Olympus Weekly #6

Day 2 in the Underworld
By Hecate

Yes, I am back hopefully not for your amusement…

I woke up to the splash of ice cold water. An eerie laugh echoed in my brain and I woke up. I felt a cool wind pass me quickly.

“AHHH! WHAT WAS THAT??” I demanded. I recognized a laughing ghost run away. Great. I am dripping with water. I waved my hands but nothing happened. What happened to the magic I can do? Maybe, it was the tunnel! I grabbed my stuff and dashed outside. I waved my hands and I was still as cold as a penguin. Great. The goddess of magic can’t do magic. I grumbled and shook myself off like a dog. It just didn’t make sense. What happened last night?

I walked up to Hades throne. I was saving his interview for last but I HAD to talk to him. Did I come at the wrong time? A war? I barged through the doors and Hades throne was empty. I threw my hands up in exasperation. What to do now? I recognized Persephone in the corner her jaw set tightly over her pleasant face and her eyebrows set down. I hoped that I would be on her good side. She is real scary when she is mad.

“Persephone! Go figure. The goddess of magic can’t do MAGIC?” I demanded my voice echoing.

“I know. None of them can. It is strange . Hades is the only one. He went to talk to everybody in Mount Olympus. I am here to watch The Underworld. You should go!” she screeched.

“I am fine. I came here for a purpose and I must do interviews still.” I announced.

“Aw. Your wet. Let me dry you up.” She said. She ran and got me some dry clothes. I was pretty sure she was confused why I was wet. I hope Astraea can get the facts on this strange occurrence!

Today..I decided to go to a nice place, the Elysian Fields.

I walked along chipper as a canary. I approached the fields my were the marvelous! There crowds of singing people there were bright flowers and delicious food everywhere. I met up with somebody and decided to interview them.

Me: Hello. I am reporter Hecate. Mind if I ask some questions?
Person: Ah! Your Hecate! Pleased to meet you my fair goddess! Your wonderful! I wouldn’t mind any question at all dear! OH I AM SO HAPPY! I am Rainia! I have heard the poor gods have lost power! How sad? How about a nice meal?
Me: Um..maybe later! How is life here?
R: Oh my gosh it is so fantastic! Everyone is so happy and nice! There is music always playing but once in a while it sounds terrible!
H: Like Justin Bieber the modern people would say.

Everyone gasps and backs away from me. I look at all of them confused. What did I do? Did I do something wrong..

H: Um..

I stare at her with a look of pure confusion. I don’t think this place is as happy as I thought. Not a check to go when I die. Who am I kidding all the mortals love me of course I will stay on this Earth as long as I want to! BEAT THAT ALL YOU STUPID OTHER GODS BESIDES ASTREA, IRIS AND ATHENA! BOOSHAKLAKALKA! Well..

R: Oh dont go!
H: Fine. How did you get to die here?
R: Not doing anything crime like and helping people!
H: Wow. that sounds hard! *sarcasm*
H: Is there anything bad of this place?

I wait for a total hippy like answer.

R: Of course no! Everybody is happy!
H: Happy enough to hug trees?
R: Oh dear! We should do that.

I hang around the hippies for a while. Yes, they all started to hug trees. Which thankfully I escaped. They treated me to lunch which was great. I played with the children there. They really were not annoying like some demigods I can think of….*cough cough Conner* But I was totally not staying here. You know when there is something like to good or to happy? This is it. I actually miss sadness…it is so weird. They all begged me to stay but I left. Rainia even gave me a parting present..

I walked out very happy and calm. Out of now where a random hell hound attacked me.

“Oh my god!” I yelped and dug down into my pocket and found a dagger. Just great. I held my hands up and tried to do some magic. But only a few sparks came and the creature began chasing them.

“Mrs.O’Leary!” A familiar voice called. Who would it be?

From behind the shadows the same boy that Hades kid Nico was there. With his hair flung in odd directions and his face from a grin to a frown.

“Oh Hecate! Sorry!” he said.

‘Nico. Hellhounds are not to be kept as pets. And..yes I am powerless for a bit.” I said and winced. Nico gave me bit of a smirk and said nothing. We talked for a while then he shadow traveled away to do some things. What could he do? Go shopping for more emo clothes or talk with his girlfriend. Of course no he would never have a girlfriend.

I am writing to you here. Near the entrance of the underworld. I am so sad to hear my friend has been kicked out of Olympus. Might as well same with those pesky demigods.

I bid you farewell.

Sorry, for late post comment whatever


7 thoughts on “Olympus Weekly #6

  1. Just don’t show me a picture of He-who-shall-not-be-named-because-of-his-girly-singing and I’m okay.

    Shouldn’t a certain goddess of victory also be on that list up there?

    *eye roll* Nico and his pets.

    • Oh my gods! Is Justi- OOOOPS I mean that guy, now the new…VOLDEMORT!!!!

      Hey! kinda random, Has anyone watched Harry Potter Puppet Pals on Youtube?

      • I love Harry Potter Puppet Pals! As well as the Harry Potter books. Snape snape severus snape, snape snape severus snape, dumbledore!!

  2. Conner: Hey! Ur just Jealous of my all new ihuman twenty-three thousand epic Droid steamboat made by…guess who? leo valdez!!! Actually…it hasn’t been made yet…but I’m the first person to get it when it is!!!

  3. Some gods and goddesses have temporally lost magic right? Well I will get to the bottom of it! Or the top of it because, well that’s were Olympus is…
    I’m doing fine, its not like Zeus can keep me out forever. Then, we will over throw him and he will never know what hit him!!! *evil laugh*
    What? I’m innocent!!!

    • Overthrow him where? Off a Cliff? Into a pit of hungry Pihranna? I have loads of other ways to torture— I mean- Yesterday, I wrecked my chariot into a tree… *Giggles* I should’ve worn my helmet.

      (SC: Nike realized she could’ve gotten in trouble for finishing that sentence, so she randomly picked a new one. Most of the other gods think she’s a bit… Insane, even though that’s definitely not the case.)

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