Looking from the Clouds, Part 2

Hello Demigods!

Yes, I am going to call you all demigods from now on!

Anyway, this is Part 2 of what had happened a couple of days ago.


Part 2:

Yesterday Zeus told us that nothing will change in the camp, until further notice.  Alot of people got upset, for they were really excited. Especially over what the interesting things which had happened last meeting.

What was really odd was that Aphrodite asked me if ashe could meet me at the front Olympus.  I had no idea what was going to happen! Was she going to aske me of she could probably talk to Annabeth, or Piper? I know that my daughter did nothing wrong, I wasn’t so sure about Piper. I haven’t seen her after a while.

I was standing in front of the gates to Olympus. ” Wow!” I thought in my head, ” Why, Olypmus looks better than I thought!” Aphrodite comes along with something in her hands.

” Hello Athena!”

” Hello Aphrodite! What are you holding?”

” Oh, this..This is a special tool.”

” A special tool? What for?”

”  Annabeth of course!”

”  What has my daughter done perhaps, Aphrodite?”

” Well I can only tell you after I tell Annabeth,”

” I am listening..”

” I asked you to come here so that i could ask you of I could hand her this tool.”

” What is the tool?”

” Um…..”

” Aphrodite..”

” Um…….”

” Aphrodite….!…”

” Um…It is…a ……thingy…where……”

” APHRODITE!!!! I am not letting you go to my daughter unless you tell me what that is! ”

” OKAY! It was a picture of……”

” WHO??!!?!?!?!?”

” Justin Beiber!!!!!!!!”

” WHAT!!!!!! Why? WhY? WHY?”

” So the can be more girly??”

” Aphrodite! What are you thinking!?!?!? My daughter is perfect the way she is!”

” But PLEASE!!!!!!!!??!?!?!?!?”

” Um……”

” Athena!”

” UM…………………”


” Fine, fine, fine…But do whatever she wants to do with it then!”

” Thanks!”

I didn’t know what to do with it! So I told Annabeth.

” Mom?!?!?”

” Yes..It is me.”

” Mom! What are you doing here? Did someone do soemthing?”

” Yes, Aphrodite will come here soon, and give you a ‘tool’.”

” A TOOL! What is it?????”

” Not the one that you are thinking of!”

” What is it then?”

” It is a picture of….”

” Who?!?! Percy, Aphrodite, Piper, Leo, Posiedon, Luke. Eww.!”

” It is a picture of Justin Beiber!”

” WHAT! Who is he?”

” A famous celebrity, a mortal. He is very famous to mortals. Apperently he is the next big thing, again. Aphrodite says that he will make you..”

” Oh….And what?!?!?”

” She said that it will make you more girly!”

” UGH! I am perfect the way I am! And if Percy….”

” ANNABETH! That is not the point! I want you to tell her to give it tom, and dispose of it!”

” Okay?”

And then I left. Then I saw Aphrodite hand Annabeth the picture, and Annabeth did what I told her! 😀 Then Aphrodite looks confused and hands the picture to me! 😀

My plan worked! 😀

I am the wise owl!

Well got to sleep demigods!

~ Athena



5 thoughts on “Looking from the Clouds, Part 2

  1. HAHAHAHA!!! LOOK AT A PICTURE OF JB AND AND BECOME GIRLIER!!! Justin bieber will teach you how to be a girl… xP
    (Pictures of JB are ‘tools’ of course.)

    BTW, Nice story!!!

  2. I was thinking about taking a razor to the JB doll’s hair. ^_^

    I think it’s making them listen to his music that makes them feel girlier. Or the need to puke.

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