My new life.…

Hello! I am Athena.As you know I am one of the 12 Greek gods and goddesses. Well I am very proud to be writing to you fellow people! And I hope that I will write longer posts, but I am sort of new to the whole idea of typing, because we don’t cave this in Olympus.

Remember me!



One thought on “My new life.…

  1. Wow! Hi, Athena–it’s such an honor to be meeting you! (Excited nod)

    Iris: Athena! (Curtsies) Good to see you again. Have you any messages for anyone? I’ve got one for you–a man named Jerry wants help with something. It sounded rather silly, but you may want to take a look, anyway. I hope you are faring well! (Respectful wave before taking off again)

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