The Little Things…

Earth has changed so much since I’ve come back from the stars (btw Lily and Artemis, Zoe says Hi). Some of things are dissapointing:

  • Wars (sorry Ares, but really, slow it down a bit)
  • School (yes, even the Olympians have to learn)
  • Homework (what’s the point?!)
  • Water pollution (Poseidon agrees)
  • Air pollution (Zeus is angry)
  • Land pollution (My satyr and wood nymph friends support me on this)
  • People just being RUDE to one another (even in Olympus!!! Seriously, does it hurt to learn some manners?)
    The Earth just isn’t as pure anymore but I’m helping!
Enough with the negatives. Its the awesome little things that count!
  • Olympus Weekly
  • Hilarious friends
  • Cheese (What? Its yummy!)
  • Music (I’m listening to music on my iPod and I’m loving it!)
  • Hilarious things in general
  • Field hockey (who would guess I love field hockey?)
  • The internet (thanks Hermes!)
  • Pranks (I pulled one on my mortal friend, Izzy, yesterday and it was FUNNY maybe I’ll tell you about it later)
  • Chocolate
  • ice cream
  • Books (yes, I’m a bookworm!)
  • Sooooo much more!!!

2 thoughts on “The Little Things…

  1. Oh Zoe! I remember her! She was an awesome friend, even though she was alittle too criticizing about the boys.
    Just a little.
    (tell Zoe I said Hi)

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