Olympus Weekly

Interview with demigods, Annabeth Chase.
By Hecate, goddess of new moon, crossroads and magic.

Today I happened to come across a demigod while I was visiting camp today to do some buisness with Chiron. I am quite impressed with demigods. The camp looked great. All the campers were quite respectful of me. Here is the interview I had with Annabeth:

Me: Hello annabeth. Hecate, reporter for the Olympus Weekly. Mind if I ask some questions?

Annabeth: No please do.

Me: I have heard your designing the architecture for Mount Olympus.

Annabeth: Yes it’s actually going very well. Daedleus’ designs are helping ALOT. Of course, Percy TRIES to help, but he still has, ah, creative, ideas.

Me: That is nice. Would you mind giving us a preview on it? Ah this Percy fellow. The one who helped save olympus right?

Annabeth: Of course, i did most of the planning, but he still. And you probably know by now, we ARE a couple. Thank you.

Me: Yes yes. I am glad to hear that young minds enaage is such great things! No problem dear! Ah. And your relationship with this percy. Does posidean approve? He is Athenas enemy.

Annabeth: Well, because the Gods cant engage in contact with their children, im not sure. Though, i know for sure, that Athena does not completely approve.

Me: Aha. I can imagine. Lucky she can’t, percy would be a spider in seconds. Tell me about this percy wht do you like about him.

Annabeth: Well, ah, we’ve been through alot together. Quests, the battle in Manhatten. I know him so well, and he’s….amazing, loyal (fatal flaw) He’s just so loveable.

Me: That is nice. I am no godess of love. But he seems like a great demigod.

Annabeth: He is. So, any other questions? I have a strategy to perfect for Capture the Flag.

Me: Hm. How is this camp? Anything new down there. Ah. What is capture the flag?

After, that the demigod had to return to an archery class.
What an interesting interview. I hope to interview some new demigods later.

May the magic be with you


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