Olympus Weekly #5

Zeus’s Omnipotence

By: Astraea

Who gave Zeus the right to rule? For decades people have struggled with this question.

“Zeus is considered almighty because he controls thunder and lighting. He won this ability because Tyche was on his side during the drawing of the world, where Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades drew straws to determine who would control what. This control of thunder and lightning is what has given him his omnipotence.” says Hermes. Many people fail to remember that Hermes is also the god of knowledge and invention. His opinion is highly underestimated worldwide. He is actually quite intellectual.

“Zeus is a domineering ruler who had overestimated his potency. Some  people may disagree. They say that Zeus is so dynamic that he is indomitable.”

This is why I am here. Zeus has ruled far too long and I question his authority. Olympus has lost its sovereignty, but can we really do anything about it? I say we can. Not only have I noticed this but most of the minor gods/goddesses have notices this too. Even some of the 12 Olympian gods like Hermes have started asking questions. I say we take Zeus down and start rule Olympus ourselves. No longer will the world be under a dictatorship. Our forces combined will be strong enough to fight Zeus and win. Zeus knows this, he is preparing. And so starts the Olympian Civil War.

How’s THAT for justice?


4 thoughts on “Olympus Weekly #5

  1. WOW! Great story! you should really publish a book on this. I’ve always wonder why stupid Zeus got to rule the gods. (Woah! did u hear that thunder! Why is it raining? I thought the weatherman say there was going to be clear skys, today.)

    A better ruler should be Artemis.
    We the huntress, In order to form a more perfect world for ladies, establish justice, make sure guys are nice, provide love for ladies in need, promote the supplies for the ladies, to ordain and establish this Hunters of Artemis.

    If you think I’m to harsh on boys, you should listen to Phoebe’s…

      • I doubt we should be doing this. I am currently stuck in the underworld with no magic. For I have temporalily lost it. So have the other gods. I feel I shall stay here and avoid any conflict.

      • What are you talking about? This is the perfect time for rebellion since some of the gods and goddesses have temporarily lost their power! Now we can fight hand to hand combat! or sword to sword. I hope your good at wrestling!

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