Looking from the Clouds…

Hello! I am Athena, yes Athena is talking to you. As you all should know, I am the goddess of wisdom, battle, and useful arts. Everytime you see an owl, it is a sign from me.
The Olympian Gods had a meeting earlier, talking about Percy, Annabeth, and Camp Haff Blood.   Zeus, obviously, was speaking to every one about Olympus. He asked for anyone about perhaps, changing the Camp.
Hera thought the idea of having a place, made for marriages. It looked like Zeus agreed, so we might see some changes in marriages in the Camp. Poseidon said that he would like to create a water park, or another river. Demeter and Apollo wanted a place where the children can do pottery, agriculture, etc. Hephaestus and Ares “magically” spoke and had the same idea: to create a place where the Hephaestus children and Ares children could make weapons, and test them. This was very odd, but no one spoke, for they could have started a battle. That wouldn’t be good. I didn’t have any ideas, which was also very odd, perhaps this was the most interesting meeting of all. Dionysus thought of creating better drinks for the mess hall, but I don’t think that anyone will trust him! 😉 Hermes thought of the Postal Air Service, but that was a bad idea because the monsters could track down the children in any way! What was really interesting was the Hestia and Aphrodite weren’t talking, and seemed like they didn’t want to talk, perhaps they were in a fight? I don’t know the answer.
Then Zeus told every one that he would be telling what he thinks tomorrow. So that is what led me here. I am watching the demigods from the Camp, so far, everything is fine. Oh look! Persus Jackson with my daughter! But i will get over that…hopefully.
Tomorrow is a busy day for me. I better get some sleep! My brain needs to sleep as well! Annabeth has told me about Percy as “Seaweed Brain” I hope she knows that Poseidon know that she is calling him that!
Well, demigods 😉
I have to go to sleep!


Hmm. I don’t think many major changes will happen in Camp Half Blood. But I think these are great ideas. I wish I was there.


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