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ooc: Heya everybody! I am excited about this blog! ^^.

Oh, you know Angelica I am not using her. I am just going to use Nico and Hecate. Someone should be Kronos that would be hilarious! Speaking of PJO I finally got the Son of Neptune! I am going to read it after I finish my stupid reading project. :/.

Someone, needs to help make a good chatbox..HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Oh, and also only a few people actually care about this blog who ever has not or is kind of dead on this blog will be deleted that is final. I am sorry. Their spots are open to anyone else.

Hecatethemagical logged on Camp Half Blood 1:02 PM

Wow. Look what I found! Hecate’s account! I really can use this.

Oh, if you’re wondering this is not Hecate! It is Nico. Well, while I was walking around the Underworld with Mrs.O’Leary because she pestered me a billion times to take a walk I met her. She is such a mean goddess in my opinions I bet she is nicer if she just learned to love! Well, her password and username fell out so why not I can use this can’t I?

Darn. I feel like Conner being all evil and everything. That is Conner’s thing. Mine is to be the totally awesome son of Hades. Who has only gone to one birthday party in his whole entire life! -covers mouth- I was not supposed to say that.. Well, then I hope you can invite me to your party! I hope you have good cake.

A question I get asked a lot is “are you emo?” And I reply with no. I am not over emotional about everything and no I don’t cut myself! Wait, sometimes that is because I miss Bianca and she would come back if it weren’t for Percy. He is awesome and all but I COULD HAVE HAD MY SISTER WHO HE KILLED! Ah, that felt good to let out. Well, I do dress kind of goth like but I am not emo except for that cutting part..So SHH don’t tell anyone or I will get a whole army of skeletons after your behind and I really mean it.

Seriously, Mrs.O’Leary now you want to play fetch? I just took you on a like 2 hour walk? That girl never gets tired she is like the best hell hound ever. Well, I really got to go don’t want to keep her waiting!

Hecatethemagical logged of 1:17 PM

Hope you enjoyed the post everybody!


2 thoughts on “[insert name here]

  1. MERRY THANKSGIVING!!!! Oops, I mean…HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO THE WORLD!! Wait, does China celebrate Thanksgiving?? Ahh…never mind.

    So we pretend there was never an Angelica…

    Conner: Hey…Nico! Welcome to the ‘Steal someones technology club’! We, the ‘Steal someones technology club people’ will steal soemone’s technology!!!!

    Lily: Thank you, Captain Obvious.
    Conner: Your Welcome, Sergeant Sarcasm.

  2. I’d help you, but I don’t have access to a computer a lot. I ususualy use my iPod for everything.

    Hecate’s gonna kill you when she figures out that you used her account. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. -Nike

    I’ll bake you a cake, Nico! Oh and beware of Conner. -Selene

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