You may enter!

Hello, everyone and welcome to me and my friends roleplay blog!

I am Randy, but I will be roleplaying as Hecate. Who is the goddess of new moon, crossroads and witch goddess. Or simply magic.

And Olivia, will be roleplaying as Astraea. Who is the minor goddess of justice, innocence, purity.

Together, we will be typing up a newspaper, the Olympus Weekly now available in the mortal world!

The first 15 people who ask can become authors on this blog.

We will have a list of cannon characters, goddesses, gods and if you would like your own demigod, minor god or goddess or titan. Since, in the beginning we won’t have many gods and goddesses for people to be claimed. You may choose your godly parent. But later on you must first be claimed.

Also, for the posts we must first approve or them and if you aren’t part of the authors. Contact us. We will be happy to post your post idea!

Before, you start roleplying contact one of us.


Mark the email as God, goddess or demigod application. We reply A.S.A.P!

Rules of roleplaying:
1. No godmodding. (controlling other person in fight. Even if you are an olympian!!)
2. No cursing. We CAN delete you!
3. No cyberbullying 
4. Be respectful for everyone here
5. No spamming. Like just random smilies and stuff that makes no sense. Like IRDSFALGQEOFVNP;QRGNQOE.
6. Don’t reveal ANY personal information. Where you live, what your real name is, how old you really are. That kind of trap.

Feel free to post on olympus weekly!


EDIT: This is also a percy jackson roleplay blog as well for the gods!


Note: We do not own any of the Percy Jackson ideas. They are part of Rick Riordon’s books Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Heroes of Olympus.


41 thoughts on “You may enter!

  1. Hi, this is a comment.To delete a comment, just log in, and view the posts’ comments, there you will have the option to edit or delete it.

  2. Hey TN and her friend! I’ll join your RP site. I’ll think of a character later and I’ll e-mail you. -Laziness-

  3. I want to join, please? Also id it OK if I don’t email you and I talk to you some other way? Please? I’m sooooooooo parinoid and my email address is personal info but I still want to join! I am also lazy so I’ll think of a character later if you let me in. Let me know! Plus, could you give me some ideas for my blog? I want it to be a Greek Mythology/ Roman Mythology/ Percy Jackson one, please help!!!! Thanks so much,
    Alex(you already knew that)

    • Hey, since your artemis. Do you think you could answer some interview questions?

      It is for my friends article in the ‘newspaper.’

  4. Hi, I don’t know most of you people, well I actually don’t know ANY of you people besides TN so I’d like to get to know some of you! Oh and If I can get an interview with Artemis for Olympus Weekly that would be just great!

  5. HOLY COW!!! LET ME JOIN! LET ME JOIN! LET ME JOIN! *starts dancing*
    (does Holy Cow count as cursing?) I want to be a Huntress (Artemis’s group) Just put me down as Lily Li from Artemis and pretend that I’m really from there. 🙂


    I am a neat freak, especially when it come to computers. I say we should put up more categories, Like the

    Introduction (for people who will introduce themselves)

    Stories (with the sub headings Lily’s stories, Artemis’s stories, Annabeth’s stories…etc…)

    News (with the Olympian Weekly’s and other must see news)

    Etc, Etc….

    THANK YOU!!!!

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