Olmypus Weekly #7

Olympus Weekly #7
By Hecate


Spell Book
Dragon Story

As you know. Someone has unfortunately hacked my account. That idiot of a demigod Nico. I have decided that I may insert a magic segment on the olympus weekly if you all would mind.

Magic objects, potions and spells of all sorts.

[Me: Just to make this post longer]
The story of Hecates Pet Dragon:

I grinned my potion was done. I had promised Persephone I would help her mom. A potion that would make plants resistant to all bugs, super fresh. You would think any mortal could do it but it is all chemicals. Completely organic way. I would rather be hanging out turning men trying to “hook up” with me into animals and hanging out in the graveyards. Due to the fact I have been named Queen of the Ghosts.

“4 scales of a River Spirit. Dragon” A river spirit dragon? I am doomed. They are too rare. I sat down at my desk and I ran my fingers through my pet parrots feathers. Where in the world was I going to find this dragon? I ran my fingers through my black hair which is tinted with navy blue with agitation.


Who could that be? I smoothed my dress and opened the door. There was a young boy at the age of 16 his mouth dropped open. Oh, I realized I disguised myself as 16. Which would have to be my favorite form. They are strong but which causes people watch me oftenly.

“Umm…uhh..yea..they need we help the houses are being burnt and destroyed. I shall lead you to our village dear goddess.” He stuttered and his face flushed as he waited for me.

My dark blue eyes twinkled. Maybe, helping these mortals would not be so bad. I grabbed a few things of mine change into a little more loose-fitting article of clothing but it was little to short to my liking but oh well I must go. I but a blue crystal and a rose petal which would allow me to change into a dragon and able t communicate with this dragon.

“Ok. Thank you sir. And who would you be?” I asked tying my hair up loosely so strands of hair swayed in the wind.

“I am..Kai..” he said and quickly blabbered on in a subject of some sort trying to prove a manliness of some sort. But with those gray eyes that radiated an aura of fear he might as well be able to kill a mere worm. We reached the town and it was a definite wreck.

“Please..oh..please..” an old lady muttered and fell to the floor and coughed up blood. Then, she fell to the floor dead.

“Well…um.” I stuttered.

“Sorry, you had to see that.” Kai said.

I clutched my crystals and walked behind the large hut of some sort. I gulped and walked behind it. There was a huge blue and green scaled dragon. It was a River Spirit! Just to my luck. I quickly turned into a smaller charcoal colored dragon.

May I use a..few of your scales?” I begged. I guess it regarded my angrily be since it roared in my face. I know why it is hard to get their scales.

“Find my son!” She bellowed.

I flew away and alerted Kai.

“Where will I find a baby dragon?” I asked. He pointed in the direction of a dark forest.

“OK! BYE!” I said and marched off. Kai ran over.

“You can’t go in there! It is dangerous!” He called. I gave him a good stare, he looked like a failed hero. I couldn’t help but laugh at his stupidness.

“I am a goddess you’re a mortal..” I said.

“Uh..mortal sacrifice?” He asked. I grinned and dragged him along. I quickly turned into that charcoal dragon. He climbed on my back. The forest was creepy. The vines were like little snakes and everything reminded me of Justin Bieber. Wait. Justin Bieber? Kai kept chattering on heroic deeds he did.

Shut up do you hear that?” I asked craning my neck. Kai got of and investigated. I walked and then I was hanging off a string. Blood rushing to my ears. I quickly morphed into a girl. Thankfully, the string was too small to fit a girl. I fell to the floor dazed. But I triggered a trap again. I was hanging upside down again.

“Kai!” I screamed a bit surprised I would need help from a mortal. These dang ropes were magic proof well except for the fact I could morph into a girl. Maybe, the first one was not magic proof.

“Coming Hecate!” He called almost triggering another trap. He reached in his belt and threw a knife at the rope. Again I fell head first.

“Ouch.” I grumbled.

“Sorry.” he said and stiffled a laugh. I then heard the soft crunch of leaves on contact with boots. I pushed Kai and me behind a bush.

“What was-” He managed to say. I put my hand over his mouth. Maybe, if I could just…

“The ropes are broken and so is magic proof one..Wonder how that happened.” A hunter asked in a gruff voice. I quickly morphed into a dragon and jumped on them to get the River Spirit egg he was holding.

Go Kai!” I roared and attacked the man. I managed to grab the egg and fly away with it.

“Get it!” they all called. I flew quickly and turned the egg invisible so they couldn’t see  it. Then, I morphed back into a girl and met Kai in the village. I left something of Conner’s so the dragon would think that he stole her baby. Kai was waiting for me he propped his back on a nearby cart which rolled away. I burst out laughing at his carelessness. He gave me a grim look. I was so happy finally I could finish this dang thing for Demeter and oh the trouble I had to go through to get it! I am glad I didn’t have to face Justin Bieber or any of those pesky mortals.

“Nice job Hecate! Well, see you around?” He asked nervously. I simply nodded. He did something I was totally not expecting he leaned up and kissed me! This is an article and I don’t want the gods questioning me so lets put it like that. OR I WILL HIRE CHUCK NORRIS! No I swear I actually really know him. He is a really cool guy. But very tough and all.

I face flushed and his too. He walked away and said bye. I do see him again but that is some other story.

I raised the dragon and named him Louis. I fell in love with him and kept him as a pet. A magic goddess with a pet. Not normal but now I have a fantastic guard and companion. I sometimes keep him company by turning into a dragon and talking with him.

Mortals/Demigods I would love to kill:

Justin Bieber
Rebecca Black
Nico Di Angelo
Conner Stoll
Edward Pattison

Yes I have seen those terrible movies. I do have nothing to do at times. Not like I have an action packed life-like Lord Zeus himself!

-Lighting crackles-


Feel the Magic in you or be my demigod son or daughter!
-Hecate, goddess of crossroads, magic


5 thoughts on “Olmypus Weekly #7

    Lily: sibling rivalry…
    Travis: Put me on that list!!! PLEASE!!!
    Conner: NO!!! Your going to die!
    Travis: Be quiet, Conner! You just want ALL the attention!
    Conner: No! Its BAD to be on that list
    Travis: LIAR!!! Hey Hecate, can you put up a Wanted List? To see how much we are worth?
    Conner: Do you know what a wanted list even IS, Travis?
    Travis: Huh? Isn’t it showing us how much we are worth?
    Conner: Ummm… Not exactly.

  2. You might want to add Eddie the annoying mermaid and Pete the poopy ugly stink face that kisses goats.
    Otherwise I love the post and story and stuff =)

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