Have you guys ever pulled a prank? I’d really love to hear about it.

Anyway, I want to tell you about a prank I had pulled on my mortal friend Izzy.

She just bought a bran new Son Of Neptune book with an envelope containing a brochure of Camp Jupiter in the back. I asked if I could borrow it to read it (she was busy with another series and didn’t have the time to read the Son Of Neptune). She let me borrow it but she didn’t open the envelope in the back yet. I did. The brochure was interesting but I printed out a letter saying:

Dear Isabella Rosa Anamani

Congratulations! You have been accepted into camp Jupiter!

You have been recommended to us by a son of Bacchus.

We hope you can make it before you are eaten by monsters!

Your praetors,

Reyna and Jason

I stuffed the letter in the envelope and made it look like it hadn’t been open.

A couple of weeks later Izzy told me how my prank had completely freaked her out. She even believed the letter!!! It was hilarious. Good times…


7 thoughts on “Pranks

  1. HAHAHA!!! I pulled a similar trick to yours!
    My friend wanted to read the Son of Neptune book that I had. But I was still reading it, but she was being all impatient so I took the removable front cover of the book, put it on a dictionary the same size as the Son of Neptune, so now it looks like the dictionary looks like it is the Son of Neptune. When my friend opened the book and started to read up definitions of all these words instead of the epic story she was expecting…

    • I’ve done the cover swap thing. I was supposed to be reading my English assignment, but since my book was the same size, I swapped their covers. No one figured it out.

      • The above comment is supposed to be in reply to Lilly, but for some reason it didn’t appear under her comment.


      • Yes it did, well on my screen it does. isn’t it fun to swap covers to hide a secret or play a prank? especially to bookworms (Like me). 😛

      • What happened was that TN was the first to reply to Lily’s comment so then you commented second, it was still under Lily’s comment but since you replied second it put you under TN

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