Olympus Weekly #10

Dear Readers,
I must shorten my visit to the Underworld

Tysons Interviews with My Little Ponies.


Hecate let me talk to all the ponies!

Twilight Sparkle: Um..hi?
Ty: Can you do magic?
TS: Yes.
TS: Sure. -turns a rock into a stuffed pillow pet- Ta da!
Ty: -looks amazed and hugs stuffed animal- What is it like to be pony?
TS: Fun I guess. I can do magic unlike you and make new friends.
Ty: I want to be pony..LOOK LOOK PINKIE PIE!

Pinkie Pie: *skips* HI PERSON!
Ty: HII! *faints from excitement*

We are having techinal diffuculties so Tyson’s interview is cancelled.

Hecate in London
By Hecate. Who else?

The current had moved. I felt it through my whole being. Living in this small town was wonderful. I was respected, had a place to live and no one mocked me as a crazy witch doctor(personal experience.) I used my magic to pack up the last of my belongings.

Knock Knock!

Someone was rapping the door very loudly. I opened the door and there was Kai. His gray eyes sparkled.

“Yes?” I said regarding him coldly. What did he want? I ought to be off by now.

“Please let me come with you!” He begged.

“Your a mortal at the leasts. I don’t need any rumors of me being with mortals being flung around Olmypus.” I said huffly and crossed my arms. His eyes widened. They had a look of a wounded solider, defeated in battle and used as a prisoner. How could one mortal use so much expression in a mere stare? It made me think of the times back then, The Trojan War. I can understand why we minor gods and goddesses do not like interfering with the major. Ah..Kai. A mortal I had taken to my liking. He could be my immortal companion, a way to keep my mind of many things. A friend. I lacked them. I needed true friends.

“Hecate. Please. I shall worship you at your feet morn, dawn and sunset!” He exclaimed his eyes still with that relentless expression.

“Hm. It will do. You shall be my companion. If anyone asks, we are either engaged or friends.” I said and matching ruby rings formed on our fingers.

“Alright!” He said but he most definately could not hide emotions well.

“Hold on to my hand and we shall be in London in no time.” I said his eyes sparkled. I closed my eyes and let the light take over. Travel, was not so pleasent my way. But it saved more time and encounters with mortals.

My eyes and Kai’s fluttered open and we were in the beautiful town of London. It was very bleek in my opnion. But still a fine enough place to live. I recogonized my clothing had changed to a short yellow dress that made me feel rather uncomfortable. Kai was in a sort of suit. It made him look like a blasted fool.

“Wow!” he exclaimed and took of his hat.

“Close your mouth and let me do all the talking.” I said.

“Men always do the talking.” he said and his mouth curved up. I felt the need to slap him. Maybe, I ought to become a huntress. That would be simply ridiculous. I shook that thought out of my head.

“I know how to deal with finding a temporary place to stay. As we get used to the town or I murder someone so we can buy their house. And erase that person from everyones memories.” I said with a happy note. His eyes widened.

“Murder someone?” he asked.

“Then how in the world did I find somewhere to live in Libya!” I exclaimed. He gave me an odd look and I waved it off. I approached a reasonable looking man with short blond hair.

“Good day to you woman and your..” he asked.

“I am her husband.” Kai replied. The man looked baffled.

“Ah..husband..” he looked as he might burst out laughing. I looked down an realized I may have looked a bit to dazzling of the sort but that was not my problem now.

“Kind sir. We have just moved here. Is there any place we could stay for now?” I asked.

“How about the inn? It is a fabulous price and the owner is very kind.” the man said.

“Thank you.” I said accompanied with a curtsy. I would have guessed I might have fallen down by now.

“I shall be seeing the two of you around I suppose.” He said and winked. Kai looked fumed.

“Why was that man laughing at me?” he asked.

“Maybe. He didn’t think I should be supposedly married to you.” I said. I knew what that dreadful man was thinking.

“Am I ugly?” he asked.

“Heavens no. Come along now Kai. No need to ponder over silly silly things.” I said. Kai looked angry but I grabbed his arm and dragged him along.

“Fine. But I will prove to him!” he exclaimed.

“It is not even true! It is cover alright. Maybe I should have said we were friends. No..then I would have to deal with silly men.” I said thinking hard.

“Well alright then.” he said crossly.

“Here we are and take this.” I said and a whole stack of golden coins appeared in his hand.

“Wow. Lots of money!” he exclaimed and his cross expresion melting.

I approached the owner I suppose.

“We would like to stay here. We shall pay in adavance.” I said and held out a stack of coins. The lady seemed thrilled and immediately showed us a fine looking room.

“Ooh nice! But it is missing something.” Kai exclaimed.

“Oh dear. Does that mean there is one bed in here? That does not sound fine.” I said distressed. Kai looked a little offended but later understood.

“All you stuff!” He exclaimed. I smirked and brought in my small bag. Kai lookee baffled.

I dumped the bag and the whole roon was immediately set.

“This looks quite alright, until we find some better accomadations. How about some dinner? Yellow is most definately not my color. I am thinking a blue.” I said and ran into the bathroom.

Hope you liked the story it was fun using Hecate’s diction.~

Ah. 2012. A time when all you silly mortals and demigods think that you shall die. And sadly I do not know that answer. If I do I shall spare some people.

That Zale nymph, Angelica this tree person, Travis for that tree’s sake, this Olivia girl I hear of, the huntresses or I suppose Artemis shall help them, Izzy, Randy and some other people I admire.~

Wanted list:
Eddie the merman
Rebecca Black
That creator of the awful book Twilight



2 thoughts on “Olympus Weekly #10

  1. I like! Oh and if your still thinking of becoming a huntress… We will gladly accept you!
    Conner: Stop advertising!
    Lily: Where did you come from?!
    Travis: *looks dreamy* Oh look, I am now more famous than Conner.
    Conner: WHAT!!! NO FAIR!!!
    Lily: GO AWAY!
    XD Love the accent! ❤

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