tyson: *barfs on Drew* It!! WHY ISNT THERE PONY SCENTED PERFUME!
      Nico: Ew.. *jealous
      Angelica: *laughs at Adina* I suggest a more earthy perfume don’t you think *stares at Travis*

      • Travis: *talks to Angelica* Look at this blushing idiot! *points at Connor*
        Connor: 😡 *runs away*
        Lily: *hangs on to Connors leg to get a free ride* (Lily is very light, even if she eats a lot donuts)
        Drew: *stares at Lily* You little parasite! *screams at the barf* EWWW!!! *runs to cabin, takes 20 hour shower*

  8. Travis: *awkwardly interrupts Nico*
    Connor: *laughs at Travis*
    Lily: *eats donuts*
    Drew: I’m back!
    Lily: You look like a rasin!

    • Grover: Mhmm. Raisins.. *plays windpipes*
      Hera: Who says good golly these days?
      Adina: ME!
      Grover: Hillary Duff is my idol…

      (lets make this a lil less awkward…0_0)

      • Angelica: *smirks*
        Nico: Hillary Duff sucks. I mean Eminem is much better.
        Tyson: MY LITTLE PONY!!
        Angelica: You of all people listen to rap? *laughs*
        Nico: What? *embarassed*

  9. Lily: *stirs bowl of fudge*
    Travis: Oh hahahaha. *tries to laugh with Angelica*
    Connor: *smacks his lips behind Travis*
    Drew: *rolls eyes* Let me give you a makeover, Angelica! You would look sooo much better with this lip gloss! Your lips are practically dry! Here, it’s called cranberry cake! Oh! You must try on this eyeshadow! It’s cinnamon!
    Lily: *licks spoon* Cinnamon? Cranberry cake?
    Connor: Yummy!
    Drew: *rolls eyes* Now sweetie… *gives everyone makeup advice*

    • Angelica: *smiles at Travis*
      Tyson: *eats the fudge* needs more SALT!
      Nico: Hey! You don’t give makeovers without asking! Gosh!
      Angelica: B..but..I don’t need this Drew…honestly! *stammers*
      Tyson: I want to eat you, you smell yummy!
      Angelica: *is red* Do I look awful Travis do I?
      Nico: *smiles and drifts of into daydream* You look amazing..
      Angelica: O.O

      • (ooc xD)
        Connor: *looks at Nico* O.O
        Lily: O.O
        Travis: O.O
        Drew: 😉 *winky dinky* Come on, sweetie! Makeover time!
        Lily: My fudge!
        Travis: *looks at Lily’s and Tyson’s fudge making* O.O
        Travis: *looks at Drew as if she’s crazy about the makeover* O.O
        Travis: *looks at Nico doing weird things to his GF* O.O

      • (ooc. Lol, I thought they were. xD)
        Lily: No no Tyson! Help mama Lily make good fudge! Its on oooold recipe! Here, first we start with… *fudge making!* xD
        Drew: Makeover time, swweeeetie! *pulls Angelica in a chair*
        Connor: Haha, Travis. *sticks tongue out*
        Travis: *looks hurt* Awww… come on…

  10. (ooc: hehee…)

    Tyson: YAAY I HELP LILY!! *helps*
    Nico: *smirks*
    Angelica: Wait what were you saying? Was is something I said? *turns red*
    Nico: *smirks*
    Angelica: Go die in a hole Nico. WAIT I DON’T WANT A FRIGGIN MAKEOVER! HELP ME TRAVIS!

  11. Travis: Nooo! Angelica is perfec~
    Drew: *sticks pink lollipop in Travis’s mouth*
    Lily: Now we EAT IT!!!! *dips powdered donuts is fudge*
    Connor: *does the same*
    Lily: My donuts! >:O Only Auntie Lily and Ty Ty can eat! xD

      • Travis: Huh? What? *tomatoe face xD*
        Lily: *eye twitching, squeaks* Ahhhh… Fudge, anyone?
        Connor: *takes moment to eat up all the fudge*
        Drew: *swirls cosmetics on Angelica’s face* Come on now, honey, we need ta give you some real clothes! Not like those rags! *Drags her in Aphrodite cabin*

  12. Angelica: Aw, thanks for thinking I look perfect..*moment* AHH LET GO OF ME DREW! *is being dragged* help me…
    Nico: *skips along following Angelica and pokes Travis’ tomato face :3*
    Tyson: *frowns* CONNER NO EAT FUDGE! *start beating him with a ladle*

    • Connor: AHHHH!!!! Travis! Big Bwootheeeerr!!!! HELP ME!!!
      Lily: Fudge….
      Travis: *stares at Nico* Who are you following? O.O
      Drew: Now now, Nico. You are such a flirt! Are you sure you want to come along? *winks* Don’t worry, you can see her once she gets out! *closes door*
      Lily: O.o bye! *runs away*

      • Angelica: Now now Drew. I really don’t need a makeover…just DO IT TO LILY! *cries out in frustration*
        Nico: *stares at the floor*
        Tyson: DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE
        Ponies: *attacks Conner*
        Nico: WHAT THE HECK?
        Angelica: *is annoyed*

  13. Lily: WHat? Moi? NOOOOOOOO!!!!! *runs further away*
    Connor: *cries*
    Travis: DON’T HURT HIM!!!
    Drew: Hush child, stay put! I will do Lily, later! >:)
    Travis: *croons* Its ok Connor, big brother Travis is here!
    (ooc. xD I don’t know if thats what Travis would do, but its funny xD)

    • Nico: Your a big crybaby you know that!
      Tyson: But..but..he eat auntie lily’s fudge! *starts crying*
      Nico: *covers ears*
      Angelica: *wriggles around trying to escape* Sheesh. Can’t SOMEONE HELP ME!
      Nico: No.
      Angelica: Thanks a lot.
      Me: MUWAHAHAH!
      Angelica: Shut up.
      Me: *runs away*
      (ooc: Travis crooned? xD)

      • Lily: It’s Ok, Ty Ty! We can make more fudgey!
        Travis: WHAT? I did not croon! I-I… don’t know
        Connor: More fudge? 🙂
        Drew: See sweetie? No need to run! Now how about this outfit? (elmo suit xD )

  14. Tyson: Yay! *dances around* YOU KNOW TAKEY FUDGE CONNER!
    Nico: Your so weird Travis..
    Angelica: *crosses arms* The one that doesn’t have so many sparkles and glitter on it.
    Tyson: *gathers materials*

    • Travis: Meh, Nico, you are de one to talk!
      Lily: Now we shall make fudge in record time! >:)
      Drew: Oh? *takes out maid’s dress* How about this? >:)
      Lily: O.o
      Connor: *drools*
      Lily: o.O
      Travis: Ahhhh….. *hands shaking*
      (ooc. xD)

      • Nico: *rolls eyes* So are you.
        Tyson: YAAY!
        Angelica: O.O What NO WAY! *tries to run away*
        Nico: I wonder what Drew is doing to Angelica..
        Tyson: I wonder if she will like the fudge :3
        Angelica: PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME WHERE THAT THING! it like short or anything? Cause then I am not wearing it…
        (ooc: poor poor angelica xD)

  15. Travis: SHHHH! I’m listening! *press ear though door*
    Lily: Did u hear her say too short? O.o
    Drew: Now, now sweetie. This has no sparkles! Not tooo short! *lies*
    Connor: o.O
    Travis: O.o
    Connor and Travis: >:D
    Lily: O.O Not good. *pushes them away, get inside room* Make the fudgey, ok Tyson!

