Olympus Weekly #3

Demeter’s Kitchen
by: Demeter, goddess of agriculture

Today’s recipe is very simple. Do you like Popsicles? Well that’s what we’re going to make!

Fruit juice
Honey (optional)
Nectar (optional)


1) Pour as much berries into a cup as you want.
2)  Fill the cup with juice.
3) Add a little bit oh honey for an extra special flavor. Add a LITTLE! Like a teaspoon. Not all the way or else there will be too much sugar you’ll be bouncing off the walls! Trust me.
4) Throw in a few drops of ambrosia if you’d like.
5) If you’d like, you can put in a Popsicle stick.
6) Let it stay in the freezer for a couple of hours. Preferably over night.
7) Take it out of the freezer and enjoy!

Hephaestus TV Outrage
by: Astraea

I can’t count how many people love Hephaestus TV, probably somewhere around 2,334,452 people, but our favorite TV show make some important people angry.

I spoke with Ares a few days ago to find out how Hephaestus TV is ruining his social and personal life.

“It was HUMILIATING!” Ares roars with outrage. “I’m the god of war, people are supposed to honor me, not laugh at me!”

Last night’s episode of Hephaestus TV showed Ares and Aphrodite on what was supposed to be a romantic date but ended up as an embarrassing struggle for survival.

“Aphrodite and I were walking in Olympus Park when all of a sudden I black out. I wake up in a room with Kronos staring at me! It wasn’t actually Kronos of course, but how was I supposed to know? The weird robot thing looked exactly like him! I, being the brave person that I am, charge him and the rug slips out from under my feet! I want to CRUSH that old blacksmith into a ball and bake him into a pie that would highly impress Demeter.”

Ares is not the only one with this view. Many have also discussed a similar topic.

I ran into Aphrodite this morning. “My date was perfect and the HE came along!” Exclaimed Aphrodite. She seemed so furious that her face was a strange shade of red. Still surprisingly pretty. “I thought he would leave me alone but NOOOO!!!! Apparently he just HAS to embarrass me on public TV.” She buried her face in her hands. “Its not fair. You should know that.” Why do people say that? Its not like I’m a goddess of justice or anything! Oh wait, I am. Oops.

Hephaestus has a completely different view in this subject. “My show brings joy and laughter to people. Its a hilarious TV show with a five-star rating. Even Zeus approves. You should have seen last night’s episode. Ares cried like a baby.” Hephaestus seems to show no positive emotion towards the victims of his prank show. “Ares always brags, its time to show who he really is on the inside, a coward. All my show does is reveal how we all really are. You know that mortal TV show, What Would You Do or something like that? Our shows are very similar, still mine is SO much funnier. You don’t see mortals getting all angry at one simple TV show, so why should the Olympians?” I told Hephaestus that many people find his show highly embarrassing. Those people probably wouldn’t have liked his response. “So what? My pranks are harmless. People theses days just take things too seriously. They need to lighten up.”

Now you’ve heard both sides. There are some rumors going around in Olympus that Hephaestus TV will be banned, but Zeus says that he would never ban the show. “As long as I rule, Hephaestus TV will be going on and going strong. Besides, I need a few laughs now and then.”

by: Ally Star, a wood nymph

Up here on Olympus there barley seems to be any traffic. Gorg Road along with Mar Street will be closed for today’s Running of the Goats. Cupid Park might also have a bit of traffic problems because of ditch Hephaestus had created yesterday for last night’s show.  Life of a Greek Gladiator is casting around Crescent Moon Valley so you might want to be careful when riding through South Moon Street. Otherwise Olympus seems fairly traffic free.

Aeolus Insanity
by: Kayla Nyman, Greek demigod

Aeolus has always been known as the master of the winds. His assistant Sarah said “There is no point in the title, he might as well be the god of the winds. He deserves more respect than this.” Sarah gave me a tour of Aeolus’s palace just to prove her point. “Aeolus works all the time! How would you like to spend all your free time listening to the gods fighting!” says Jennifer the harpy. Finally I got to see Aeolus at work. On live TV he looks fine but in real life you could see that his smile was strained and he looked tired. Not to mention that his personality was a bit, well, insane. He yelled at the harpies and gave them gifts afterwards which I found strange. Then he yelled at them again. Even observing him from 5 yards away I could hear the voices of the gods in his earphone. How is he not deaf? When he saw me he started yelling at me too, but Sarah saved me by saying that I’m from Olympus Weekly and my article could promote him. He got super happy after that. “I believe this is simply a case of too much work and not enough pay.” said Sally the wind aura. “Honestly could you imagine doing his job?”

Zeus obviously has a different view. “To promote him would be expensive and just too much trouble. No offense but I don’t really trust him. That is all I will say.”

Why is it that people say “No offense” when they are about to offend you?

Word of the Wise
by: Athena, goddess of wisdom and battle strategy

You can fight a thousand fights and win a thousand fights, but it is more honorable to not fight at all.


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