Olympus Weekly Rachel’s Journal

Hey everyone! This is Rachel Elizabeth Dare writing to you live from Camp Half-Blood. This is my journal in which I’ll be posting about Camp Half-Blood news or just about my life.

Last week 2 new campers were claimed, say a special welcome to John Evelyn son of Apollo and Theresa Spirit daughter of Hecate! Still there are a few unclaimed campers so any if any god or goddess recognizes the names of the kids below please come by and claim them.

  • Jamie Silverstone
  • Tim Scarlet
  • Amy Miller
  • Terry Miller (yes, twins)
  • Sara Rewel
  • Derek Arrowhead (*cough, cough* any day now Apollo)
A few other new campers have not been claimed but they are all under thirteen so it isn’t that big of a deal.

The quests have been reopened so campers of all ages are able to test their skills in the mortal world! Sadly, this means more work for me. Today Missy Trish age 12 from Hermes, Victoria Carlson age 17 and head of Nike cabin, and Stewart Aaron age 10 from Athena were given a prophecy and quest. I can see why Chiron chose them for the quest. The trio has brains, bravery, sneakiness, and victory on their side. They are starting their journey in the South Sandwich Islands (I know, I didn’t believe there was a place like that either) near Antarctica.

At the campfire last night the spirit of Delphi gave them this chilling (and embarrassing, for me) prophecy:

Three shall cross the blades of ice
To find that the moon will not suffice
Four shall seek the dragon’s gold all burned
To find the  crossroads have been turned
Two shall make it back alive
And all will fail to survive

Lovely isn’t it! I just love delivering the bad news! Oh well, at least I’m not delivering any prophecies in the middle of math class.


11 thoughts on “Olympus Weekly Rachel’s Journal

    • Thanks Lily and you sound just like Drew! Its a bit creepy… Its like I’m expecting her to say some snarky comment to me.
      Me like too.

      • Really?
        Drew: *has a perfect, sparkly santa hat on* Oh dear Lily, did you want a santa hat, too? *puts tiny hat on Lily and the pompom point sticks straight up* There you go sweetie pie, it suits your personality! *snickers, walks away and flirts with some guys*
        Lily: Wha-?
        Conner: *steals Lily’s hat*
        Travis: *reads tag on hat* For pets only. Make your pet look cute in this santa hat.
        Lily: Why does Drew have santa hats for animals? I mean, Christmas is over…
        Conner: I have no idea.. *shrugs shoulders* Anyways, lets get some hot chocolate!

        XD Oh, my random roleplaying pops up here and there…

      • Rachel: Listen Drew, we don’t need any more problems here stop making fun of people. *elbows Conner in the stomach* Conner give Drew the random hat thing back. Drew, apologize to Lily.
        Zale: *rolls eyes* Demigods! I’m starting to doubt that they were given brains.
        Rachel: I second that!

  1. Conner: *thows hat at Drew’s face*
    Drew: Grmph
    Lily: Hot chocolate! Yum.
    Travis: We has brains! And I has the bestest grammar in the world!

    • Rachel: Can I join you for hot chocolate!
      Zale: Okay, Travis, this is what will happen, you will leave and never be in my presence again, in return I won’t have to hurt you. Otherwise that thing occupying your head, whatever it may be, will be given to Kronos as a birthday present.

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