    • Nico: You know it isn’t good to eavesdrop.. *shakes finger*
      Angelica: Well, that’s fine then. I am not going to look like a slut. *follows Drew*
      Tyson: Yaay 😀
      Nico: O.O

      • Lily: O.o NOOO ANGELICA!!! Not the doors of DOOMM NO NO NO TRAVIS AND CON~!
        Drew: Now, sweetie, don’t worry, you can have your makeover next! I know JUST the thing! >:)
        Lily: O.o
        Travis: Who cares Nico? Free country!
        Connor: Ya! *tries to open door*
        Lily: GO AWAY, PERV.! <—-is that too bad? Delete if u think so.) Ahh Drew! NOOOOO!!!
        Travis: Nana! 😛
        Lily: TYSON!! Make sure you add Connor and Travis to our fudge, too please!
        Travis: O.o
        Connor: o.O Torture…

      • Angelica: *shrieks* WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
        Nico: Freedom of action.
        Angelica: There’s no such thing. Travis, Conner, Nico seriously. I am HALF NAKED! WHAT THE ZEUS GET OUT!
        Tyson: YAAY OK! *grabs Conner by the head and puts him in a pot*
        Nico: B..but.
        Angelica: Nico you get out too!

        Me: iz fine :3. Hehe, little pervs walking in on girls changing xD. I wonder what Travis thinks of Angelica’s outfit

  16. Lily: Nico! GO AWAY!
    Travis: NOOO COnnor!
    Connor: muuhmomspsodjfiwefnweifonwen (xD)
    Lily: Tyson! Make sure Nico becomes part of the recipe, too!
    Drew: *giggles*
    Lily: O.O

    (ooc. O.O No, Connor tried to get in! But he didn’t! Besides, Lily will beat him up, and he knows it. You don’t want that to happen again, do you Connor? >:)
    Connor: *scared* )

    • Nico: WTFHSD!
      Angelica: *smiles* Thanks Lily! Drew..Can I get out now..
      Tyson: COME HERE LITTLE NICO! *drops in the pot with Conner*
      Tyson: *plays the first episode of MLP*

      (ooc: Yay Lily!)

      • Drew: Sure sweetie! Drew always spare kindness to other and never thinks about revenge OOOPS I mean returned kindness.
        Lily: YAY!!!
        Drew: Your turn, Lily. >:)
        Lily: O.o
        Connor: OUCH!
        Connor: WHAT? HOW?
        Travis: WE’re twins! DUH!!!

  17. Angelica: THANK YOU DREW! *runs out into travis* I AM ALIVE TRAVIS!
    Tyson: Yay more friends! *brings popcorn and is wearing a MLP t-shirt* Lily lets watch MLP!
    Nico: NOO!
    Angelica: An MLP party?

    • Lily: YAY! My Little Pony time! *brings donuts* Good job Ty Ty!
      Drew: NO no! You’re getting a make over! *drags Lily back inside*
      Drew: This will only take a second… *snaps finger, whole bunch of aphrodite girls and guys come and rush around*
      Lily: *gets dragged by random Aphrdoite guy onto a chair* NOO!!!
      Connor: My Little Pony! *watches intently*
      Travis: *looks at Angelica* Heyyyy… *faints*

      • Tyson: *bows* BEST SHOW EVER!
        Nico: HAHAHA LILY! THIS SHOW SUCKS! *tries to run away*
        Tyson: *amazed* I punish Nico! *puts him in a cage*
        Nico: WFIOWNGF[ NO FAIR!
        Angelica: *smiles at Travis* OH MY ZEUS ARE YOU OK! I KILLED YOU NOO! *does CPR*
        Nico: That isn’t necessary.
        Hecate: *appears out of nowhere* Ahh…Demigod drama..

  18. Travis: *faints even more* (is that even possible?) xD
    Lily: GAH! ENOUGH!!! *has curly hair, silver hoop earrings, and lip gloss*
    Connor: *watches MLP*
    Drew: HOLY HECATE!!! *stops makeover, stares at Hecate*
    Lily: NOOOO!!! *tries to rip earrings out* O.o

    • Angelica: OH MY GAWD SOMEONE HELP ME I THINK TRAVIS IS DYING! *cries and attempts more CPR* (IDK XD)
      Nico: *laughs at Lily and tries to escape* LET ME OUT TYSON!
      Tyson: *is deeply in MLP* NO TWILIGHT SPARKLE!
      Hecate: What is it? *Lily’s earrings turn into mini donuts* There! Wait, is that kid dead, fainted or sleeping? *observes Travis*

      • Lily: YAY!!! Thank You Hecate! *blissfully eats donuts*
        Connor: Go Ponies, Go! *does the pony dance xD*
        Travis: *is in heaven* I got kissed…
        Lily: O.O CREEPY PERSON OVER THERE *points a Travis*
        Drew: *applies lip gloss*
        Lily/me: Applies lip gloss? ^

  19. Hecate: *smiles* Of course, I am the Goddess of Magic!
    Tyson: PONY BUDDIES! BRONY! Bro hoof? *fist bumps Conner*
    Angelica: *blushes and hangs head* I am sorry! It must have been awful…even though I do like you….(XD SHOCKER!)
    Tyson: *eats lip gloss*
    Hecate: *is eating popcorn* BEST SOAP OPERA EVER! Astreaea where are you?

    • Connor: YAAA!!! *looks at nico* dark side? (ooc. Is Nico wearing black with a skull in his shirt?)
      Travis: *has halo*
      Lily: *scoots away from Travis*
      Drew: O.O THAT WAS MY BEST LIP GLOSS! *dies* The horror! I must go shopping RIGHT NOW!!! *runs away*
      Lily: o.O
      Drew: *runs back* Hey, can I borrow your car, Lily?
      Lily: NO! >:O
      Drew: Thanks! *zooms away*
      Lily: T_T my car!

      • Nico: YES THE DARK SIDE! (ooc: *winks* maybe..)
        Angelica: *stares at Travis intently* are you alright?
        Tyson: Sorry Drew! It tastes like cherry!! *grins* Travis is in loove!
        Nico: *mad and jealous at Travis*
        Angelica: Bye bye Drew! I suggest Lily you watch Drew..
        Angelica: O.O
        Nico: Shut up Hecate!
        Hecate: I could kill you all in a second!
        Nico: *whimpers*

    Connor: what?
    Travis: *floating away*
    Lily: O.o
    Connor: *still watching MLP*
    Drew: *shopping at the mall*

  21. Connor: YAY! Another person to watch My Little Pony with! *shares popcorn*
    Lily: O.o and Connor actually SHARED…
    Travis: *glows some more*
    Lily: Everyone is acting weird today… O.o But Drew is the same as normal…
    Drew: *bats eyelash in front of camera*

  22. Nico: Wow, I cant believe how much you have changed Conner! Aw..a crush!
    Angelica: *freaked out* Hey…Lily let’s go and get donuts!
    Tyson: MLP BUDDY! YAY!
    Nico: Yes..Drew is still the same

    • Travis: Huh?
      Lily: WE ARE NOT GOING TO BRING HIM!!! *drives away*
      Connor: Eww, whats that smell, PONYPOOP! O.o
      Drew: Well, duh!
      Connor: BOO PONIES!!!
      Travis: -.- Didn’t you just say “Yay ponies!” a few minutes ago..

      • Angelica: Fine! Yes, let’s get out of here! *drives away to get donuts*
        Tyson: POWER OF PONY POOP!
        Nico: Gross! *jumps back into the hole*
        Angelica: Hm..should we bring Travis..

  23. Lily: *comes back* lets seee… 10000000000000000000000000 donuts here!
    Connor: Thats a lot of 0’s O.o
    Travis: *go to showers*
    Drew: Well I’m on a diet so no donuts for me!

    • Angelica: Yay! Why are you in the shower O.o?
      Nico: Agreed. I am not being overweight like some people..*stares at Tyson*
      Tyson: *eats 100000 donuts*
      Nico: Gooseberry for me!
      Tyson: O_o
      Angelica: e_o

      • Lily: O.o thats pie
        Connor: *steals 1000000000000000 donuts*
        Travis: *comes out* because I got mucked in pony poop!
        Lily: MUY DONUTS CONNOR *chases him and runs into Travis*
        Drew: I’m on a DIET!!!
        Lily: Sorry Travis, Wait I mean not sorry Travis, CONNOR GIMME DONUT!!
        Drew: I’m on a DIET!
        Travis: BE QUIET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Lily: hey that rhymes!

