The Total [Mis]Adventures of Selene and Nike

This is the full chapter of that preview I posted. And Selene and Nike are roommates, therefore they live together. Enjoy -SC

The Total Misadventures of Selene and Nike: Problems with the Goddess Titaness of the Moon.
[3rd Person Point of View.]

‘Someone,’ Nike thought, watching a game of basketball from her bench in the park, ‘needs to teach those boys how to play some basketball.’

She watched for a few minutes, until she decided to show them what a girl with real skills looks like. Anything to show off…

“Hey, Boys,” Nike said, walking over to the boys on the basketball court, “Got room for an extra player?”

“Dude,” One of the boys whispered to the other, “That chick has wings!”

“Sam!” The other boy whisper-screamed, “You’re gonna scare her off with your insanity!”

“Do you want me to play or not?!” Nike snapped, “I could be driving my new car around town right now.”

“So…” The one they called Sam asked, “You just get your license? I mean, you look about sixteen…”

“Yeah, I just did.” Nike said, hoping they’d pass her off as sixteen. Obviously, she wasn’t even close to sixteen, though she was sure her age had that number in it somewhere.

“Nike!” Selene, the former driver of the moon, ran toward Nike, “Look what I got at the music store!”

“Awesome…” Nike muttered, her wings flattening on her back.

“Your name is Nike?” One of the boys asked, “Isn’t that the name of a shoe?”

Someone’s going to lose their basketball game…

“C’mon Sel,” Nike said, dragging the titaness to her car, “Let’s go.”

“Go where?” Selene asked, “To the bookstore? I love the bookstore. I think you’d like it, too; There are so many books and it’s so quiet and peaceful…”

“I was thinking we could go back home. Ya know, the place where you can’t possibly blow our covers to unsuspecting mortal people on the street. Seriously: You can’t just walk up to some random hobo and start talking about a certain boyfriend of yours.”

“Okay, I get it. No more talking about my boyfriend who was put into an eternal sleep by Zeus. Which isn’t cool by the way.”

“Selene. Does the name Pandia sound familiar to you?”

Selene nodded. “She was my daughter I had with-” She stopped in mid-sentence, “Oh…”

“Yeah…,” Nike said, “And don’t you think it would make a certain someone a little jealous over your boyfriend?”

Selene kept quiet. It was no use trying to convince Nike that she was wrong. Though, she could tell her what she’d learned from this punishment: Never abandon your job over a guy. Especially, if this job involves lighting up the sky at night.

Nike assumed this silence was Selene’s way of announcing her defeat. Satisfied she had won, she leaned back in her seat, her eyes holding a look of victory.

“Oh look, it’s our house,” Nike said, “The only place my ‘crazy’ roommate can’t do anything insane in front of an audience.”

“Okay then,” Selene said, “Don’t do anything that screams ‘Hey, We’re immortal goddesses-‘ Er- Well, I’m a Titaness, but you get my point.”

Nike shook a piece of her reddish hair out of her eyes. Selene mistook this motion as a headshake meaning ‘No.’.

“How do you not get that? Isn’t it what you were tying to tell me? Let me explain it again-”

“I get it! I had a piece of hair in my eyes.”

“Oh, Sorry.”

Nike unlocked the door to the house and opened it.

Selene rushed in and immediately ran to her room. The most likely reason was to read or try out whatever she got at the music store.

‘What did she buy this time?’ Nike thought, walking toward Selene’s room for a further investigation.

Selene was hanging upside down on her bed reading a book and listening to none other than: Katy Perry’s ‘I Kissed a Girl’.

“Hi Nike!” Selene said, greeting the winged goddess standing in her doorway, “You want to listen to Katy Perry?”

“Not really…” Nike said, “I’d rather watch TV or something.”


“Pass the stupid ball!” Nike snapped at the players on the TV, “The guard is wide open! Why can’t you see that? I can see that; You must be blind!”

Selene wondered why Nike was furiously yelling at her TV. And Nike thought she was the crazy one…

“Whatcha doing?” Selene asked.

“I’m watching some blind people play basketball.” Nike answered.

“Oh, Okay!”

Selene walked off to her room, a question coming to her mind:How could the blind play basketball?

[The first chapter. Tell me if you like it.]


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