A Collage Type of Thing

Like the new background? It was made by me. I tried to include pictures of the people on this site (if you’d like your picture on the background please tell me what picture you’d want. Only 2 people put pictures up on “About”) I  also wanted to include bits and pieces of Ancient Greece so it came out looking like a collage type of thing. Anyways if you have anymore pictures you’d like me to include or something you’d like me to fix then please don’t be afraid to say.

Also the competition is still on so if the background changes once in a while please don’t be surprised or think that the competition is over. (Nike, please play fairly, you can’t always be the one winning)

On to topic #2. How do you feel about going on quests? Randy and I were thinking that giving people quests and actives would be fun, but we don’t know how that is going to work, so if you have any ideas then PLEASE COMMENT!

I hope to hear from you guys soon!!!


5 thoughts on “A Collage Type of Thing

  1. Wow, it’s amazing! ^^ I love it!

    And I’m sorry I haven’t been commenting! ^^” Next week is our show’s production week, so I’ve been really busy with rehearsal! You can remove me, if you’d like; I’d still visit (At least, I’d like to!) but I feel like I’ve been negligent! TT_TT

    Iris: The background is truly spectacular! I have seen storms and seas like that, but never combined with such artistry. It makes me long for the days that have passed, but I must remind myself that the future holds even more promise than what’s come and gone.

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