In order to make this site a little more fun, I say we should have a competition! Problem is, I don’t know what competition we could have. Got any ideas? Really it can be anything from a story competition to a battle to the death to a dance competition! (don’t ask me how we can have a dance competition online). I don’t know what competition  we should have (or if we even should have one) but that is why I am asking you for any idea. 1 idea, 2 ideas 100,000,000 ideas, the amount doesn’t matter. So start brainstorming!


9 thoughts on “Competition

  1. If some of us are immortal, would It really be a fight to the death, or an unfair advantage to the one’s who aren’t immortal? But I’m all for it! And unfair advantage against Conner and the opportunity to kill/seriously injure him.
    *Smiles evilly*
    Ladies and Gentlemen, let the Hunger Games begin!
    Uh- I mean- I read that in a book once… I think. I really don’t know… *Slighly crazed giggle*
    – Nike the goddess that hopes Hermes didn’t hear her plotting Conner’s death.

    I like the Story Competition idea… I’m not much on fighting.

    • The Hunger Games is quite an awesome series, but if we had that here then I bet that as soon as someone said “Let the Hunger Games begin.” then everyone would just turn to Conner and start killing him.

      • Well, Some of us have to get weapons first! Then, we’d all go for Conner.

  2. @A- Like Eric!

    We could have a story writing contest? Fanfictions?



    We could desgin clothing!

    • O.O
      Did Nico just say we could design clothing….*gasp*

      We should have a ‘who can beat Conner up the most’ contest…

      • Hey, how are we suppose to host these competitions?

        And uh… is it just me, or am I suddenly turned into an Administrator? How do you girls suddenly turn people into admins/authors without having the other person to accept it? I need to know! Because Tyro/Astraea/Olivia can’t access her email when I try to make her an author for my hunter’s blog!

    • Thats weird… Hey, aren’t you already an author at my site, though? Im confused. You are an author on my Huntress site. How did you become an author if you didn’t check the email?

      Hey… I’m going to post something that looks very wierd… it must be a glitch…

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