  24. Nico: *turns red and hangs head*
    Angelica: *giggles*
    Tyson: *eats Conner’s Donuts*
    Nico: Wow…a diet!
    Angelica: Agreed Drew. I think I should go on a diet as well. I feel that I am getting a little fat..
    Tyson: BOOO DIETS!!

  25. Lily: BOYS! 😛 *runs away with donuts*
    Connor: HEY!
    Travis: *tomato face*
    Drew: *swoons*
    Lily: I AM FINE!! *sweats, eat donut* Just a bit.. *stuff donuts in mouth*

    • Angelica: *super red* well, this is really really awkward. *shuffles feet*
      Tyson: HEY ME WANT DONUTS!! *stalks Lily*
      Nico: *snorts* You two aren’t even dating let alone had your first kiss! *laughs and follows Tyson*
      Angelica: *even redder*

      • Lily: catch! *toss donuts at Tyson*
        Connor: *snatches a few*
        Travis: *blinks* Didn’t that CPR counted as a kiss?
        Drew: NO! Now, I bet you Nico, 5 Drachmas that they will kiss in the next 20 sec.! >:D
        Lily: *stops throwing donuts* O.o I think I might need to ummm…. go potty. BYE!

  26. Lily: *too short*
    Drew: NOT FAIR!!! D:<
    Connor: Awww…
    Travis: *turns red* Uhhh… sorry *sees something moving behing too short Lily*
    Lily: Don't look here!
    Travis: *looks*
    Lily: O.o run Angelica!

    • Nico: O.o
      Tyson: DONUTS FOR ME!! *eats all the donuts*
      Nico: WTF!
      Tyson: *throws donuts at him*
      Angelica: *blushes* Why are you so short? *climbs the tree really high* AHH HOW DO YOU GET DOWN FROM HERE!
      Nico: Jump?

  27. Lily: But I thought you were a tree, Angelica!
    Connor: Yo!
    Travis: *climbs tree*
    Drew: *glares at Hera* Gah, silly goddesses!

    • Angelica: B..but I am scared of heights! *whimpers*
      Tyson: LALALA
      Nico: *break dances*
      Tyson: *pushes Nico over and Nico accidentally falls on top of Lily*

      (ooc: HAHAH LILY xD)

      • Lily: O.o DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! sndofuweraoguarbijdbiouvbowuhfuofah *smacks Nico 3847392463876508750175 times*
        Connor: *half smirking, half shocked*
        Travis: *blushes*
        Drew: YA!!! GO! *thinking about good gossip, takes camera out*
        Lily: DIE DREW!!!
        Drew: *takes picture*
        Lily: O.o

        (ooc. XD Oh my, Randy!)

  28. Nico: AHH WHAT THE HECK TYSON! *slaps Lily back*
    Angelica: *is still clinging to the tree in fear* Eep! *foot slips* NICO IT IS NOT RIGHT TO HIT A GIRL!!
    Tyson: *eats popcorn*
    Nico: *rolls eyes*

  29. Lily: *graps cupcakes and throws at Nico’s face*
    Travis: I will save you! * climbs up more*
    Connor: Travis and Angelica sittin’ in a tree. K-I-S-I-S-N-G.
    Lily: Is that how you spell “kissing”?
    Connor: I think so…
    Drew: I thought it was K-S-S-I-N-G
    Connor: Maybe…
    Lily: They both sound right…

    Lily, Connor and Drew pondering how to spell “kissing”

      • Angelica: *blushes* Umm..but since I am a tree that would make it more..romantic?
        Nico: NO YOU ARE ALL WRONG! IT IS K-I-S-S-I-N-G! guys are really dumb!
        Tyson: No! You spell it with a Q!
        Nico: *facepalm*
        Angelica: *headtree*

        (ooc: what if nico had a crush on lily O.o)

  30. Lily: EXCUSE ME!!!
    Connor: I though you had dyselxia, Nico! :O
    Drew: NO NO NICO IT’S K-I-S-S-N-I-G!! >:O
    Lily: NO! It’s C-K-S-S-G-N-I!!! right?
    Connor: YUS! I agree with Lily!
    Travis: It wouldn’t be head tree! It would be treetree! 😀
    Drew: You’re not helping -.-

    (ooc: Nico would probably be lonely forever. XD And poor Adina, I think she likes Connor and Nico. XD )

    • Nico: Wow…you guys can’t spell..
      Angelica: *awkwardly sitting in tree* Aw it is a squirrel! *hangs upside down*
      Nico: You look like a monkey!
      Tyson: *turns to Pandia*Let’s go to Canada and eat Canadian Bacon!!
      Nico: You know that is ham..
      Tyson: xP

      • Lily: BECAUSE I CAN! *eats more donuts* >:O stop trying to be cool Nico.
        Travis: Bacon?
        Connor: Thats right! With Connors bacon truck, we can eat all the bacon we want! *a truck filled with bacon rolls right in*
        Drew: Woah O_O Bacon is too fattening! I’m on a diet!
        Travis: WHEN DID YOU~
        Connor: 😛 No going on dates without telling me. *looks at Angelica* O///O *looks away*
        Travis: what? O_O Why you blushin’? And why~
        Connor: BE QUIET AND EAT BACON!!!

  31. Nico: But! I am so cool!
    Tyson: Even the unicorns say so! *gestures to figurines*
    Angelica: *face palm*
    Tyson: YAAY! *attacks Conner for bacon*
    Nico: When were there such things as bacon trucks..WOW ANOTHER DIET REALLY!
    Angelica: Um..dates? *blushes* We are not even an official couple. *tilts head at Conner*
    Nico: O.O
    Angelica: I REFUSE TO KILL ANIMALS FOR MEAT! I AM A VEGETARIAN! *glares at Conner and shakes finger*
    Nico: Sucks fo’ you

    (ooc: whoahhh why was conner blushing at angelica xDDD)

    • (ooc. Connor in denial stage 😛 )
      Lily: Suuuuuure Nico. Suuuuuuure. 😛
      Drew: Such a fattening group.. *sees Lily eat donuts, Connor, Travis, and Tyson eating at the bacon truck, and Nico trying a few)
      Connor: O_O what are you looking at? *looks away*
      Travis: Aww… why not lil’ Angel? There can’t be anything wrong with meeee….
      Lily: Except for everything.
      Travis: SHUT UP
      Drew: can someone give me a back massage? My muscles feel a bit sore…

  32. (ooc: oh goodness!! xDDD)
    Nico: *angry*
    Tyson: *sticks finger with grease on it at Drew* Your fat!!
    Angelica: *glares at Conner* Your the one staring at me!!
    Nico: *laughs at Lily*
    Angelica: *turns red* Lil’ Angel..well, not really there isn’t anything wrong with you…but I refuse to! *giggles*
    Nico: I volunteer!
    Tyson: O.o
    Angelica: Oh my goodness you pervert! *slaps Nico*
    Nico: *red*

    • Lily: WOAH WOAH! *protection mode* EAT FEATHERRRRSSSS!!! *Ninja mode over Nico* You must treat girls with respect or else *finds 101 ways to torture boys*
      Connor: O_O
      Travis: How dare you, NICO! *tries to protect Angelica*
      Drew: Hello! Anyone looking at MOI? That dude just called me FAT. I’m going to Diiiiiiiiieeeeee….

      • Angelica: Feathers? O.O
        Nico: *awkward*
        Tyson: Being fat is good! *shows off stomach*
        Angelica: *covers eyes and huddles in with Travis* Uh…Who are you even protecting me from?
        Nico: What are we talking about…
        Tyson: PONIES!
        Nico: NO!

