My Good Fellow Gods!

I apologize profusely! (Hasty curtsy) I haven’t been posting my observations as of late, and I am truly sorry! I’ve just been weighted down by messages–something is definitely stirring.

I’ll try to keep you posted as much as possible: I haven’t gotten any group bulletins yet, though, so I can’t share what I know (Sorry–it may seem rough, the rumors I hear are hardly dangerous, but it’s best to have a policy without loopholes to avoid sticky situations.)

In other news, I’m hoping to get a new series of stories out.

They’re rather silly and juvenile, but I have always wanted to write stories! I do hope you don’t mind.

Oh, and I’d like to welcome all the Gods, Goddesses, and Demi-gods who joined the ranks during my hiatus!

Today I learned something from the mortal world that I thought I would share with you:

The mortals have a popular lemon-lime flavored carbonated beverage that was previously packaged all in green. The company changed the packaging to include more yellow (without changing the makeup of the drink or anything else) and customers said it tasted more lemony!

I wonder if something like that would work for ambrosia?

Whoops, I’ve got go go! I’m sorry I couldn’t stay long, but duty calls!

I hope to see you all again soon (although not with bad news, I hope)!



2 thoughts on “My Good Fellow Gods!

  1. I’d love to hear your stories! More yellow… hmm… yes that probably would add a lemony tint to ambrosia as well. Intresting….

  2. I’d love to hear your stories! I’ll bet they’re great.

    Or maybe if you recolor the drink itself it would work.

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