The Meeting Time to…be Awesome?

Well HELLO fellow demigods!

How have you been since the last time I spoke to you? Good, bad, anything?

Well I have some interesting  things to tell you.


Well, as always, Zeus held another meeting. But it was really odd, he spoke about being awesome! And I know what it ment, but how? That was almost everybody had asked him, what was he trying to even talk about? He said that we all should know. But we all don’t know who to show it! Very confusing I guess.

Then later on today I went to the Camp, and spoke to Chiron about how the camp was going. He said that it was going well, except for Capture the Flag. I asked why, and he said that everybody says that it wasnt good enough. All of the campers have been complaining about the game, but nobody knows what to do about it.

I had a couple of ideas, but I don’t know if you would want to know what my ideas are. You would probably think that I have very bad ideas. But I think they are great, but, well, nevermind.

Then I headed to the cabins, and went to the Athena cabin, isn’t that going to be obvious? In the cabin I saw Annabeth.

” Why are you here again? Are you going to tell me something to correct again? You do know that I am still angry in Aphrodite for her whole picture incident! I want to have revenge, but I think that would be mean, plain old mean,” she said.

“No, in fact I have a question. Zeus said that we all had to be more ‘awesome’ than we really are! I have no idea what he was talking about. Then I spoke to Chiron, and he said that the game that you always play is getting boring apparently. But I mean, you all love the game, how could it be boring? But whatever, anyways, do you know what he means when he says that?”

” Hm…..Awesomewe huh? Well I think he is trying to say that you have to be more cool. Do you know what I mean? Like when you are always stricked, be a little, like, going with the flow.”

” Going with the flow? I don’t understand a single thing that you are trying to tell me! This makes no sense!”

” Well i mean, think about it, go with the flow!” She was eventually singing her old-fashioned way about being herself, awesome, etc.

Then I headed to Hermes. I asked him what he thought about what Zeus had said. He said that he had no idea. Then i went to almost every single person! Nobody answered!

Does anybody know what I am talking about???? If you do, then please tell me! 😀



5 thoughts on “The Meeting Time to…be Awesome?

  1. Conner: Oh, we have to be more awesome, huh? Zeus probably meant to be more like….drum roll, please………….ME!!!!
    The awesomest amazing…CONNER!!!! *dances*

    Lily: O.O *eye twitches*

    • If everyone were to act like Conner, the world would be out of balance… -Selene

      On a scale from 1-10 that dance Conner just preformed was a -42. And speaking of awesomeness: The new header is Amazingly Awesome. -Nike

  2. The campers don’t like capture the flag???!! No way…. that game is awesome… maybe I should show them how to play ASTRAEA STYLE!! YAA!!!
    And then we all go stab Conner, who is completely NOT awesome and is just asking to get stabbed.
    Awesome post!
    Wow this is like some kind of “awesome” disease going around here.
    Thank you Nike, for complementing the header!

  3. You guys…we hit….. 1,000 Myths!!! Hows that for AWESOME!!! And yes, Astrea, we sure do have an awesome disease going on here.

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