      • Lily: *ninja mode ends* Yummy donuts :3
        Connor: Feathers?
        Lily: What feathers?
        Travis: O_O
        Drew: I’m dyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnngg!!!!
        Connor: You said something about feathers… eating?
        Lily: Me eat donuts. :3 *munch*
        Travis: Ahhh.. never mind Angelica…
        Drew: I’m still dyiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnggggg…

      • Tyson: *stalks lily for donuts*
        Nico: *facepalm*
        Angelica: *widens eyes* Oh, what is it Travis dear?
        Nico: *snorts* You both are lovestruck idiots. I am..not jealous?
        Angelica: Oh, shut up Nico! *slaps*
        Tyson: 2 Angelica-0 Nico, Million for Lily!
        Nico: Why?
        Tyson: Donuts..*mouth waters*

    • Lily: DOOOONNNNUUUTTTSSSS!!! Hey there? You like donuts? Because if you do, you’re my best friend!
      Connor: I like donuts!
      Lily: *pushes him away* Ignore him, he is a boy.
      Travis: *looks at Angelica* I like…. like… I… like…
      Drew: *looks a Pandia judging-ly*

      • Lily: YUS! I have a new best friend!
        Drew: Ewww… donuts too fattening
        Connor: YAY! BFF!
        Travis: Yes… *looks at Angelica*

      • Nico: *laughs* Conner likes a Titan lalala!
        Tyson: I don’t think that is a good idea..
        Nico: Conner and Pandia sitting in a tree-
        Angelica: Shut up Nico. *blushes at Travis* Yea? Did you want to tell me something?
        Hecate: *observes kids like a television show and eats popcorn JUST KISS ALREADY!
        Tyson: *eats popcorn*
        Nico: Conner likes Pandia!!

      • Selene: See Pandia, Love is magical.

        Pandia: *Backs away from situation*

        Nike[Who randomly joined the situation]: Way to go, Conner; you freaked her out.

      • Lily: Donuts
        Connor: WHAT??? O_O I do NOT! I just say BFF? It’s not GF! ITS ONLY FRIENDS PLUS SHES TOO OLD FOR ME~
        Lily: HOW RUDE!!! *kicks Connor’s face* Pandia looks 16! Not some old woman!
        Drew: *tries to look popular*
        Travis: *blushes* Whaa~ *catches himslef look at Angelica* Ohhh… ahhh… nothing… No… i mean.. *looks away*
        Lily: Ahhh… bye! *runs into tree* Owwww….. my head…

      • Nico: *snorts* Way to go Conner, you just insulted a goddess!
        Tyson: *bangs head against tree* It doesn’t hurt Lily!
        Nico: O.O
        Angelica: *smiles* Your awfully quiet.
        Nico: *bursts out laughing*
        Angelica: *leans in and kisses Travis full on the lips* There, now will you talk normally?

        (ooc: Angelica just had a massive burst of confidence..o.o)

      • Pandia: I know, my mom gives me the ‘You should be more like your sisters’ speech a lot. I don’t think that arguing over who’s prettier or drooling over that random guy you see on the streets is how I wanna act.

        Selene: *Completely Surprised* That’s the most she’s ever said at one time…

        [OOC: Pandia is supposed to look around 15 or 16. Her oldest half sisters (The ones she’s talking about) are around the same age.]

      • Travis: *in trance, kisses back*
        Lily: O_O *bangs on tree a thousand more times* Maybe I can get brain damage and I won’t remember this…
        Connor: *face turns dark*
        Drew: *has camera* Hehehehe… Hey Lily, can you write about this? 😀
        Lily: Brain Damage, COME! *bangs head on trees more*
        Drew: *pushes Travis*
        Travis: *falls on Angelica*
        Lily: O_O BRAIN DAMAGE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Connor: *gawks at scene* Dre–ew! What… woah. O_O
        (ooc. I hope it isn’t too much. XD )

  33. Nico: O.O My life sucks.
    Tyson: *laughs at Nico* ewwwwwwwwiee
    Hecate: Ahh..young love..
    Nico: Where da did you come from?
    Angelica: *turns red and decided to stay in position even though it is really awkward because everyone is staring at her and Drew was recording and she had completely no love experience what so ever*
    (ooc: Iz fine not like they are making out or anything xDDDDD)

  34. Lily: *insane* Heeelp!
    Connor: *grabs Lily and follows Tyson* We hafta go!
    Travis: O///O Sorry. *gets up*
    Drew: Ehehehehehee… *battery low* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

      • Lily: DONUT! Where did they go? Do I have to go Donut shopping again?
        Connor: Muahahaha, Nico got blamed for! *whispers* even though it was me who called her old…
        Lily: *kicks Connor* You’re a bad whisperer.
        Travis: Yus! Good job, camera!
        Drew: *runs inside* I’m gonna charge it!

      • Nico: *glares at Conner*
        Tyson: DONUTS FOR ALL!
        Angelica: Erm, o.o
        Tyson: Angelica is a tree!
        Angelica: AH! I realized..I have something important to do..*runs away to San Diego*

      • Travis: ? ahhh… did I don somehting wrong?
        Drew: Go get her!
        Lily: yes, run away you lovey dovey peoples…
        Connor: OW! Hey! *throws donuts*

      • Lily: OOH! A secret hideout! *hides with Angelica*
        Connor: *found cheerios* YAY! Donut seeds! *plants them*
        Travis: What are you doing, Angelica?
        Drew: *jumps on table and starts modeling*

      • Angelica: -crosses arms- NOTHING.
        Nico: Your breathing!
        Tyson: -covers eyes because Drew is so ugly-
        Nico: -crawls under table to escape Drew-

        (ooc: where are they like a restaurant or something?)

  35. (ooc: Picnic table? :D)
    Drew: *starts singing* Thanks!
    Lily: O_O *plug ears*
    Connor: AHHHHH!!! I cannot hear!
    Travis: *ignores Drew* can I join your hideout, Angelica?

    • Angelica: -drags Travis in- OF COURSE YOU MIGHT DIE OF DREW!
      Tyson: -cries-
      Nico: Why are you crying?
      Tyson: Her singing is bad!
      Angelica: -is squished next to Travis and Lily-

      • Drew: Oohhh! Next I’m gonna do Friday! 😀
        Lily: O_O WHAT?
        Travis: *tries to fit in more*
        Lily: Stop pushing, Travis! *scoots in more*
        Connor: Now I must hide! *get under the table*
        Lily: *Squished* ^^”
        Drew: *sings*

      • Nico: NOOOOOOO!
        Tyson: -summons ponies to bring him away and brings Conner, Lily and Nico but forgets Angelica and Travis and Drew-
        Nico: IM ALIVE!
        Unicorns: -fly away to the Zeus Cabin-
        Angelica: WAAAIT!

      • Drew: Next “Baby” 😀
        Lily: *starts fishing*
        Connor: My brother and the pretty girl! :O you 4got them!
        Travis: Why us?
        Drew: Awww.. i got called pretty! Of course, I’m always pretty and I just have that kind of charm to be perfect inside and out…
        Connor: WHAT? O_O I wasn’t talking about you…

      • Tyson: Huh? There were more people?
        Nico: *facepalm* You are an idiot! Wait where are we?
        Tyson: THE OCEAN! -pushes Conner in-
        Angelica: -turns red- Aww thanks Conner! -scowls at Travis- Even your brother knows how to make a girl blush you idiot!
        Nico: OWNED.

      • Connor: *in heaven*
        Lily: :O I don’t want to blush, though.
        Travis: *got told, looks down in shame*
        Drew: *secret video recorder taping them*

      • Tyson: -skips-
        Angelica: -death stare at Drew and rips the video camera part- I DONT LIKE PEOPLE RECORDING ME! -runs away-
        Nico: O.O
        Tyson: Who wants to watch MY LITTLE PONY WITH ME!

