What an Honor!

Hello, all–mortals, creatures of all kinds, and fellow Olympians! It’s Iris speaking.

I do not mean to belittle any of you, but you cannot imagine my delight upon realizing I had been recruited for this effort to link our world with the modern-day mortals’.

Of course, that has been my job for quite some time now, but never have I been involved with such a direct communication.

Although many of the other Gods and Goddesses retreated from this world, I still stepped down my rainbow to visit occasionally: whether to bring a message of hope to a suffering mortal who had won the favor of a certain God or Goddess, or to check on the state of the world. My reasons for visiting varied then, as they vary now.

I hope that I can be of service!

I am naught but a humble messanger; daughter of Thaumas, God of the Wonders of the Sea, and a cloud nymph. I am lucky to be working with such glorious and qualified deities such as the Just Astraea and the Nurturning Hestia.

But there is one thing I must state clearly:

I will not share messages with any other than the intended recipient unless the sender tells me I can do so. I have learned from my own past mistakes as well as the past mistakes of others: I refuse to meddle. I simply carry messages.

Of course, if a certain god or goddess has given me news to distribute (Or has told me something that potentially endangers another’s life–thank almighty Zeus that I haven’t recieved a message like that in quite some time!), I will gladly share this with anyone and everyone.

Other than that one limitation (which I impose upon myself), I offer my services in any way they might be needed.


10 thoughts on “What an Honor!

  1. It is lovely to be in your presence, dear Iris. It must be an interesting job to carry the messages that link our worlds together!

  2. (Ooc: It helps to read the Son of Neptune. It speaks about Iris…)
    Artemis gently took out a drachma, and even though she could go to her brother and tell him the messege face to face, she chose not to. Waving her hand, a fine rainbow appeared. Throwing it lightly, she whispered “Oh Iris, goddess of rainbows, please show me Apollo, wherever he is.”

    • ((Out of Character: Oh, cool! ^^ I haven’t read past The Last Olympian, so I may be behind on a few things ^^”))

      Why hello, Artemis! I last saw Apollo in Thebes–maybe three hours ago. He was playing his lyre and drawing quite the crowd–perhaps you could look for him there?

      Other than that, I’m afraid I can’t be of much help! I’ve been very busy lately!

  3. Ahhh, my parents are healthy freaks. I expect some healthy recipies from you, dear Iris. Then I can wow my parents with the food I make! 🙂

    • I’m not much of a chef, to tell you the truth, and I’ve never been much good at remembering recipes. The numbers–especially the fractions!–muddle my memory. Which makes me sad; I’ve seen so many wonderful ones! If I ever come across another that I have permission to share, I’ll come to you first!

    • There are quite a number of messages for you! I would be reluctant to share them, but most of them are offerings and prayers that you probably heard yourself! Although there is one–you have a message from Chad. He said that if you didn’t know who he was, he should specify “Chad from accounting”. Does this ring a bell?

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