I was kicked out of Olympus today by Zeus. It took him a while to figure out just what I had done though. Last week’s article was incredibly popular, now, thanks to me, people more people are starting to rebel. Now that I’ve been kicked out people are starting to see the unjustice of Zeus’s ways. I’m not really bumed about getting kicked out, I’ll just crash with some of my wood nymph palls for now.

Chaos sent me an Iris message saying that she will visit and I was like “OMG!!! Chaos!! I remember you!!! You were like the first goddess EVER right? Your name means ‘The space between Heaven and Earth.’ Oh I’m so honored especially because some people don’t believe you exist since you don’t have a physical form and you really haven’t shown much of your personality! I am so happy! Wait, why are you visiting?”

“Not for a good reson.”

“Oh no, what have I done.”

“A lot.”

“Well thanks for being so specific buddy!”

“You talk far too much, stop acting like a litte girl.”

I put on a serous face and bowed, but under that bow was a very evil grin. She left after that.

I find that acting like a little girl helps keep stress off and confuses enemies.

I don’t act very innocent though, do I.  But on the inside I am as pure as I am innocent so don’t judge me! Only I can do that!

Kay’ bye guys! I hope to hear from you all later!


9 thoughts on “Chaos

      • Hey…the computer huh…hehehehe. One my big pranks, the awesome and the awesomer than the awesomest conner. 😉 who else could it be… (ARGHHH!!! what is her password!!! Lily, help me! I need to find out the password of this computer!!!)

        Lily: sorry bout that… He thinks he is the best…
        Conner: cause i am
        Lily: ahh…

      • I blame Conner. Or Hermes. I dunno, we can all play the blame game later.

        And Totally! I’d love that!

      • GIMMIE MY COMPUTER BACK CONNER OR I WILL KICK YOU SO HIGH INTO THE SKY THAT YOU WILL NEVER COME BACK DOWN TO EARTH!!! and you won’t like living in the stars where I put you… its cold… its cruel…

      • Conner: according to scientist, stars are just like our sun, it is hot mass of…helium? or was it hydrogen? some scientific stuff that starts with an ‘h’. And as for ur computer…ummm…i will save some money to get u a new one???

        Lily: sorry I wasn’t in time to stop him! He thought opening the computer will help him find the password to the computer…

        Conner: *saying a prayer to Hermes for help*

      • I wasn’t bluffing punk!!!
        According to me, there is a very special place on a star made for people like you called “DIEE!!!”
        *goes to Hermes and gets permission for kicking Conner’s butt*
        *goes to Camp-Half Blood*
        *Lifts foot*…

      • Conner: DAD!!!! YOU FATTY! I prayed for help, not some other word! AHHH!!! DON’T KILL ME!!! I WILL BURN!!! STARS ARE HOT!!! Selene is mean! YOU SHALL NOT MAKE ME LIFE TERRIBLE!!!!

        Lily: Oh go kill him!!!! Did you know he KISSED one of the hunters!!!! *gasp* HE SHOULD DIE!!!!

        Conner: I beg for MERCY!!! It was an accident! Both incidents!!! AHHHHH!!!!

        Lily: Hey Astrea…I learned a few things from Annabeth ‘bargaining’ with me…should we set up a “bet” with him and make is life terrible?

        Conner: What? What bet? I will do ANYTHING!!!

        Lily: *smirks* We got him didn’t we, Astrea?

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