      • Drew: Hehehehe, unfortunately, that camera ripped got was a fake…
        Travis: Wait for me my love!
        Lily: O_O
        Connor: NO! Wait for meeee!
        Lily: O_O
        Drew: Awww… the souless twins want your heart, Angelica! *coos*
        Lily: O_O I will, watch MLP with Tyson… so… SEE YA

      • Angelica: Huh! I AM NOT THAT PRETTY REALLY HONESTLY! -falls into a ditch-
        Nico: this popcorn needs butter Tyson!
        Tyson: Dx
        Angelica: Lily, your lucky. I may just become a hunter.

  36. Connor: I will save you, Angelica!
    Travis: NO! I will!
    Lily: *asks Pandia* Does anyone happen to have the slightest idea of what’s happening outside?
    Drew: *Screams* WHYYYYYYYY????? 😡

    • Pandia: Conner and Travis are fighting over Angelica, who is hiding in a ditch, and Drew, who thinks the situation is adorable, is filming it all; while Nico is watching and eating popcorn.

      • Lily: Lets go shopping then! *goes to Publix*
        Drew: haha! Good thing I brought an extra camera…
        Travis: *ignores Angelica, jumps in hole*
        Connor: *follows*

    • Angelica: Alright! I forgetting something..Naw! *skips along*
      Tyson: I AM FIRSTTTTT!
      Nico: *sits around* Hm what was that noise?


      • Lily: *Knows what Angelica 4got but didn’t want to tell* OK!
        Connor: HELP!
        Travis: *tries to climb*
        Drew: Ehehehhee, you know you could ask me to help you up..
        (Ooc: What does that mean?)

      • Lily: Of course I am! *drives madly*
        Drew: Oh, taping Connor and Travis’s epic fail Ehehehehe….
        Connor and Travis: *finally gets out*
        Travis: Where did Angelica go?

        Tyson: *sticks head out of window like a dog* Its like a rollar coaster!
        Angelica: o.o I am going to die…*gets dizzy*

      • Drew: Youtube? Whats that?
        Connor: -____- Wow, Drew doesn’t know YouTube. Big surprise!
        Travis: ANIGELICA!!!
        Lily: *pushes random buttons* Oh! Red light! *accelerates* Ooops…

      • Nico: *posts on Youtube and it gets 100,000 views*
        Angelica: LILYYY! *eyes roll back and faints in the seat*
        Tyson: WEEE!
        Nico: Drew. Everyone knows what YouTube is!

      • Drew: Oh! That site! I thought I heard is before! *lies*
        Lily: Eh? Oh no! I think I might have to drive to the hospital now! Angelica probably got food poisoning..
        Connor: Wow dude! The numbers keep going up! (Now 200,000)
        Travis: *trips and falls hard over a log*
        Connor: Oh no! Now we have to take him to the hospital!

        (ooc: Woah! Tyson doesn’t get car sick anymore!)

      • Pandia: *Pulls out iPhone and watches Drew’s video, totally unaffected by Lily’s driving*

        (OOC:I just got my iPod fixed!
        I had to read the comments to catch up. )

  37. Angelica: *in an imaginary world*
    Nico: Travis, your an idiot! *calls ambulance* Wow you two will be internet stars!
    Tyson: NO CAR SICK YAAY! Lets go to HOSPITAAL!

    (ooc: Yay xD)

  38. Travis: YES HOSPITAL!
    Lily: *drives to hospital fro Angelica*
    Connor: *drags Travis to Hospital*
    Drew: Youtube… looks interesting *looks up a bunch of stuff* OMG!! JUSTIN BEIBER!!

  39. Lily: *shudders* NO DOCTORS!!! *runs away* Pandia, come get donuts with me!
    Connor: *smirks* Eheheheheheee… Lily hates doctors… Yes, more weaknesses…
    Travis: Angelica! *mourns* don’t die!
    Drew: Hey you guyyyyyysss! Justin Beiber!

      • Nico: Agreed.
        Doctor: Who said she was dying?
        Tyson: *hides behind Travis*
        Doctor: Maybe…a coma.
        Nico: HUH!?
        Doctor: Just Kidding.
        Tyson: OK!
        Doctor: Not.

        (ooc: mean doctors FTW xD)

      • (ooc: LOL!)
        Lily: What type of donut do you like, Pandia?
        Stoll: Angelica! I love you!
        Stoll: No Angelica, I’m Travis, And I love you!
        Stoll: No, I’m Travis, and I’m her man!
        Stoll: What? Angelica, if you love me, then you know I’m Travis!
        Stoll: Forget Connor, I’m Travis!
        Drew: Nico!
        Stoll: Eh?
        Drew: *blush*

      • Pandia: I like chocolate doughnuts.
        Also, *Points to Conner* You’re Conner and *Points to Travis* You’re Travis. Leave Angelica alone; she’s been through enough today.

  40. Stoll: That’s right! Sorry, Angelica!
    Stoll: WRONG! What are you talking about? I’M TRAVIS.
    Lily: *buys 5 boxes of chocolate donuts* Yay! Lets get back to the hospital and give Angelica some donuts! *eats two*
    Drew: *attempts to flirt*

  41. (ooc: I KNOW!!!)
    Stolls: Angelica!
    Travis: *bends down* Will you marry me???
    Connor: O___O HOLY~~~
    Lily: *jaw drop*

    • (Ooc: Gahhh, there is like a glitch. It won’t let me post my whole thing.)

      Let me try again:
      Lily: *runs away with Nico, Pandia,*
      Drew: OH BOY!!! WEDDINGS!!! >.:O *spazzes*


        Lily: *runs away with Nico and Pandia*
        Drew: OH BOY!!! WEDDINGS!!!
        Connor: IT’S NOT A WEDDING
        Drew: What do you mean?
        Travis: *sweat drops* Ahhh… Sorry Angelica… maybe I should ask later… *runs, with red tomato face*
        Lily: *sees Travis* AHHHHHHH!!! DON’T ASK ME! PLEASE!! DON’T!!! *runs*

      • Lily: O__O NNOOO ANGELICA!!! You must stay away from them evil boys! PLUS, HOW OLD ARE YOU. O___O
        Drew: WEDDINGSSSS!!! You be quiet, Nico!
        Travis: SHUT UP, CONNOR. *looks at Angelic, blushes* Uh, we’re too young I think.
        Drew: COME ON YOU GUYS!!! We have to have a wedding! We can play wedding! Please? *charmspeaks*

      • Angelica: *punches Conner* YOU BETTER SHUT UP.
        Tyson: *stares at the chocolate cake dreamily*
        Nico: Well this is awkward.
        Angelica: *hypnotized by Drew* Ok..?
        Tyson: *cannot hear Drew*

      • Drew: YAY! Wedding! *calls over the wedding squad*
        Lily: Wh-What? O__O
        Wedding squad: *Tranforms Camp-Half Blood into a palace.*
        Connor: HOLY~~~
        Travis: O________O
        Drew: *smiles* What every girl needs! *dresses up in a red, shiny silky dress, with red bow in hair*
        Wedding Squad: *grabs Angelica to change her in Wedding Dress*
        Lily: Oh, No- NOOOOOOOO!!!! *got grabbed and now is being forced in dress by wedding squads*
        Connor and Travis: *is forced into Tuxedos*

  42. Nico: OH GOD!
    Tyson: *runs away*
    Angelica: NO DREW IT IS TOO POOFY! This is torture. I wonder how it is going for everyone else?
    Tyson: *eats all of the snacks*

    (ooc: Oh gosh Drew xD)

  43. Lily: NO! FULL CONVERAGE!!! I NEED…!!! *screams*
    Travis: Hey there! *trips* Darn these suits…
    Connor: *eats a donut*
    Drew: EHHEHEHEHEHEEEE!!! *screeches*

      • Lily: *has green-blue dress* Here! *grabs towel* Don’t rip the dress!
        Travis: You look beautiful, ANgelica!
        Connor: *gets too fat for his tux because of too much donuts*
        Drew: I know, I know, Don’t you all love me!
        Wedding squad: *makes 5 feet tall cake*
        Lily: WOAH. CAKE.

