Header Competition!

This is a post that may interest all you artists out there. The competition is an art competition. This site needs a cooler new header that relates to out topic. But if you don’t what to do header than you can also do background, you can also do both if you’d like. You don’t have to draw it, you could also just recommend and image like the Percy Jackson book cover. We will then all vote on the best one. (you cannot vote for your own) The winner of the competition gets umm… I’ll figure that out later.

Header dimensions are  980 × 200 pixels.


5 thoughts on “Header Competition!

  1. Woah… you changed the theme! ^^
    No offense, but I think you should change the backround though… i sort of dislike pumpkin orange colors.

  2. New Theme? Looks Good.

    I can’t design a header anytime soon. The computer I’ve been using has been crashing lately and my dad won’t let me touch his precious laptop. -_-
    I hope to get my own for Christmas, though. Then, I’d design a header.

    • Haha! my dad is the same, too. Even though that laptop was originally MINE!!! He stole it and is now using it. -_-
      (I like your -_-)

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