Hi, I’m Astaea

Your probably asking why the Greek goddess of Justice spends her time writing on a blog. Well I own a newspaper called Olympus Weekly on Olympus. Now thanks to this blog, my newspaper is available in the mortal world! Wooo!!! But its not just that, I find that typing on blogs is fun! Great source of entertainment.

Another question you may have is why the heck am I friends with Hecate? Let me put this simply. Hecate=pure awesomeness. Not only that but she a great friend, despite the fact that she can be witchy and sly at times. She also owns Olympus Weekly with me! 2 great friends, 2 great authors.

Olympus Weekly needs more contributes so if you’d like, you can be an author for Olympus Weekly! Its read everywhere! It doesn’t matter whether you live in Olympus, the mortal world, the oceans, or the Underworld (or UnderOlympus perhaps) you can always contribute!

If you’ve read up on my history (or if you’ve known me during the Bronze Age) you’d know that I was the last of the immortals to live with humans during the sagacious Bronze Age but abandoned Earth at the end of the Iron Age to become the constellation Virgo. I’m sorry, but the wickedness of humanity was just unbearable. I am after all, goddess of innocence and purity as well.

When I left there became a prophecy about me saying that I will one day come back to Earth, bringing with with me the return of the Utopian Golden Age of which I will be the ambassador. Well I came back, but I didn’t exactly bring back a Golden Age with me. Still, I did help a little. Why do you think the Earth isn’t burning up yet? It will take some time for me to construct my Golden Age, however in 10,000 years or so you will see me high up on Olympus sitting proudly on my throne.

Well, that’s all for now, and if you see me on Olympus or on the mortal world gathering data for my newspaper, be sure to say “Hey” and I’ll say “Hi” back.


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