Meet Selene

Hi! I’m Selene! Goddess-or is it Titaness?(I blame Wikipedia.) Of the moon and hope.

When there’s a dark moon, I’m actually sneaking off to see my boyfriend that Zeus put in an eternal sleep. (Which isn’t cool, by the way.) But don’t worry, Hecate is there to protect you while I’m giving him dreams of holding the moon… *Dreamy Sigh*

No one should be able to do that to a Goddess-or is it Titaness? And the one she loves. Jerk.
*Thunder* Well, It’s the truth!…

The music these days confuses me. Like that Just a Beaver guy, or that girl with the dollar sign in her name that likes to sing about glitter, and what about that creepy lady that wore the meat dress… Do they like to pick such strange people?

I’m just so honored to meet all of you! It really is a pleasure.


8 thoughts on “Meet Selene

  1. I think its Titaness because Artemis is the goddess of the moon.
    I’m going to call Justin Bieber Just a Beaver from now on…

    • Yeah, but a lot of places say she’s a goddess. I learned a bunch about Selene from the Daughters of the Moon series.
      XD. I know right? It’s more fun to call him Just A Beaver.

  2. hey..who’s the girl with the dollar sign in her name and likes to sing about glitter? umm… I usually don’t know that much on all these song artist names….sorry.
    And btw! whos ya boyfriend 😉

    • SC: It’s Justin Bieber(Eww. I typed his name.), Ke$ha, and Lady Gaga.

      And Selene’s ‘boyfriend’ is this mortal Shepard named… I think it’s Endymion? (It sounds right. I know it starts with ‘E’.)

  3. hey…u guys………………is it just me….or is there something wrong with the koi theme menu bars….it is only for the koi theme layout, though. I looked at the other themes and they seem ok.

    Sorry silver coyote/cat the huntress for suddenly posting this on ur comments and this having nothing to do with ur story, but umm…something is wrong with this theme right now (at least for me…) and i was aondering if any of u guys noticed…

    • Never mind!!! It was already fixed by wordpress! I searched it up and I realize many others was having the same problem! So, its all good! sorry about my comments! I hope ur not mad at me for bringing up some weird topic up in your introduction. sorry!

    • Make sure it isn’t on the mobile theme. It’ll automatically switch to mobile version on any device like your phones(duh) and even iPods.

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