      • Nico: *is very uncomfortable in tux*
        Tyson: *runs to eat cake* YAY!
        Angelica: *blushes* Thank you Travis! You look handsome! *giggles at Conner’s fatness*
        Nico: Conner, you should go run on a treadmill!

      • Connor: HEY! D:<
        Travis: *blush* thanks.
        Camp Half-Blood: *shows up at wedding*
        Lily: AHHHH!! DUN LOOK AT ME!!! *runs*
        Wed Squad: *Wedding music*
        Drew: *hands out little wedding gifts to the half-bloods* And I am the Bride's maid!

      • Connor: But, but! D:
        Travis: They said Nico is the ring bearer!
        Drew: No, no! Lily has to be the flower girl!
        Wedding Squad: Yes, you can be a big girl Lily and be a grown-up like flower girl! See how grown up everyone is? Be just like them and we will give you a treat!
        Lily: *falls for it* A treat?
        Connor: Yay! I’m the Best Man!
        Drew: Don’t worry Angelica, I’m the maid of honor!
        Lily: Maid? NONONONOOOO!! *dun care for treat no more* I WANNA BE A MAID!!!
        Drew: No! I’m the Maid of Honor!
        Lily: MAID MAID MAID!!!
        (ooc: I had to research all these positions. XD)

      • Nico: Well, fine. *rolls eyes*
        Angelica: Am I given any say in this what so ever? *eye roll*
        Tyson: *puppy dog eyes* But..I want a treat too pleeease?
        Angelica: *casually walks away*

      • Wedding squad: *herds angelica back* XD
        Lily: *throws tons of donuts at Drew*
        Wedding squad: *looks at Tyson* You can be guest!
        Drew: Ahhh! My dress!
        Connor: Best man, YAAAA!!!!
        Travis: So I am, the groom?
        Lily: Ya, you have to groom all the dogs
        Travis: Awww… *Grooms Ms. O’Leary, Percy’s Hellhound*

      • Angelica: *fights back*
        Tyson: YAAY I AM IMPORTANT!
        Nico: Not really! Your not important!! High five Lily for ruining her dress!
        Tyson: Your mean. *cries*
        Nico: Being the groom doesn’t mean you have to groom people stupid Travis. Your the man who is getting married. .-.

      • Travis: Really? :O
        Connor: *facepalm*
        Drew: Nico! I THOUGHT YOU WERE HOT BUT NOW YOU SUCK! *throws tantrum*
        Lily: Yay! *highfives*Tyson, you can be an usher!

      • Nico: Duh.
        Angelica: *gets a drink of water*
        Nico: O.O You…did?
        Tyson: Usher buddies!
        Angelica: Drew, calm down! Why dont I help you find another dress? *smiles kindly*

        Lily: I like donuts
        Drew: See! *likes Angelica* Girls are so much better!

      • Drew: Hmmm… And? *wants complete makeover*
        Travis: Hey! There is a wedding…
        Lily: *eats a lot of cake*
        Connor: *decides to eat cake*

      • Angelica: *sighs* Alright..*is dragged away*
        Tyson: *shakes head* NO WEDDING JUST FOOD!
        Nico: *shrugs shoulders* This shall be interesting to watch!

      • Wedding: *Here comes the Bride…*
        Lily: eww! Weddings! I want cake! *steals cake with Tyson*
        Travis: I do.
        Connor: So do I.
        Wedding: ……

      • Lily: *Helps Tyson* More sea water!
        Connor: *helps* What about this fruit punch?
        Travis: Good Idea. *gets some wine*
        Lily: What the~~~ How did wine get here? Isn’t this suppose to be a safe campus with no alcohol…
        Drew: *drunk from the wine* Why is the hamster kissing Nico?
        Travis: *dumps wine on Angelica*
        Connor: Hey, I think this will help, too! *has bottle of olive oil*

    • (ooc: It’s ok! Oh, are you in 8th grade? I am! 😀 Wait, are you leaving school NOW? :O SO FAST!)
      Lily: *tries the tea* there should be donuts here!

      • (ooc: I thought Tyson said *deserves the wine* for a sec. XD )
        Lily: That’s what I’m asking!
        [borrowing character] Dionysus: Oh, Zeus let me off the hook today, so there has to be wine.
        Travis: Do you feel better, Angelica?
        Drew: *drunk* Nico… ❤
        Lily: D: DREW!!! You're drunk!
        COnnor: Just noticed?
        Lily: But, she's underage!
        Connor: We are? *has taken sip of wine*
        Lily: D:

      • Angelica: I..I think…that I accidentally drank some of that purple it punch? *falls in to Travis’ arms*
        Tyson: What is wrong with everyone?
        Nico: Underage drinking! We are GONNNA GET ARRESTED! *runs away*

      • Lily: *doesn’t care* Lets roast marshmallows now!
        Travis: *catches Angelic* But the wedding….
        Connor; Screw the wedding, this suit is getting stuffy!
        Drew: Because you’re fat. *looks at Nico with hearts for eyes* Right Nico?

      • Tyson: YUM! *brings out a whole pack of marshmallows, chocolate bars and graham crackers from his jacket*
        Nico: *creeped out* Yea, Conner is quite fat.
        Angelica: Where am I? Am I in my couch? My couch is comfier than usual! *snuggles in Travis’ arms more*
        Nico: *awkward*

      • Drew: ❤
        Travis: Oh Angelica! *kisses head*
        Lily: *stares* O_O Is this love?
        Drew: *jealous of attention Angelica is having* Ohhhhh, Niiiiiiccooooooo! ❤

      • Tyson: *whispers to Lily* What’s love?
        Nico: Oh no you don’t get away from me Drew! *slips away* I agree, we need to camp out of here!
        Angelica: *looks up at Travis*
        Tyson: *shuts eyes with Lily’s hand*
        Nico: *puts on disguise*

      • Lily: I dun know. Something weird!
        Travis: *leans in*
        Connor: D:
        Drew: Where’s Bob?
        Connor: D:

      • Tyson: *rips of his hand and gives it to Lily*
        Nico: *thick British accent* Whose this bob you speak of?
        Tyson: ITS MY LONG LOST FRIEND MIKE! *hugs Nico*
        Angelica: *closer*
        Nico: *grumbles idiot*

        (ooc: sparkssss cx)

      • Lily: D: *throws up*
        Travis: *red face* I CAN’T GO ON!!! SORRY ANGELICA!!!
        Lily: whew!
        Drew: Nico Poo!
        Lily: D:
        Connor: Let me try, Travis! Please?
        Travis: NOOO! I will try again! *leans in again*

      • Tyson: *hides in a ditch*
        Angelica: *flushes* It’s fine if you aren’t ready…*slips away*
        Nico: *punches Travis in the arm playfully* Nice going!
        Angelica: *accidentally falls in the ditch with Tyson* Huh?
        Tyson: Hi!

        (ooc: I enjoy ditches!

      • (ooc: I enjoy nyan cat! XD)
        Lily: MUST THERE BE DITCHES, THEN THOU SHALL BE NYAN CAT!!! *turns into donut cat*
        Connor: That’s not Nyan cat!
        Lily: Same difference.
        Travis: NOOO!!! MY LOVE!!!
        Lily: Thy mushrooms! Thou shall not convey~~
        Lily: But I like Shakespeare! D:
        Drew: Nico POOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

      • Nico: make no SENSE! STOP CALLING ME THAT DREW!
        Angelica: *uses rope to climb out* Yep! I am totally fine!
        Tyson: *beings to say a Shakepearen monologue*
        Nico: Since, when were you so smart Tyson?

        (ooc: I love how Angelica and Travis have never kissed yet xD. NYAAN CAT OWNS!)

