Olympus Weekly #4

A Trip to the Underworld
By: Hecate

As your reporter. We must take risks even for a goddess of such greatness. Can’t forget that Astraea of course! Today, I have decided to partake in an adventure that I am doing simply for your cruel amusement. I am spending a week in the underworld. My connections are quite limited but thanks to my magic not as much. Hades has allowed me to talk to you demigods and other creatures still. But I did not tell him this is going to the public.

This morning I used my powers to pack everything. Food so I wouldn’t be stuck in that dreary torture, supplies and a good amount of clothing. Of course I could poof it to me anyways. I am not going to see the BEAUTIFUL sun in a while. Then, I went Hades opened up a portal for me.

“Well, thanks for staying in the Underworld. We hardly get any alive guests or goddesses of course.” He said looking awfully cheerful for a god of well er dead things. I mean would that spark your day. You wake up. Oh, I am god of all dead things and people. Yaay. No. I wasn’t expecting him to say anything so I just sang.

“I’m walking on sunshine! Oh and it feels so-oh, yes my pleasure. Mind if I ask the people er ghosts here question.” I fumbled awkwardly.

“Nice voice you have got there. Oh, no problem.” He said without a hint of sarcasm. I think THAT was my imagination boy was he a MEANIE. But I had to hold my tongue in or I would be blasted to smithereens like Astraea. Or get an early death.

“Thanks. I am going to go…” I said sidestepping away. He majorly creeped me out when he was happy. And cough cough I thought he was emo!

I passed Persephone’s garden and boy is it tempting to eat something. The flowers are like rainbow UNICORNS! And the fruits are ripe and bright. I really had to hold from eating the pomegranates. I decided to get the trail mix. I started to munch it then I heard a swoosh.

“GIMME THAT!” it screeched. It was ugly and sounded like a girl. It had this flippy hair and expensive clothes. I looked at my arm and noticed some scratches, etched in my arm was ‘JB ROX<33.’ Hm. JUSTIN BIEBER DIED AND TOOK MY TRAIL MIX.

“Curses to you!” I exclaimed shaking my fist. Now to get rid of these horrific scratches. I whisked some ointment to myself. Oh, darn. This was some old lady’s. I noticed the mark on top. I hope this wasn’t a furies! I quickly applied it and sent it back. I strided over to Persephone’s throne.

“Oh hello ghost. That way is Asphodel fields, Tartus ans the Elysian fields. Now get lost.” She grumbled and pointed to random directions. She started growing flowers all over the room.”

“Umm….” I said. Did I really look like a ghost? Oh how embarrassing to be called a ghost! She stared at me intensely for 5 minutes. I squirmed in her stare. Being stared at even for a goddess is very awkward….

“Oh..hecate! I am so dearly sorry! You are quite pale!” She exclaimed and a smile spread on her face.

“She needs more cereal!” Demeter screamed and strided in. She stuffed a spoonful of cereal in my mouth, applied some lotion on my skin and checked my sides.

“Too skinny. Needs more cereal. Oh and lotion for your white skin.” She grumbled and handed me the tube. My face flushed. More embarrassing.

“Mom…Sorry hecate.” She said and shooed her mom. Whose mouth turned into an O of surprise.

“Well..Back to the interview. How is living in the Underworld?” I asked.

“Ah. The underworld gets very bleak and gloomy sometimes. Which is even more gloomy to match Hades’ mood. I grew a nice garden here to cheer me up. It is quite nice. People get mad that I plant it because they ate a pomegranate and were stuck here. Well, that is those hogs fault. The underworld is alright I guess. Hecate, here is a plant for you. If you mix the leaves together it creates quite a good skin lotion.” She said and handed me the plant. Now I am decked with skin care I guess.

“Oh. I can see the gloomy side. Yea. Those pomegranates do look fantastic. Oh, thank you. Next question, what do you think of your husband Hades?” I asked.

“He is alright. He does have great amount of power and really cares for me. But I wish he didn’t force me to marry him. I never did want to stay down here. But still I try to support him in any way I can” She said with as hint of sadness.

“Aww. That is sweet. Next question. What do you think of the demigod Nico?” I asked.

“Oh..him. I dislike him. First, of all he needs a haircut, that long hair of his will not make him look like a skater kid. Second, he is too emo and depressed. Third, he smells like wet dog all the time.” she grumbled.

“I wonder why. Thank you for the interview!” I announced and she nodded. I decided to head off and find someplace to hand around for the night. I walked down a gray tunnel with gray rocks. I heard the soft trampling off feet.

“Someones coming!” a voice whispered sidestepping away. I created an orb of light and threw it at the direction the noises came from.

“Ah. Percy Jackson, Nico Di Angelo. Pleasure to be off your company.” I muttered staring at them as they ducked from the light.

“We..aren’t doing anything bad..Like trying…to steal something of Hades..” Nico muttered and Percy shut Nico’s mouth closed.

“You IDIOT!” he screeched. I laughed at their stupidity. Some demigods had no brains.

“Ah. I see. Percy Jackson. Very smart of you I see. Leave now!” I announced and walked over and sniffed him. She was right. He does smell like wet dog. Who knows he could be a werewolf!

“What was that for?” Nico asked.

“Nothing nothing.” I said.

“What are you doing in the Underworld anyways?” Percy asked with attitude.

“None of your business, demigod. You dare talk to me with such insolence!” I yelled and kicked them out. I sure did Hades a favor for that. I sat at the end of the tunnel and recollected my information from today. I got a lot of work done today. I lied my head down upon a rock and let sleep join me…..


7 thoughts on “Olympus Weekly #4

  1. Wow, you’re brave to have ventured into the Underworld!

    You got attacked by Justin Beiber!? How unexpected!

    Hades seems like a really nice guy! ^^

    Iris: Most of the times that I’ve spoken with him, Hades was quite nice. Hecate is right, though; most of the foul impressions people get from Hades are because he’s in a bad mood–after all, he did “draw the short straw” when it came to who-ruled-what.

    Iris: It seems like you met some interesting people. Hm… some of those names sound familiar!

    • Hecate: Thank you, Iris. I have 6 more days to go.

      Ah yes. The mortals all talk of him. He doensn’t seem like one to die so young.

      Me: Yup. Turns out! ^^.

      Hecate: Yes. I agree now. I know more things of Hades than I knew of before. But usally he is in a bad mood. But he still has a cheerful side!

      Hecate: Yes. Very.

    • Yes, the person that made this blog, I think it’s Randy or maybe Olivia, will review your story to see if it’s appropriate or not. At least I think that is…
      But somehow, the latest post I’ve made didn’t need a review… maybe Randy (or Olivia) trusts me? (I really don’t know the reason why)

      But I hope this helps!

  2. “Oh..him[Nico]. I dislike him. First, of all he needs a haircut, that long hair of his will not make him look like a skater kid. Second, he is too emo and depressed. Third, he smells like wet dog all the time.” xP



    Such wonderful randomness in your story!!!!! I like!

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