Story Preview!

What up? This isn’t Nike, or Selene; But I do have a new story that centers around the both of them, and shows you just how different their personalities are.
Anyway, I wanted to a special preview to you, since I never post.

The Total [Mis]Adventures of Selene and Nike: Preview

Do you want me to play or not?!” Nike snapped, “I could be driving my new car around town right now.”

“So…” The one they called Sam asked, “You just get your license? I mean, you look about sixteen…”

“Yeah, I just did.” Nike said, hoping they’d pass her off as sixteen. Obviously, she wasn’t even close to sixteen, though she was sure her age had that number in it somewhere.

“Nike!” Selene, the former driver of the moon, ran toward Nike, “Look what I got at the music store!”

“Awesome…” Nike muttered, her wings flattening on her back.

“Your name is Nike?” One of the boys asked, “Isn’t that the name of a shoe?”

Someone’s going to lose their basketball game…

“C’mon Sel,” Nike said, dragging the titaness to her car, “Let’s go.”

“Go where?” Selene asked, “To the bookstore? I love the bookstore. I think you’d like it, too; There are so many books and it’s so quiet and peaceful…”

“I was thinking we could go back home. Ya know, the place where you can’t possibly blow our covers to unsuspecting mortal people on the street. Seriously: You can’t just walk up to some random hobo and start talking about a certain boyfriend of yours.”

“Okay, I get it. No more talking about my boyfriend who was put into an eternal sleep by Zeus. Which isn’t cool by the way.”

“Selene, Does the name Pandia sound familiar to you?”
[End Preview]

And Who is Pandia you ask? She’s the daughter of Selene and Zeus. The goddess of the full moon.


5 thoughts on “Story Preview!

  1. Nice review! I like 😀
    I thought Artemis was the goddess of the moon? Oh well, don’t ask, but Pandia reminds me of Pandora which reminds me of the store Pandora and shiny stuff. XD

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