      • Pandia: Awkward…

        [OOC: Heck yeah! If you posted this on a lot of people wouldn’t say anything because they always make couples that would Never happen. Like pairing Athena with Poseidon or Ares. Sorry for the rant]

  44. (ooc: Ahhh! I love pairing people up. Nico and Percy together are mighty hot. Yes, now you must think I’m weirdo just like them fan people you were talking about. In fact, I am. XD I love fan fiction. And fan art. X3 Eheheheheee… ahhhh!.. now you know that I’m a creepy scary fangirl now! It was suppose to be a secret! XD)

    Lily: *reads creepy things above ^* D:
    Connor: What? That girl who is “borrowing” me from Rick Riordan is… *faints*
    Real Lily: NOOOOO!!!!
    Drew: NICO POOO!!!!
    Travis: Where did the wedding go?

    • [The Percy Jackson/Greek Mythology Fanfiction in a Nutshell: Everyone gets paired with Percy, Nico gets paired with everyone’s Mary-Sue, and Athena gets paired with her enimes. Anyway, Back to the Roleplay!]

      Pandia: When did Hera get here?!

      • (That would BE FUNNY! who is he gay with, Nico c; Haha. True dat Foxface. Nico is pretty dam sexy~ FUCK I LOVE GAY COUPLES I AM ALL FOR GAY MARRIAGE! IF I WERE A GUY I WOULD BE GAY! #allforgay)

        Hera: *rolls eyes* Since, always you pathetic Titan.
        Adina: *looks down at feet* Ya know it isn’t nice to insult people Hera. What if I were to call you fat? Huh! *sneers*
        Hera: Shut up you worthless demigods!
        Grover: Wow, I honestly don’t understand what is going on with you people. Where is PERCY! *brays and looks around*

    Yus Connor would so go for Nico! No NO NO!!! I HE WOULD GO FOR HIS OWN BROTHER!!!! TWINCEST FTW!!!)
    Lily: Oh dear, a goddess drama!
    Connor: *reads ooc* EWWW!!! I would definitely NOT
    Travis: EWWW!!! I love Angelica forever!
    Drew: HELLLO!!! I’m speaking! Anyway *blabbers gossip*

    • (Da fuck is a Yaoi?? Lmao, Lily. Erm, Incest now. Quite disturbing subject to switch too now. Conner x Heremes = Lmao couple. I like 13 or 14. I wonder what Nico/Randy will think of the new pairings)

      Hera: *sneers* My mistake.
      Adina: Oh, well if he is going for Travis then. *flushes and punches Travis*
      Grover: *very very very disturbed* C-c-c-conner going for…Travis? I don’t even thi-nk thaaat’s leegal.
      Me: Oh, lucky Travis has a lover xD.
      Adina: *groans at stupidity*
      Grover: I am glad no one is pairing me with anyone!
      Adina: How about you and Annabeth! (Pissed off Percy)

  46. (ooc: Ya, yaoi is like gay. And yaoi fangirls are girls who are overly obsessive with these shippings and guys better watch out. before we start pairing them with other guys. >:D XD Ok, I feel creepy now… anyway, Thanks Foxface! ^^ :3
    Ahhh… poor Randy, when she gets back she will be like WTF??
    Oh no, no! But that’s sonXfather, I want twinXtwin over here! CONNOR AND TRAVIS!!! >:O )

    Lily: I can’t believe I’m named after this person.
    Real Lily: But I created you!
    Connor: NOW DON’T FORCE ME TO DO..
    R Lily: >:)
    Travis: No! No! *runs away*
    Drew: Actually, screw heterosexuality. Lets stir up some forbidden love!
    Lily: O.e
    Travis: O_O
    Connor: O.O
    Drew: Now, goats first! Come here Grover, lets see who we can get…

    • (Ah. OH RAAANDY COME BAAAACK. Hehehe, poor lil Angelica! I like those 2 crack couples!)

      Grover: Erm. I am really good..backs away.
      Adina: *dreamy look*
      Hera: *tries to look more superior*
      Adina: I dont think forbidden love will be a good idea. *looks around* Oooh, who’s getting married? Please don’t say Chiron!
      Grover: *slams head to floor* BY GOLLY WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!

      • (ooc: Ohhh! More yaoi, LOL. *sings* Randy come back! Any kind of fool could see! There was something, in everything about you! Randy come back! You can blame It all on meee! I was wrong, I just can’t live without youuuuuuu! XD )

        COnnor: *gets on knees* Grover, will you marry meeee?
        Lily: O.e
        Connor: I have always loved you Grover!
        Travis: *sings to Anelica* Baby come back! Any kind of fool could see! There was something, in everything about you! Baby come back! You can blame It all on meee! I was wrong, I just can’t live without youuuuuuu!
        Drew: Nico come back! *sings*
        Lily: AHHHH!!!! TOO MUCH LOVE. *runs away*

      • (Adorb. Randy and you should hook up! c; What song is that?)
        Grover: Gah! *spits out soda can*
        Hera: *backs away*
        Adina: WHOOAH! Plot twist! *whispers to Lily: I didnt tell anyone this but I like Conner. So sh.*
        Hera: *tries to hear secret*
        Grover: What song are you singing, Travis?
        Hera: Demigod love is stupid.

  47. (ooc: you never heard that song? *gasp* Not even in the commercials?
    Whoa whoa, what do you mean, “hook up” O__O I was just singing that because we need her for roleplay. O__O )
    Lily: Come on Pandia! *runs*
    Connor: Please, Grover?
    Lily: YOU DO?? *no clue because she is a hunter like that XD*
    Travis: I’m singing “Baby come back”
    Drew: goddesses, they think they are all mighty!
    Travis: *whispers* Like you’re not thinking that yourself…
    Drew: *high pitch scream* What did you say?
    Travis: *runs*

  48. Ooc. muahahaha YouTube! *is looking up vocaloids* btw, I’m using an iPad I had a bet with my dad and I won. Hehehee, sorry for not rp for a while, it was part of the bet. XD so excuse terrible spelling and grammar. O__o
    Lily. Why does everything have to be official?
    Connor. *steals Heras jewels from bracelets*
    Lily. Ahhhhhh! Adina is in love! :runs:
    Connor. What?
    Travis, O.o
    Drew. :Runs to Adina: tell me!

    Ooc. Ya, using the little stars for the actions is very hard to do on the iPad so I settle with colons XD

    • (Um…..what in the world happened here. God Adina, Lily and me hooking up would be…odd….WEE BLAINE x KURT FTW. BLAINE BLAINE BLAINE <3. Eep Gleek moment. Such strange couples though I have a few new favs!

      Travis x Katie
      Nico x Percy (I am re in love with Nico after rereading the Last Olympian)
      Nico: Is that a good thing!?
      Thalia x Percy
      Rachel x Percy

      You shall be missed Lily!)

      Angelica: *cries*
      Me: *trills* I AM BAACK.
      Hecate: Ew.
      Tyson: *blissfully puts on earplugs*
      Angelica: I feel so betrayed..
      Me: Um..why? aww, Adina ruv Conner ^^
      Me: Blargh, just shut up so we can get ride of all this annoying Aphrodite crap..No offense I mean offense to you Drew..

      • [Is TravisXKatie(I refuse to use those stupid couple names.)actually canon?]

        Pandia: Those pairings are disturbing.

        Selene[Who randomly joined the conversation]: See, Pandia, if you were more like your sisters; you’d be paired with someone up there…

  49. [Someone needs to comment! 😐
    By the way, I’m currently working on turning this RP into a story. I’m not posting it anywhere but here, though. Just letting you know.]

  50. Ahhhhhh so sorry I guys I have been in china and in china I can’t go on WordPress because it is blocked in china except in hong kong and ahhhh! Brb!

