Meet me at 5

Hello role players! I’m organizing a get together online so if you can come please meet me at at 5:00 PM. If that won’t work then I’ll try to be there at 6:00 on January 4th. We will be talking about quests and other things like that. Right now Hecate an I are chatting so if you can make it then please join! Thanks to Lily for putting up the “People Online” widget. Its really helpful for chats. If I’m not there (maybe I’m in a freak accident) then Hecate will be in charge, if she’s not there, then we’re doomed!

Edit: Okay, I just realized the problem of a time difference so here’s the new plan.

Eastern time zone is 5:00

Central time zone is 4:00

Mountain time zone is 3:00

Pacific time zone is 2:00

If you live outside the U.S. or in Alaska or Hawaii then you have a different time zone. Sorry for the inconvenience.


4 thoughts on “Meet me at 5

  1. I may be able to come. If I don’t, it’s maybe because my friends have dragged me to rock climbing. XD Otherwise, I can come!

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