“I am Walking In the Moonlight Sky……”

Well Hello fellow demigods!

How have you all been since the last time I have seen you?

Well recently I have been wondering what Father has been thinking about.

He is angry on everybody apparently.

Including me!


I don’t know why!

Ask him I guess.

Well anyways I wanted to say that I have been “walking in the Moonlight Shy”

Well that is part of one of my favorite songs.

I think Artemis is going to be angry on me!

oh! Here she comes.

* Snap my fingers three times*

” Athena, what-”

* I am dust*

” Why is there an owl here?”

Okay I am not dust, i changed myself into an owl. Bad thing to do because-

* Artemis takes out bow and -*

” ARTEMIS! It is me you silly!”

” ME silly?!?!?? Who said that, when i get to you, you don’t want to know what will happen!”

” Ugh! Artemis, it is me, Athena!!!! You have to put that bow down! Or I will tell Zeus! And trust me, he will get ANGRY on YOU!”

” Athena?…. What are you doing here? This is my TERRITORY!”


” I am here…because….because…Z-Z-Zeus, wanted me-e-e-e-e, to um……….Look at the sky?”

” Oh, really Athena? Did you come here on MY territory, singing, dancing, an OWL, flying in the ‘Moonlight Sky’?”

” No! In fact, I am here because I have time to sing and – WAIT! I wasn’t doing any of those things!”

” Yeah right, and I heard about the whole Justin Bieber thing!”

” You did?”

” Yeah, you wanted Aphrodite to give Annabeth the photo! SO, it wouldn’t look like you wanted YOU wanted Annabeth to be more GIRLY!”

” SHUSH! That is SO NOT TRUE! I will need to talk to Aphrodite after this! Artemis, why would I do THAT?!?!?!?”

” Um………….”

” Artemis, Aphrodite was LYING!”

” BUT,”

You really think that I would do that to my daughter? Are you CRAZY?”

” NO, Apollo is! :P”

” This isn’t about him!”

” Then WHAT?”

” This is about………..NOTHING!!!!!!!!!”

Artemis was quiet. But I was right, she brought up the whole nonsense.

* Tears rolling down our cheeks*


” I AM SORRY!!!!!!!!!”

Then we gave each other a hug.

Yeah, we gods and goddesses do cry too!

We are just like you, SOMETIMES.

Well I will tell you more next time Demigods,


Your Wise One,


– daughter of Zeus


3 thoughts on ““I am Walking In the Moonlight Sky……”

  1. Oh Aphrodite, why would you do such a thing?
    I’m so glad you and Artemis made up, it would get ugly if you two didn’t.
    Now I have to go kick Aphrodite’s but fro trying to make Annabeth more girly, its against the laws of justice!

  2. Just A Beaver strikes again. -Selene

    Good. You made up. Things would get pretty ugly If you didn’t… -Nike

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