  51. (ooc: Did Hades claim this blog?)
    Drew: Let it stay dead! At least Lily won’t have to get her annoying hand on me!
    Travis: WHAT? NO I WOULD NEVER BETRAY YOU ANGELICA!!!! Those creepy fangirls and maybe even fanguys are making stuff up!
    Connor: But I like to get free cereal every morning!
    Drew: LOVE WAR!!! Ok, I will let this stay alive for now!
    Travis: WHAT? She gives you free cereal?
    Connor: Yep. Extra breakfast!
    Travis: So that’s why your gaining more weight then me lately…
    Lily: Don’t eat the donuts.

    • Nico: Hey! Hades is actually quite nice!
      Tyson: Me want cereal!
      Hecate: Hey, she never gives me any cereal. She just stuffs the box in my face and cackles and laughs at me weirdly. I have tended to avoid her because of that.
      Angelica: *sniffs and is surrounded by used tissues*
      Nico: o.o
      Angelica: I have heard *sniff* that you and *sniff* Katie *snifff* Gardner seem to be a couple or a good couple..
      Hecate: Oh my oh my!

      • Drew: Hmmph. As daughter of Aphrodite, I say Hades undies stink!
        Everyone: …
        Connor: And how would you know?
        Drew: I just do!
        Travis: *brings a new box of tissues* That’s fanfiction! They all say that! But I listen to my heart!
        Drew: SO DRAMATIC!! *brings out popcorn* I think I can save my diet for later! *eat popcorn dramatically* *uses Angelica’s box of tissues*
        Lily: *feels heart* Hey! I think it’s a Morse code!
        Connor: -__-

      • Nico: How would you know. Wait Conner said that. Do you stalk my dad?
        Angelica: *stops sobbing* Is that the truth?
        Hecate: *takes popcorn* I thought you were dieting thank you very much. *eats*
        Tyson: *helps himself to donuts*
        Angelica: .-.

      • Drew: *intently watching Angelica and Travis* Gimme more popcorn.
        Lily: YOU GUYS!!! It’s like bump…bump…bump…bump……….ooops, I forgot to say say bump bt moving on, bump…bump…bump… does anyone know Morse Code?
        Connor: HI NANNY NICO!!!
        Travis: You know I love you Angelica!

  52. Tyson: *snatches popcorn*
    Nico: *rolls eyes* DON’T CALL ME THAT!
    Angelica: I don’t know what to believe anymore!
    Hecate: How typical. We need some more goddesses….

    • (ooc: Have you noticed like, in here we make our own demigods or take the least popular demigods to roleplay, as to in other RP areas people snatch Percy Jackson or Annabeth or Zeus or Poseidon to RP? BTW, SC (or Foxface) I was just wondering maybe a good title for this RP is ‘Minor Characters Rants’ or something LOL.)

      Drew: WE NEED APHRODITE!!! MOM!!!
      Lily: Oh noes. *runs*
      Connor: *grabs Lily’s shirt* No running!
      Travis: Wha? Why we need Aphrodite?

      • (OOC: Yeah, I’ve realized that I took the goddesses that got the least amount of love from people. Nobody knows who Pandia is…)

        Pandia: Aphrodite? Nuh-Uh *Runs away*

      • Nico: No…I dont want your mom to come here! *whines*
        Tyson: *skips away happily*
        Angelica: *sniffles*
        Nico: *bursts out laughing at nickname*

        (ooc: we should get more canon characters…)

      • (I know, but I love playing Non-Canon characters, because I get to give them their own personalities. )

        Pandia: Aphrodite’s gonna make us fall in love with stuff like- Like… Like rocks! Yeah, she’ll make us fall in love with rocks.

      • (ooc: LOL POOR NICO)
        Connor: carry me away too! *is jealous*
        Travis: But I love ANgelica!
        Aphrodite: My sweeties, what’s the rush? Drew taught me how to bake cookies yesterday, and now look!
        Drew: I did? *confused*
        Lily: Cookies?

      • Nico: O.O This is so awkward.
        Tyson: COOKIES!!!!! *runs over*
        Angelica: *blushes*
        Me: Hey Hey! Did you know that I was reading a fanfic about- *mouth gets covered by Angelica*
        Angelica: *death stare*

  53. (ooc: SORRY PANDIA! ANd not many people like Drew. But she is fun to roleplay as)
    (I shall temporarily have Aphrodite)

    Aphrodite: Yes sweeties? How can I help you, Drew Poo?
    Drew: *blushes* MOM DON’T CALL ME THAT!

  54. Drew: NICOOO!!!!! YOU’RE MINEEEE!!!
    Lily: AHHHH!!! *runs* I think these cookies have love potion!
    Aphrodite: Nico needs some more seductive skills… *ponders*
    Connor: *O* Teach me!
    Travis: O.o
    Aphrodite: *grins evilly at Nico*

    • Pandia: *Drops cookie* I’m not cleaning that up.

      (OOC: I’m creating the Classic Mythology Roleplay site right now, I’ll post the link later, and I’ll get you into the position of Admin, Randy.)

      • Travis: oh no! Angelica’s precious shoes! *scurries to clean them up*
        Lily: haha. This boy knows his place! *steps on Travis*
        Aphrodite: a hunter! Don’t mess things up!
        Drew: nico! Why don’t you take some classes? 😉 😉
        Connor: please! Teach me! I want all the ladies!
        Aphrodite: first, you gotta wear something that fits you! Let’s see, nico is the Emo type, Connor is the bad boy, Travis… Hmmm….
        Lily: cleaning boy?

      • Angelica: No, it is fine. I am just going to go barefoot. *throws shoes in random direction and hits Percy in the head*
        Nico: I AM NOT EMO. GOD!!!!
        Tyson: *confused*
        Angelica: Well, if Conner’s a bad boy what does that make..Travis?
        Hecate: I honestly donot understand. Just be yourself. Aphrodite is talking trash.

  55. Aphrodite: Travis is the lovey passionate boy!
    Lily: more like a janitor…..
    Aphrodite: and it fits all perfectly! Travis is the good boy and Connor is the evil twin!
    Connor: hey!
    Travis: I’m pretty bad! Today I stole a donut from lily!
    Lily: HEYYYYYY!
    Connor: and I’m pretty good! I never steal any donuts! I do not call people names! I am not a stalker! Oh, btw nico you are emo and today lily bought 16 boxes of donuts but now reduced 1 because of me.
    Lily: HEYYYYY!
    Connor: I also saw Angelica taking a shower in someone’s lawn sprinklers today.
    Travis: WHAT? Sh-she wasn’t ….naked was she?
    Lily: come on Tyson, lets beat Connor up.

  56. Connor: What? You’re only a tree! It was nothing! I REGRET NOTHING!!! *runs away in strawberry boxers*
    Travis: HEYYY THATS NOT FAIR!!! *runs after Connor* YOU ARE SO DEAD!
    Lily: LOOKING AT GIRLS~~*rants hunter stuff while chases Connor*
    Drew: Strawberry boxers were soo-oo yesterday.
    Aphrodite: Agreed.

  57. Lily: I heard that joke somewhere! Except they used violence, but u know, same thing!
    Connor:EMO NICO *runs*
    Aphrodite: awww my ares baby is calling me in a very important date! See ya munchkins! *giggles*
    Drew: I’m surrounded by immature kids.

      • Lily: I’m mature, too! Nanananana!
        Drew: let’s go to France!
        Connor: let’s go to my house!
        Travis: where do you what to go, Angelica?

      • Tyson: YEAAAH!!
        Angelica: Um, why your house Conner…any reason? o.o
        Nico: Definitely not Conner’s house.
        Angelica: France would be nice. I agree with Drew for once!

      • Connor: But I have this cool soda powered car I wanted to try out D:
        Lily: I want to go to Italy! ITALY! THEY HAVE PASTA!!
        Travis: Then want to go to France, too!
        Drew: I am always right!
        Connor: Except when you aren’t.
        Lily: Awww no Italy D: WAIT. I AM A HUNTER. I CAN GO TO ITALY WHENEVER I WANT BOOSHAKALAKA ok lets go to France.
        Connor: My house first!

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